EDGE Awards Game & Wario Wii U 6/10


Respected British gaming publication EDGE magazine has a number of Nintendo games reviewed in the latest issue. The big review is the forthcoming Game & Wario for Wii U which the publication awarded a reasonably mediocre six out of ten. EDGE also reviewed Animal Crossing: New Leaf which it awarded nine out of ten, and Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini’s on the Move which it gave a fairly respectable seven out of ten.

  • The Last of Us – 10
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 9
  • Remember Me – 8
  • Dust 514 – 4
  • Game & Wario – 6
  • Grid 2 – 9
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – 7
  • Impossible Road – 9
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 – 7
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – 7


  1. Honestly i read ONMs review and i wud prob score similar based on th info, i didnt like th sound of it didnt seem as good as th old wario ware games. Heres hoping Pikmin rocks th wii u soon

  2. They also gave Remember Me an 8…. That game is a 5 at best.

    That said, 6/10 for Game & Wario is pretty much what I expected. All the trailers have made it look pretty poor.

    1. no shit too much focus on gamepad… thats what wii u is about or did u confuse this with something else.

    2. It has some multiplayer games, that’s the main reason I’m going to buy it, Wario games are always a blast to play with friends.

  3. I don’t like Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. I should of gotten Fez instead.

    1. waaa! mini on the moves is pretty good, hard at times and frustrating, but fun,especially for 10$ but i feel you.

    1. The only little kids here are the likes of you who bashes games and people to be kids…

      Games are not solely meant for acne infected teens like you…

  4. I really don’t think Edge recognizes that this is supposed to kind of be a tribute to the old Game & Watch games, so yeah, they may be a little odd… It doesn’t seem like these game publications do any research before reviewing a game…

    1. nothing about this game looks appealing to me, and the fact they promote it with farts turned me far from it. the only thing that may be interesting maybe is the use of gamepad… but definitely going to pass this by until its a 10$ eShop title..

  5. The best rating given by – the web benchmark for all that is film – is 9.2 out of 10.

    That is the best film ever made, got 9.2. The film below that is joint at 9.2 also…….

    ……Much further down are films that got 7.9 in place 250th!!! A difference of merely 1.3!

    So really the question is how exactly do these makers and breakers get to rate our entertainment? Who made them boss?

  6. Remember Me got an 8?
    I swear, Edge are so weird with their reviews.

    6/10 didnt surprise me though, why Nintendo releaed that, i’ll never know.

    Lookinf forward to Animal Crossing and The Last of Us.

    1. IGN gave Remember Me a 5.9, and honestly, from what i saw, i agreed. The game just doesnt look that great. How it got an 8 from EDGE (the supposedly most fair and ball buster Reviewers) is beyond me.

      1. Yeah.
        I mean it looks like a mixed bag.
        Visually, and atmosphereically, it looks great, i like the neo-Paris design they made, its awesome, and most agree Nilin is a good charater, but the 3 gameplay styles it has, combat, platformer and puzzle are just not executed well at all, and are dull. The game should’ve been more like Beyond Good and Evil’s gameplay, platforming and stealth.

    1. Yeah. Im hesitant on it, played the demo, it was fine, but i did the generic stealth thing or walking around crouched going up behind enemies, which is fun to an extent, but very uninspired, and lacking in innovation.

      1. Meh, I dont play Naughty Dog games for the MP, which sucks because since its included its going to reflect negatively on the score if the reviewer doesn’t like it.

    1. youre kidding right?

      Mario Kart 7 got a 9 from them :l Edge is usually really positive towards Nintendo.

  7. Last of Us is going to be phenomenal…..and Deus Ex is free for Ps Plus members so there goes needing to buy it on Wii U. Not too much new this summer but I’m ok with that, it’s the usual slump for all systems during the warm months. I’m still grinding Lego City and NFS U.

    1. @Jchymes10..Respectfully, I disagree about Deus Ex. The Wii U version will have over 8 hours of commentary, gamepad, plus retooled boss fights.

    2. well thats down right disrespectful to edios and nintendo… still getting definitive wii u version, hope they have missing link added right where it should be…

  8. The last of us got a ten? WOW! Still I’m going to wait for more reviews before considering.

  9. why U look seem surprised its a mini game the same shit that got Nintendo in trouble with core gamers in the first place. that’s why Nintendo isn’t getting wii U in people houses because the childish bullshit there doing. and no im no sony and xbone fan but im gana tell it like it is.

  10. Its a shame that such a unique, experimental game will probably be passed over by many because of reviewers. I’d rather play a crazy minigame collection than Remember Me, a story focused game with mediocre gameplay, any day. I figured this would happen though. Most people wrote off Game & Wario before they even knew what it was just because it wasn’t WarioWare. :(

  11. They must of only played it with 1 other person this game is made for 1 player using the gamepad as a group of people yell out hints and where to go…. im sure this is gonna be tons of fun dling day 1 wit deluxe

  12. Of course The Last of Us got a 10, it’s by Naughty Dog, the best game making studio.

  13. Hmm, I love the WarioWare games and this one looks amazing and inventive. A shame it got such a bad score but I’d still like to play it myself since all WarioWare titles are awesome and quirky in their own way.

  14. I guess they are butthurt because they would rather want a Wario Land game instead. >.>

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