In an interview with IGN, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka explained that the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World isn’t a port from the Wii U version. According to Iizuka, the Nintendo 3DS version features “totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling.” To test Iizuka’s claims for yourself, check out the above video. We learned yesterday that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game is being developed by DIMPS. To compare both versions of the game, after watching the above video, check out recently captured footage from the Wii U version.



      • lol nope, graphics create immersion and realism. they are just as important. only nintedorks say they dont matter because their system is weak lol


        • What dumbass says graphics don’t matter? Only Nintendo fanboys. I’m just saying they are focusing more on Gameplay, which is the most important.


          • well nobody asked for photorealism.. and i wouldn’t expect much better graphics from the 3ds to be honest
            the hardware is just not there

            still it looks pretty good for handheld graphics

            what bugs me though is that the wii U version looks only marginally better.. the only big differences i could make out were slightly improved lighting, better textures (of course) and the grass.. clearly more would be possible

            not asking for photorealism (and seriously how stupid would that be in a sonic game) but stunning visuals help make a good game even better… just look at mario galaxy and how often it’s been praised as the platforms best looking game.. people were openly admitting that the games visuals helped immersion and i share that opinion

            and now imagine what could have been done with sonic on the wii U which is at least 10-20 times more capable
            so far however sonic doesn’t look any different than mario galaxy except for the higher resolution


        • You play a superfast blue hedgehog and you think that having trillions of polygons will increase immersion? How’s that fur suit fitting you, troll?

          FYI: this isn’t a bog-standard mil shooter but, even if it was, 95%+ of the time you are completely unaware of the visuals in any game that moves faster than an RPG. Why? Because your brain is tied up with processing what’s going on in the environment, not admiring the shaders.

          (And don’t even bother: you and I both know you’re not worrying about the sun dappling your firearm as you race around, say, COD when you’re too busy trying to stay alive.

          Say it w/ me: graphics are for one purpose and one purpose only: to get you to go ‘gee whiz’ and separate you from your money. This aint a movie, slick, where you all you’re doing is passively watching events unfold. This is precisely why devs sacrifice gameplay (that’d be frame rate) for more lighting effects and it has fuck all to do w/ “immersion”.

          (Because controlling something with a semi-omniscient 3rd-person view is highly immersive…*rolls eyes*…or only being able to look in one direction in an FPS is highly immersive…*rolls eyes*…)


        • lol, no. The Wii U and 3DS are not weak. This 3DS game has pretty amazing graphics for a handheld. Not to mention, graphics DON’T MATTER OVER EVERYTHING ELSE! WHAT FUCKING MATTERS, SHITHEAD TROLL, IS THE STORY AND GAMEPLAY! Graphics MIGHT add to that, but what should come first is the story and gameplay! If a game has amazing graphics, but a shit story and gameplay, then what’s the fucking point of even playing the game?


  1. Sonic can do air-slices now? Bitchin’.

    The new gameplay mechanic works like a charm. When you “hop” or “leap” over platforms while running, you don’t lose any speed, even when you’re jumping onto another planet/platform in the world.

    Last but not least, I love the animals’ animations at the end. It’s like they looked at the original Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Advance, and improved on the formula. It looks lively and colorful. This is going to be a must-have for the 3DS especially, and Wii U. The music’s amazing too. It reminds me of Sky Sanctuary and the recent Sonic game music. :)


  2. This version is way better the the Wii U because it seems more like a handheld game then console. Now seeing the gameplay it just made me want to get, even though I don’t really like Sonic. Great job Sega


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  4. The very first time I saw it on youtube without having read the description, I thought it was not THAT impressiv WiiU footage. I was shocked that is was the 3ds version o_O


  5. Ooh, Sonic Lost World’s graphics here prove SEGA does what Nintendon’t. Having said that, I secretly like Nintendo and I just don’t want to admit it. Also, I ran by Nintendo HQ naked whilst shouting ‘Playstation is better!’.


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