Nintendo Executives Arrive In LA (Photo)


Nintendo executives Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto have touched down in LA for E3 2013. The image was posted last night on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account. Nintendo won’t be holding their own press conference this year, instead they will be hosting a Nintendo Direct which will be broadcast on June 11th. The Nintendo games expected to be shown include 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Smash Bros and more.

Thanks, Nintendo Commander



      1. Miyamoto dress so casually …. damn while his president and ceo wears suit and tie .. hahah

    1. This is why nobody takes Nintendo seriously anymore. Three grown men standing around with a Luigi… Just pathetic.

      On another note, here is a complete list of games confirmed to be at E3. Man, Wii U still has no games.

          1. That’s a list for games already announced (obviously). You’re acting like there won’t be any surprises at E3.

      1. i will consider backswards, serious people seems funny to me, funny people seems so serious, the mature developers try too hard to look baddass, cool, and half shit, nintendo just doesnt give a fuck about how “mature” people like you think

      2. Thank you, our leaders are one of with our people instead of egotripping money greedy corporate enslavers like your precious Microsoft leaders or some Sonyan leaders…

        And to take us “Seriously”?…
        Nintendo is all about fun and creativity, not taking it dead serious like the Xbots do…

        And I’m better off in a “Kiddy console” than an “Mature boring non creative only human heroes games” that doesn’t excite you one bit…

        1. Agreed, the xbox has nothing but shooters. Nintendo enjoys creating great franchises that actually will be remember more than 10 years from now. I’d play the kiddy console over boring shooters any day.

      3. I kind of agree with you once I look out and realize there’s a complete stranger in that Luigi costume. If it was Iwata or Reggie in that, you gotta admit, it’d be pretty funny.

        But it’s still a good picture. Don’t be hatin’

      4. reggie: my body is ready…… FOR NO GOOD GAMES. fuck you mother fans, remember mother 3, hahahahahahahahahah fuck you!!!!!!! want fatal frame to bad!!!!!!!

        1. Sorry, your pitiful excuse of an insult actually made me laugh. Seriously, your trolling attempts are worse than my 5 year old nephew. You’re obviously in-denial about the games.

          1. no their facts retard!!!!!

            have fun with no good games and the ones on that list that actually came to america wasnt from noa or reggie, they didnt want to bring those 3 over. it was because of gamestop and xseed. in denial about the games hahahahahahaha, more like your a retarded sheep that is in denial. the facts stand right in front of you!!!!!

          2. there is way more great to acclaimed games not on that list that didnt come over either, he would rather have fans in the dust with nothing to play.

    1. Someone at IGN told me they will it’s just they won’t be having a Major Conference. Yay ^_^

    2. that’s because you were misinformed by dumb sites like ign who said that ninty wasnt going to be at e3 for a while when it’s false. they’re holding a special e3 this year but they’ll def be there

      1. No. What IGN said was correct. No such thing as misinformation.

        I don’t think you understand E3 format.

        1. Yes IGN was correct their headlines however were awful. No one at IGN obviously reads the articles they read the headlines and go ape @#%# in the comment section LoL.

    3. Is called not knowing how to read. The strange thing is that iwata said is was not goin.

      1. I think you read something wrong. Iwata has to be there to deal with the business suits. Reggie and Miyamoto are handling the showfloor side of things.

    4. They’re having a big Nintendo Direct instead of a flashy conference. They still are on the showfloor with their new games and have some additional meetings like a pokemon Q&A and boring analyst/investor meetings.

  1. Nintendo’s execs seem to be the closest to their fans in the industry, they’re pretty cool in that regard!

        1. you need to quit stalking N-Dub Nation neutron and grow up your bullshit ways is already two years too late

  2. And to think that I’m just an hour away from…wish I were a student so I can attend E3 again… :(

      1. Wiiu is actually a proper , pure games console unlike Xboner. Enjoy your mandatory Kinnect 2.0 ! lol

        1. “pure games console”?

          Yeah, hahah, except to the fact they are NO games. And kiddie games don’t appeal to me so don’t throw your Zelda and Mario; Pikmin, Kirby and Pokemon kiddie games at me.

          1. Enjoy your boring D-Movie fps, american soldiers as heroes in every damn xbot game, electron sports games with no imagination whatsoever games then…

            1. This^

              X , Windwaker , Mario Kart , Pikmin 3 , Smash bros , Bayonetta 2 or D-movie shooters ?

              that’s a tough decision /s.

        2. I’d laugh if the xbone has problems like the 360. Nothing wrong with the Wii U other than loading times, and those are fixable without having to send your console in. Nintendo always makes high-end video games!

          1. the xbox 360 had worse loading times for me than my wii u because all there fucking ads on the menu!!!!! then my brother sold it…. about time!!!!!!

  3. Microsoft has cancel his after e3 press conference and Nintendo is doing 1 so who is hidding now Hahaha.

    1. I hear that Microsoft is paying 3rd parties to pull their game from Sony’s conference. If that is true that is the epitome of desperation. Sounds kinda far-fetched though as it would cause a crap storm of epic proportions.

      1. Microsoft is wasting money in that regard cause that dosnt mean they are not coming to the other consoles. Is the biggest stupid move ever.

        1. Well, there is a rather large pile of “stupid move” by Microsoft in the corner. This will get tossed over there with everything else.

          The media may not find out about this or even care, but to people like me this all but solidifies me never purchasing an XBone.

        2. Funny thing i have a xbox 360 and i keep buying games cheap but new cause the used difference aint that big but Microsoft next console aint getting near my home.

  4. Fitting that Nintendo commander was the one that sent this in xD. The Triforce arrives!

    1. This is our second pre E3 taste of Nintendomination…

      On tuesday we will all be unified as gamers and enjoy our precious new games of the future!

    2. There’s something funny about the fact that at the bottom is says “Thanks, Nintendo Commander”, like GI Joe or something

  5. Nintendo Commander, even has that higher echelon communicae. Go ahead commander enlighten us.

  6. You’re welcome Triforce Reporters…

    Our precious leaders arrives to lead our Empre to victory!

  7. Miyamato = Courage
    Iwata = Wisdom
    Reggie = Power
    Together they are… THE TRIFORCE!

    1. Three men in their fifties standing around with a Luigi mascot is considered “awesomeness”?

      1. Correction 3 rich men standing with a blank check and making more money than your moms vagina.

      2. They are great parents. The Know the need to show humor fun and humility. Unlike Microsoft and their DRM ways.

  8. I like how Luigi’s there and not Mario, since it’s his year.

    I think they’re gonna bring up MarioKart U, Smash Bros. U and 3DS, 3D Mario for WiiU, M&L Dream Team, Mario Golf 3DS, Mario Party 3DS, Pokemon X & Y, and maybe (But probably not) Flipnote Studio 3D?

    Forgot to mention that my predictions would be the Nintendo Direct and their e3 prsentations as well.

  9. Ready to bring us more underwhelming excitement, it seems.

    I swear, if they somehow find a way to make even their Zelda and Mario games underwhelming during the Directs, I will throw something.

  10. How do I direct Nintendo to the love that the Wii U is getting world wide. Tuesday Nintendo should just show games, games, games. IGN Wii U is trending. Then also the PS4. This is sweeter than honey.

  11. I’m glad they show off their inner child to everyone it shows they are not complete assholes like sony and mirosoft who just seems to show how adult they are and have no interest in kids while nintendo focus on both

        1. if u look at half of their library u know they don’t targets younger crowd but i never said i didn’t like sony i love a lot of their games but look how the present them selfs most of time hell some times nintendo does a bit much at times but they still show they apply for everyone.

  12. It’s a shame that Reggie works for Nintendo. He didn’t do much for us. His predecessor and Howard Lincoln would have ensured game support equal to PS2/PS3/360. This is not a joke, within some months those two ensured more game support than Reggie during his whole 7 years of being NOA-COO!

  13. This is one of the reasons why i like Nintendo, they dont need to pretend to be cool because they are cool naturally.

  14. Wow! They’re all still at E3 even though Nintendo is only having a press conference? Cool! I’d give ANYTHING if I could meet these wonderful people (especially Miyamoto). Except, I’d be so shocked and mesmerized that I probably wouldn’t be able to speak. I’ve admired Shigeru Miyamoto ever since I was a kid reading my first issues of Nintendo Power magazine (or, whatever magazine it was that I first discovered who Miyamoto was). I’d be too full of emotions to speak.

    I’m SO excited for E3. Even though I’m usually sleeping at 7 and 8 a.m., I just might force myself to be up so I can watch their Nintendo Direct LIVE.

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