Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Is Retro Studios’ Next Game

During today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, the company revealed Retro Studios’ next game. The studio’s next game is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. For those who don’t know, Retro Studios has worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns and the Metroid Prime series. The game’s playable characters include Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze launches exclusively for Wii U this November.


  1. Damn it. Another sorta let down but hey, at least we have another DK game and a promising one. :)

  2. Honestly, I was expecting/hoping for another franchise…they heavily implied it would be the case.

  3. Fuck this, fuck Nintendo, they said it was going to be hardcore for Nintendo fans, what do we getvsuper Mario 3d world a casual thing, Mario kart 8 looks great tho, wind waker is underwhelming, and then they come out of no one and us give this peice off ducking diareha , very underwhelming, hoping for smash bros to live up to its hype, cause if it doesn’t, Nintendo may as well call Wii u the original +ps3 standard graphics, disapointed

    1. Couldn’t have used better words myself. Even Microsoft made a better conference, and the XBOX ONE sucks.

    2. considering monolith soft is second party, THERE IS YOUR FUCKING “hardcore” FUCKING GAME (:, enjoy

    1. Not only do I not want to play a cat in a mario game, but I was hoping the “futuristic” game from Retro Studious. Looks like Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD will have to provide my needs for awhile.

  4. Reggie said it would be first person and futuristic…

    This CANNOT be Retro’s project. This is a disgrace! The game will be decent enough I’m sure, but this just CANNOT be the Retro project that was hyped for so long.

    It can’t be….


    1. Agreed, no way this would be Retro’s secret game considering they said “Something that everyone wants us to do…” I think not…

      I mean it’s certainly will be a blast to play because it looks fun but it’s not what EVERYBODY wants…

      And didn’t they say that they were making 2 games and a new game engine?…

      Maybe it will be revealed soon…

    2. Reggie never said that. “first person and futuristic” was a rumor that came from 100yearoldgamer.

      1. Wow, my memory is terrible.

        I wish 100yearoldgamer had been right.

        I hope Nintendo do another direct for E3 or something. Retro needs to be working on something else.

        Another Donkey Kong Country just isn’t good enough.

  5. What a disappointment of a show Nintendo. Everything we already knew except for Megaman’s appearance and this game. Crappy. At least Xbox has new IPs although I’m still not buying that shit.

  6. Jesus, lots of whiners on here. Donkey Kong Country has been fun in the past, I expect Retro to give us another great game in the series.

    1. I know. I only wish i could have my beautiful kremlins back :,( they are nintendo property they just dont use them.

    2. Agreed. I thought this Direct was Amazing, I really dont know if it could be better. I got everything I wanted to see, except 4 Retro’s other project, and Miyamoto’s new project. Shit calm down people. Everything shown was amazing. No that douchy troll saying ps3 level grfx needs to jump off a cliff and land in MS shitfields. People we got to see huge leaps from what last gen could do, be happy. These games including Mario will rock hard. To think otherwise is ridiculous. Mario Kart was amazing, Bayo 2 was wow! SSB Good God Wind Waker looks TOO GOOD! Afetr a beautiful direct, that showed WIIU haters that its powerful indeed, we should be supporting Nintendo thankful and happily!

    1. This. No studio was announced. Granted it was Retro who made Country Returns, and it’s likely they kept the position for the next console entry. However, Monster did just make the 3DS game, so it’s possible they are making this.

  7. if this is as hard as the first one than im in, its star fox, hahahahah fuck you you dumb ass!!!! im right about everything where is that guy!!!!!

  8. Do we have children running this site? Where in the direct was it said or even implied that Retro had anything to do with that game?

  9. This was by far the WORST Nintendo Presentation EVER!!! Really, I didn’t want Retro working on another GD Donkey Kong Game!!!! What a Super Let down! How about some real games information, I had held out hope for more games being released that we hadn’t even expected, but noooooo… we get more damn Donkey Kong! Then to ask us to be “patient” again after this long of a wait?! Really?!?! Have we not been patient enough? I didn’t buy a console last year to NOT get game til 2014! I don’t know if anyone can tell that I’m pissed about this lackluster news! Way to let us all down Nintendo, alienation of your true fans is the best of business practices!


      Why else did iwata have a Nanra in his hand Twits

      1. And the rertro tweet…. WERE BARELL ROLLING….Not as in Starfox. I knew this whole time

  10. Maybe the hype was just too much for me but I am also disappointed. 3D Mario looked great and so did Smash but DKCR again? when the music started I was really hoping for another Donkey Kong 64 but instead another side scroller that they are trying to milk out so the end of the year doesnt look so pitaful. I have hope about 2014 but 2013 looks pretty bad with only 3-4 memorable games in the back of my head being released… maybe there will be more at their next video later today.

  11. Retro I was a total fanboy of you. But this is jst an absoulte JOKE and I wont be getting this. I guess the “New Blood” they brought in sucks and they a have now begun to slope down like Rareware did…Fucking shame.

    1. IF this wasnt Retro’s game then there is still hope…but when would it get shown then if it wasnt?

  12. there was no developer announced for the game. Where did you hear it was from retro Studios?

      1. I thought they were developing a futuristic first-person shooter? Was it cancelled?

  13. Guys calm down. This is not the game Retro has been working. As i said before, i think there are 2 teams at Retro now. One for this kind of game which is awesome! DK! We wanted this too!… The second group, i think it’s developing something different, could be Metroid or Star Fox, but maybe is a new IP.
    Nintendo can’t release everything they have in one N.Direct, for the second one they will mention something else, or give us a tease trailer, etc. Just be patient with they HYPE. =D

    1. I’m pretty sure Retro was working on at least 2 projects…
      Besides, they got new great developers from other companies not too long ago, I really doubt they employed them to make this game.

      The game looks awesome though. The artstyle is BEAUTIFUL.

    2. We who? I didn’t ask for this and I cannot find any record of any massive outcry for Retro to develop another Donkey Kong and for the Wii U. It has largely been people wanted another Metroid, a StarFox, (even though it is not possible) a Banjo game, or a first-person shooter.

      So far none of that. They better have another title ready. Nintendo needs to stop with the secrecy crap because they don’t know how to properly hype things anymore. They can build hype but too many times in recent years it has let to a massive let down.

  14. Are… You… Serious!!! THIS is the “super big” game that RETRO is working on?!?! What a fuckin waste!!! Donkey kong is the worst thing to waste their talent on… A star fox or even a Mario game would have better use!

      1. Based on what. There is no reason to except anything else. If they have the nerve to have a Nintendo Direct like they did today I’m sure in their warped minds that this is big enough from Retro. Nintendo showed some good stuff today but I’m through giving them the benefit of the doubt.


  16. I love Dk but really the only real advancement in the series is use of camera angles? wheres the innovation? nintendo keeps playing it safe…that dissapoints

    1. Jesus I cant believe you people are whining! You call yourselves fans? I see nothing but a few true fans on here with a majority sony/ms fans tallking shit. This Direct was amazing. Quit being such sissies. Every game looked awesome.

  17. why is this in 2d AGAIN … rare’s dk64 > all wii and gamecube dk’s

  18. It should of at least been 3D like DK64, not this fucking lame-ass side-scrolling shit

  19. Well, this isn’t Retro’s greatest game, but if anyone can make a great DK game, these guys can. I’ve just never been a huge fan of the DK franchise

  20. HUGE disappointment – not even funny.
    This and the new “3D” Mario game were the biggest fuck ups of the show.

    Not that the DK game won’t be fun – in fact; I’m sure it’ll be great – but it doesn’t meet the expectations they made people have, which sucks.

    As for the linear as fuck Mario game – well…

  21. AHHH. NO MORE Side Scollers! These are mindless race games. New Console, make games that showcase the Wii U and make people want to purchase it. Seeing all these games being released my Nintendo are just remakes and rehash games, ideas are dead at Nintendo.

  22. If it will make anybody feel better, David Wise is doing the music for this game.

  23. I couldn’t be happier with this. I’ve been longing for another game in the new Donkey Kong series (3D doesn’t count to me, it’s merely a port). The level design and visuals look stunning and I for one sincerely hope that Retro is the studio developing this seeing as they were behind the first one which was one of the most innovative platformers I’ve played in years

  24. I thought the Wii and 3DS game really upped the ante with how many layers you could have to the backgrounds/foregrounds, but this one makes me speechless. At first, admittedly, I was a bit mad that this was what Retro has been working on (I still belive there is a second game in development though), but this is amazing. Look how some of the levels have about 4 or 5 different layers to the ‘grounds’. Very neat artwork and graphical design going on here. This is really a fully 3D game, but only allowing you to move on one plane at a time. Watch the camera work while barrel-blasting. Sometimes the camera rolls overtop of you. Very neat when you sit and pick it apart.

    1. Hell, picking it apart even moreso leaves me to see that there could be 6 or 7 different layers or planes.

  25. Guys! Don’t worry this is not Retro’s secret project. They said themselves that it will be a first person shooter :D

  26. It’s an odd number, but with those three Kongs I’m hoping for a 3-player. Or a 4-player if Kiddy Kong returned.

    1. There is a 4th playable Kong but it has not been revealed… I am personally hoping for 4 player multiplayer or the ability to choose what kong you want to play as at any time, I do not know if that will be the case… Also signs would point to Kiddy Kong being the 4th character, but I kind of hope with the inclusion in Mario Kart Wii we get a chance to play as Funky Kong or a long shotted Lanky or Chunky Kong

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