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Nintendo Says Software Lineup Will Drive Wii U Sales This Holiday Season

super mario 3d world

Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America, firmly believes that the upcoming Wii U software lineup that was shown at this year’s E3 event will ultimately drive Wii U hardware sales this holiday season. Moffitt says games like Super Mario 3D World offer “moments of joy” that gamers will want to share. He hopes that this will lead to the same kind of phenomenon that drove Wii sales.

“We know the power of great software driving hardware. We have powerhouse titles that will drive hardware sales this holiday season. “With some great content coming on Wii U, we will ignite sales and start seeing phenomenal growth.”

86 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Software Lineup Will Drive Wii U Sales This Holiday Season”

    1. There was no reason why the 3DS took off like it did except for Software. At first the 3DS Suffered from ports , badly used 3D , limited services and more. Sounds just like the Wiiu right ?

      I see the Wiiu as a 40-50 Mill lifetime , nice little system. Packing some of the best games ever made , as always with Nintendo consoles.

      1. Isn’t it still outpacing the Xbox and PS3 in there first year? Also, One of Nintendo’s rivals already appears to be defeated(Microsoft) making only 2 big players left. It’s gonna be alot more than 40-50 million. And remember…

        Wii U- 300$
        Xbone-499$(Nobody likes this system)

        1. Indeed , we’ll just have to wait and see. Remember 40-50 Million is very successfull. Especially if they can break even on the hardware , maybe even make a little on it , and make a fortune off of all the games.

          That’s a success and a huge reason for Nintendo to carry on and strive for more. If it sells Gamecube number lifetime (unlikely) they will worry and think things through…

    2. You never know, theres still more Nintendo Directs coming, I have not a doubt that they may pull of another direct like they did for 3ds, for Wii U. But I wouldn’t be to high in expectations though.

    1. I wouldn’t say delusional, just extremely optimistic. All the system needs is supporting software and a price cut. If it gets both, there will be growth.

            1. You don’t need to go for Playstation Plus (~ $ 90.00) if you don’t want. Also, those can afford paying $ 400.00 on a console are supposed to have $ 7.50/month to pay for online. What’s the big deal?

            2. I rather for Nintendo to give the Wii U a price cut when they want to and not when the media thinks so. If Nintendo listened to the media then the company has low self-esteem!

  1. Sales start to pick up in 2013 with Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World.
    Then they explode in 2014 with Mario Kart 8, Super Smash and X.

  2. Well Nintendo, never let publishers, especially western developers launch first on your console ever again. Especially EA.

    1. @gamer..Agreed. They should’ve learned that with the 3ds. Oh well, I suspect this won’t be a problem come their next console launch.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Agreed. I didn’t get games like Fifa because they were watered-down ports while three or four others were ports of games released months before.

  3. Nintendo has it easy. Microsoft’s screw will make Mario fly off the shelf like what! Wait it’s Mario he flies off shelves anyway.

  4. Yeah right! You should’ve announced a price drop with a bundle for Mario Kart 8 coming in November. Also you should have pushed for Bayonetta 2 to be released around holiday season and possibly X, and made at least one new IP garnered towards the hardcore gamer. Not too mention you missed out on a ton of third party games that you should have pushed for. That would have driven sales! You are in a for a rude awakening Nintendo.

      1. Yeah I understand that. I believe they should have had started development for these games much earlier in order to compete better against other systems this upcoming holiday season.

      2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        It depends on how rushed. Sometimes developers need that kick in the pants. That’s why some stress is good. It’s that thing in your head that’s telling you what you need to do.

    1. Typical Xbot…

      This is what hardcore gamer means:

      Someone who plays video games several hours per day, is very good/pro in both single/multiplayer no matter what type of game it is and who doesn’t even care of how a game appears to appeal to…

      A hardcore gamer is not:

      Someone who cries and argues about games that don’t have guns, american soldiers, online, achievements, blood and gore…

      So in other words, you don’t know what a true gamer is or means…

      1. Some people don’t know the difference between whiny, know-it-all gamers and honest true gamers. Thanks for giving that user the definition

        1. I know the difference you guys just took what I meant out of context. I meant something garnered to an older audience instead of a younger audience that typically play games casually.

      2. that guy has a mario picture!!!! that means he likes nintendo you stupid robot. mini me lets go and build you a real robot, the sony commander.

      3. Please explain to me how I’m a Xbot when I own a Wii U and 3DS and have no plans in buying an Xbox One? Also, I figured you would take my core gamer statement out of context. What I meant by it is that Nintendo should make a game targeted at an older audience. I do not damage control when Nintendo screws up which they have this You are not helping them at all by damage controlling. Oh and btw I’m pretty damn sure I am a bigger fan of Nintendo then you ever will be.

          1. Excuse me but did I ever once say that it had to be an FPS? NO I DID NOT!!! I’m thinking more along the lines of Miyamoto making something that only he could think of. Like the genre doesn’t even exist yet until he invents it but it’s so good and appealing that everyone has to get on it like they did with the fighter craze in the 90’s and the shooter craze in the last decade. Maybe he could do something with NFC or somehow implement AR technology and just completely revolutionize the game industry. I know this is asking a LOT but if there is one man to do it, it would be Miyamoto.

  5. With cheap side scrollers like DK tropical Freeze I don’t see sales improving. They needed to release mario kart and X or Bayonetta.

      1. Yeah but the people who buy donkey kong games are not the people who they should be catering to, how many games will a kindergartner going to buy?

        1. Most kids i know can’t beat dk country series not even returns. Dk country is a much more beefed up mario thats a lot more challenging. Dk is more for the hardcore audience. Plus u guys need to get OVER IT ALREADY ITS HAPPENING METRIOD IS NOT BEING MADE AT THIS TIME. Metriod already has a huge library right now, retro has almost done nothing but metriod let them do what they fucking want for once you spoiled fucking brat of a gamer. Metriod needs a break or the series gets old after 2 the series got a little weak anyway. Let them think it over instead of them rushing something like metriod it needs time to develope.

    1. Lol obviously they “need” to release those games, but they can’t release them until they are done.

  6. Never doubt the holy N when it comes to games…

    Many said the same thing about NSMB2 and NSMBU and they sold alot for several weeks…

    SMW3D will sell even more…

    Doubt the games and you are barely better than the doomed Xbots…

  7. Imagine if Nintendo were to make a Wii U Super Mario 3D World bundle– a white 32GB Wii U model with a physical disc, a Wii Motion Plus with a nunchuk, and a free Nintendo Land digital download for only $349.99. Now THAT would be an insta-buy for those who wants to buy the U console.

  8. Nintendo needs to focus on their strengths. One of them being ZERO hidden fee’s. All their competitors have them. Even a miniscule fee to play online adds up over 7 years.

  9. Doubt it. Us who want pikmin or a remake of Zelda or are enough or a fan boy of Mario that we buy most Mario games as they are released already have a Wii u. Nintendo needed to have a game that actually was new or innovative to gain attention of potential consumers, but man do I think they screwed this up

  10. I’m still holding out and will not buythe wii u this year even with pikmin and Mario 3d coming out later this year. I’m planning to pick up a Xbox one even though the price is higher than the wii u because I have developed trust in Microsoft based on my past experience with the 360. I can’t say the same with the wii since the controls were not geared for the hardcore gamers and there was no online integration. Pikmin for the wii u also has no online multiplayer mode!

    1. You are a complete fool for buying an Xbox Dumb. Not to mention that you have to be online 24/7 to play games. Not to mention the fact that you cannot play used games and it’s not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 disc games. You cannot even trade your games to a friend and the Kinect 2.0 will be watching you bare butt naked.

      And one final thing– Nintendo and Sony dominate the 8th generation. Microsoft’s newest home console is D.O.A.

      1. I love my Xbox. I play with my Xbox way more than my wii. I am a fool for loving my Xbox. This is coming from a real Nintendo fan too. Nintendo relies too much on friends living in your home to have fun because there is no such thing as online multiplayer. Your friends must be present everyday in your house to enjoy those Nintendo games. I’m one of the unlucky ones who doesn’t have friends over my house everyday of the week.

    2. You trust Microsoft after the 360? How man recalls and/or replaced consoles did the average person have to repurchase again and again? Plus the only reason why Xbox has 3rd parties is not because developers want to but was paid. Nintendo doesn’t kiss ass for 90% of 3rd party games being FPS games anyway.

  11. thenintendoreviewer

    Software does drive hardware. On that note there are plenty of games Nintendo could make happen for the Wii U that haven’t happened yet. They really should get to work on making those games happen to improve sales (Fatal Frame Wii U, Star Fox, Metroid etc.)

  12. How it´s gonna drive sales this holiday season if the games come spring 2014? Pikmin and Wind Waker HD gonna make their part, but in a small way and I smell a delay of Super Mario 3d World like all the other games of nintendo.

    P.S. Sorry for my english

  13. hahahahaahha!!!!! lets go mini me and buy you a real console. you dont want a toy with no goods on there, lets buy you a ps4 and have these denial fags hump the wii u.

    1. I already am getting myself a PS4, tired of missing out on all the triple A games that never get released on Nintendo consoles. “The Division” and “The Crew” appeal to me a lot more than anything Nintendo showed at E3. The rabid dogs will throw their Mario and whatnot games at me for stating my opinion. I been playing on Nintendo consoles for years and Mario games don’t appeal to me one bit.
      I liked the old Nintendo when they had Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, etc), Factor 5 (the Rogue Squadron games), back in those days Nintendo had awesome 2nd party developers who made other types of games for the ones of us who aren’t interested in the Mario and whatnot games.

  14. I don’t think Super Mario 3D World will drive sales, but the combination of Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Wind waker, and that game plus everything else will make it more attractive to buyers than a system with Killzone and Knack.

  15. Haha, nintendo are certainly full of themselfs! :P

    5 – 7 year olds will love their wii u games, no doubt about it.

    7 to 12 year olds will stick to the 3DS like gravy in a flying saucer.

    13 to 19 year olds will buy the playstation 4.

    20+ They will stick with either the wii, xbox 360. They may also buy a nintendo 3DS, or a playstation 4.

  16. If they knew that, then why does WiiU still have no big Nintendo game? It’s been over half a year.
    I thought they said ‘they learned from the 3DS-release’ months before WiiU’s release but it was worst than what happened to 3DS. Pikmin and 101 should have been in stores weeks ago, if not months.
    And ssb, x, etc should be releasing this holiday and very early 2014. I was expecting more from WiiU and Nintendo, but their management is just blowing it.

  17. Those games are not going to drive sales. Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Bayonetta 2, all coming out next year, they will drive sales. Super Mario 3D World is not going to sell very many systems, Nintendo needs to drop the price $70 or more.

  18. Honestly, Nintendo doesn’t care, Pokemon X and Y are coming out in October and they will sell close to 8 million in the first month and drive 3DS sales.

  19. I agree. There’s gonna be several great games available by Christmas. The Wii U will finally start making some good sells (or is that sales? Hmm….)

  20. Yea, I’m sure all the remakes, rehashes and sequels of already existing series will do a great job in pushing the sales of the WiiU.

    1. Rehashes, remakes and sequels are what keeps us Nintendo fans coming back for more. And that’s exactly why Nintendo keeps doing it. And occasionally, we get an entirely new IP.

        1. Yea and that’s telling me a lot about Nintendo. Before they released the WiiU, they kept going on about how it will appeal to core gamers. The next thing they do is to show us Nintendoland as a representation of the WiiU. Good job, Nintendo.

      1. sooooo….call of duty, assassin’s creed, killzone, god of war(love the series), street fighter, megaman, battlefield, All ea’s sports titles, resident evil, Marvel vs capcom, tekken, sly cooper(love), ratchet and clank(love), Hd collection’s are not rehash cool story

        1. Because all of those games are first party titles, right ? And because they are the only games the other platforms have to offer, right ?
          I guess you missed what kind of first party titles Sony has been presenting lately. Because those games are
          1. entirely new
          2. damn good
          3. creative
          4. entirely new.
          One perfect example: The Last of Us.
          Nice try but no.
          (I’m the original poster btw)

      2. Nintendo should think of the possibility that there might be fans who start to get tired of seeing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. When was the last time Nintendo created nice NEW franchises?

  21. 1. New Super Luigi U is entirely new.
    2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is a damn good game!
    3. Miyamoto is a creative genius.
    4. Mario Kart 8 is an entirely new fun racing game.

    One perfect example: MonolithSoft’s X

    1. 1. No, it’s a DLC that lets you play New Super Mario Bros. U as Luigi, basically. And we all should know that the NSMB series has been milked since NSMB Wii.
      2. Wind Waker is a damn good game. Wind Waker HD is Wind Waker in HD, nothing more. It’s a remake and so, nothing new.
      3. I never said he isn’t. Many recent games on Nintendo’s platforms on the other hand are not, due to the fact that they are mostly rehashes, remakes and sequels to what has been there already, as I said before.
      4. I can’t believe you state Mario Kart 8 as an example for an entirely new racing game. Actually it’s the exact opposite. It’s just the same as Mario Kart 7, just with that one hovercraft-like feature to the cars, from what I can tell from the trailer. I don’t see what’s supposed to be entirely new about it.
      And X is not a first party title, I believe. Though I do agree that it looks quite good. But that’s literally the only game I would want to buy for the WiiU.

    2. your fucking stupid!!!!! for 1 its a fucking dlc for a milked series, 2 yes, but most wont just buy it forthe better graphics. 3 you could say that but he hasnt really proven to make anything new of lately and 4 is not anything new, its just another mariokart!!!!!

      as for the last one, i just hope its not a disappointment.

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  23. Wii U will be fine. Great even. I’d love a new more hardcore IP, but to be honest, I bought this console because Halo has turned to shit, CoD was always shit, and the gamepad is refreshing after holding the same kind of controller up until the wii. MarioKart 8, Smashbros 4, a new Zelda, Zombii U 1/2, monster hunter, I’m more than happy with this lineup already.

    The only things i’ll be sad to miss are ‘The last of us’ and ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, but I can probably just jam those on computer anyway.

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