Angry Birds Trilogy Coming To Wii U And Wii In August

The Angry Birds Trilogy features Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, will be coming to Wii U and Wii in August. Rovio, the developer behind the hit franchise, says that Angry Birds Trilogy  features 30 episodes on disc including exclusive new levels. The game also has Wii U Gamepad and TV swap capability, touch screen controls and online leader boards. Will you be purchasing Angry Birds Trilogy for your Wii or Wii U?


  1. well at least the Wii U is started to actually get games. Crappy games but games.

  2. Like i said before if ur buying this youre an Idiot. You can get this boring mess for free everywhere.
    Dont be stupid please.

  3. This is great news for my mom! She loves Angry Birds on her phone, maybe she’ll get a Wii U of her own :P It is also great news for other casual gamers. I would rather have Angry Birds on the Wii U than not have it at all. 💋

    1. For a second there I thought I was reading a Ben Sanders comment talking about his mom again. But I looked twice and the grammar is not effed up. Lol!

    2. When I first started reading your comment I thought you were that Ben Sandars guy who always says “I love my mom because I love her!”

  4. Why get a game that is better on phones and tablets and buy it on a console for 3X the price people are stupid if they buy this

  5. If it is 4.99 due to added online and leaderboards maybe. It is a fad like the xbox 360 or PSVita, so if it is expensive like these two defective consoles I just mentioned then pass on it, I will.

    1. In fact, what was I thinking? I shall pass on this game on my Pikmin 3 playing, Ghost reacon 2 player offline having, wonderful 101 screen clattered with goodness, ACIV galavanting Wii U.

        1. I meant splinter cell blacklist. lol. Though I wanted that ghost reacon so much to be a launch title :).

  6. People are bitching about them putting Angry birds on Wii U?!?!?! Will we bitch if they put Plants Vs Zombies 2 on Wii U too? Sure that’s a new game but I mean still. Those three Angry Birds games will have tons of game play. Some people is looking forward to this.

    1. That is a very intelligent rebuttal Titan7. You Nintendo commander, the administrators, jtz especially after he heard Sonic lost world was being released post great comments. Jelly bean is a good poster of insightful comments as long as he is not in his Sonyan fanboy state. Ness loves nintendo so much he feels left out that their is no mother 4 in development, or so he thinks! Captain N is a nintendo soldier through and through. N-dub nation, nintendward all contribute beautifully. Mamma jinx mwah!!!!! Lady and joy and amanda, you lady gamers rock! Why U mad, well you and your first posts start a spiral of nonsense and laughter that makes this site unusually unique lol. Let’s game on friends. Ikeezo keep that African base on point :).

  7. LOL Who the fuck cares we got Sonic,Mario,Donkey Kong,Rayman,Watch Dogs,Wonderful101,Pikmin3,The legend of zelda etc. comin this year. No one who plays on real things dont give a flyin shit about this shovelware carbage. Keep this shit on shit on phones.

  8. I essentially got the game for free on my phone. Not paying 30+ dollars for three games that are the same.

  9. this game is perfect for the nintendo fanbase. they dig this shit up. lets pay 30$ for shit that could be free because i love shovelware rip offs, gta5 who needs it. wii u got angry birds!!!!!

  10. Honestly this game shouldn’t be a retail disc release for consoles. Maybe a cheap downloadable title but this is just wrong imo.

    1. Agreed, it really needs to be sold in the eshop or something. I doubt anyone will buy this for 30 bucks.

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