Ex Vigil Employee Changes His Tune About Wii U


Last August ex Darksiders 2 Senior UI Designer, Xander Davis, was pretty vocal about his thoughts on Wii U, calling the console a $400 Xbox 360 that is seven years too late. Now it has emerged that Davis is working on a new game for the eShop which is titled CIDER. Davis has written a blog post on Tumblr outlining exactly why Nintendo has made a believer out of him. It’s an interesting read, so I would highly recommend checking it out.

“Finally, you may know that I had previously been pretty vocal before on how I felt about the Wii-U and the Gamepad, and admittedly, did so with less tact than I wish I had displayed.  I’ve taken heat for those words, but that also didn’t change my mind.  I still had my reasons.  So what finally did change my mind? Nintendo changed my mind.”

Thanks, Emily Rogers


    1. You must really like pissing people off. Even I get mad when you say first cause then I have to go through all the replies you got before reading other peoples opinions. Please stop.

  1. It’s all about money, the sooner everyone accepts that’s how people in our culture conduct themselves, the easier it is to understand others moronic actions.

    1. “So what finally did change my mind? Nintendo paid me what I want, and I changed my mind.” – LOL

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  2. Excellent, another one assimilated into our Empire…

    In the future, the creature Pachter will be praising our Empire and even promote it…

    The vision of the future has been made available to my hidden third eye…

    1. They must be starting to realize what the Wii U is becoming. It’s only getting better starting August 4th with Pikmin 3’s release. Or July 13th for Japan………………………

    1. Nintendo God and Creator
      Almighty Lord Fusajiro Yamauchi

      New Nintendo God and Reshaper
      Almighty Lord Hiroshi Yamauchi

      Current Niintendo God and Innovator
      Almighty Commander Iwata

      Legend and Savior
      Supreme Commander Miyamoto

      Lord of War and Wealth
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      And so on…

      1. Fusajiro Yamauchi, ONLY an Almighty Lord? I’d place him at Seiichi Yukimura’s level: “Child of God”.

  3. Pretty much sums up the state of the industry, bunch of people stuck in a rut banging rocks together and when something or someone asl for something different comes along they don’t get it. And then when they use it, they suddenly understand it.

    1. Exactly, the same for people who say the game pad is a gimmick. Once the potential is shown they will show it respect.

      1. I admit that when the DS came out, I didnt get the whole 2 screen thing lol. When WIIU was announced, I was skeptical… after Ibought it, I was completely impressed! Now WIIU is my thang!!! Not even the ps4 excites me like WIIU!

        1. Exactly, despite the hits the Wii U is taking, the game pad is actually a very good idea. If used properly, the game pad can add to a game, making it even more enjoyable.

  4. Hmm.. Seems whether or not someone supports WiiU, you all complain if they are not 100% loyalists.

  5. I might be a cynic, but I’m doubtful he’d be making the same statement if he hadn’t decided to bring Cider to the Wii U (and PS4). I’d presume the Wii U only became an option due to Microsoft’s policies and fees against independent developers.

    Either way, the more games the merrier.

    1. When you read the full post, he explains that fans following him asked him to put out the game on Wii U. The same time when fans started to ask him, Nintendo reached out to him, so he went out and purchased a Wii U and got to understand it more.

      According to his blog, it boils down to this: Now that he owns a Wii U and has experienced it firsthand, coupled with Nintendo’s indie policies, he’s more of a believer.

      1. I did read his entire blog post, and I did read that Nintendo reached out and explained their policies regarding independent developers.

        I’m doubtful that, if Microsoft shared similar policies to Sony and Nintendo, he’d be making the same statement. It seems that he’s only making the statement now to ‘make amends’ for his previous, derogatory remarks which I’m sure many had actually forgotten about until now.

        1. Well, it would make sense for him to clarify why he’s developing for the Wii U when he had negative remarks at first.

          Still, even if Microsoft had different policies, he probably would have still said the same thing, since his fans/followers wanted his game on Wii U and Nintendo reached out.

          1. Overreaching much? Simply G as of August 13 Japanese gamers shall become believers as well.

    1. Money he spent on the Wii U to experience what it had to offer, on top of fan requests and Nintendo’s open willingness to work with him, changed his mind.

    1. Too bad his terrible attitude(Darksiders 2 is something that makes me want anything he’s touched either) has precluded me from buying his games. Let him starve.

  6. the same goes for other retards who don’t believe in the u. get the fucking console and your clownish opinions will change.

  7. either got a free devkit or is in on a project which got funded..

    luckily he’s of no importance to the industry

  8. Interesting… Still not clear what he means. Did Nintendo ask them to make a new game or was he amused by the software lineup??

  9. Maudite gagne de criss de mange marde de suceux d’bat sal :) Aimez Nintendo … ou mourrez.

  10. Im reading this as “nintendo was the only company desperate enough to pick up the phone when losers call.” Seriously, as much as i agree with most of what he said, it’s not like anything in darksiders is anything to be cocky about.





  12. Interesting… what really changes his mind is that he finally decided to produce a game for the WiiU and actually PLAYED on a WiiU…. so he said a lot of bullshit about the device WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO USE IT… What a dumbass…. at least he admitted he was wrong….. I wonder how many developers, players and “journalists” out there are right now criticizing Nintenod heavily without even touching its consoles….

    1. Whereas everyone thinks the PS4 is awesome (well, it does sound awesome in a way) without having played it at all. I tsk tsk at them.

  13. Now THIS is a blog worth reading.

    There is way too much specific love for Nintendo in this blog to be only considered as “being paid to write it.” I think he meant it.

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