Armikrog Reaches Wii U Stretch Goal


The claymation adventure game Armikrog will be coming to Wii U now it’s finally reached the Wii U stretch goal the team had set up. Pencil Test Studios spiritual successor to point and click adventure, The Neverhood, was funded last night, and reached the Wii U stretch goal this morning.  Armikrog will be released on the Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

Thanks, ZachZ, Fuzzword and ZainreFang


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  1. this game seems to use gamepad in imaginative ways,moreso than other eshop games.expect a 20 dollar pricetag..

  2. This are the kind of things/games that tore me apart that Nintendo do not release Prepaid Card outside of USA and Canada in America

  3. This is great news – congrats to the dev team!
    Now let’s hope the game is good and let’s support these guys!

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  5. this shit gets that much money!!!!! oh dang…….. nintendo fans really do like shit. talk shit about movie based style games but you contribute this much fucking money into a point and click games!!!! talk about hypocrites!!!!!!

  6. the neverhood.. i remember that game.. gee feels like ages ago.. that’s probably because it was ages ago

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