Nintendo Decides To Allow Streaming Of Super Smash Bros. Melee At Evo 2013


Nintendo has ultimately decided to allow streaming of Super Smash Bros. Melee matches at this year’s Evo fighting video game tournament. Initially, Nintendo had informed planners of the tournament that they don’t have permission to broadcast the Nintendo GameCube game, but the publisher has since changed its mind. An Evo organizer has commented on the change of plan:

I’ve just receive word from Nintendo that the Evo Smash Bros. Melee stream will be allowed to proceed. We will be restoring the original stream and tournament schedules. Obviously this is a huge relive for all of us here and we’re thrilled that the world will get to see the best Smash players fight it out this weekend. Thanks to everyone online who supported both Evo and Smash.

Evo 2013 will take place this weekend from July 12th to the 14th.


      1. It’s ok, Sickr gave me the shaft too recently. Maybe next time.

  1. Finally you put up the article! Now will you all shut up with the Nintendo hate? Oh wait that’s never going to happen….

    1. I didn’t comment on the original article , because I knew this one was going to pop up soon after.

      Probably just a mistake with the guys on the phone or something…

      1. That is what I have been hearing. That it was all just some miscommunication amongst the two parties. Nintendo was really okay with it all along.

      1. Wait….Nintendo is a human being that is sexually attracted to the same sex? No one ever told me this!!! And here I thought it was a Japanese gaming company from the 1800’s that makes videogame hardware and software. Thanks for clearing that up! So your also telling me that if this person, Nintendo, switches their sexuality to heterosexual that people will quit hating them? Interesting times we live in.

          1. Yep. They started off as a card making company I believe and then went on to make toys. I have a set of their hanafuda playing cards from Club Nintendo.

      1. Nintendo used Disable!

        EVO’s Smash Bros was disabled!

        Fans used Rage!
        Critical Hit!

        Nintendo used U-Turn!
        Nintendo sent out Reggie!

        Smash Bros is no longer disabled!

          1. And how fuckin dare anyone out there make fun out of Reggie, after all he is been through. So its his fault that Noa didnt bring rainfall games. He has his body ready. And he is going to be seen worst Noa president in history. But all you people care about is “bring us games”. Well he is not gay, he is a human. What you dont realize that its sensational journalism that makes you hate Reggie. All you do is write bunch of crap like “Reggie dont bring games”, ” Hes body isnt ready”. Leave Reggie alone. I mean it and anyone who has problem with that, you have to deal with me! I mean it. Leave Reggie alone.

  2. yeah well thats nice and all but im not going to waste my time to watch some losers be competitive over smash bros!!!! hey nintendo how about change some your more important problems now. (like what???? shut up stupid sheep) nintendo and its fan boys think this was a huge problem!!!!!

      1. Sony is worse. The highlight of their E3 was about DRM and used games. Guess what everyone you can lend your game to a friend. Is this what gaming has become?

        1. It was a huge fuck you to Microsoft and people liked it, me included. Too bad it went to waste since Microsoft dropped all the DRM a few days later.

    1. Weren’t you blowing this out of proportion like the “sheep” you mentioned?
      Plus, you say there’s “no good games” but there are so many coming.

      Put on a fucking tampon or leave.

  3. VICTORY! I was arguing with this one guy on Miiverse and he deleted the post and all because I was making him look like an idiot with his arguments.

  4. Do you guys remember that new console that came out last year by Nintendo? What’s the name of it again?

      1. ha ha that was actually funny even though i don’t like most of your comment on this site

  5. They probably over reacted to Nintendo saying, “You guys need our permission to stream this…you don’t have our permission.”

  6. Sons of Nintendo, of video games, my brothers,
    I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.
    A day may come when the courage of Smash bros fails,
    when we forsake our friends
    and break all bonds of fellowship,
    but it is not this day.
    An hour of cancelled streams and copyright infringement,
    when the age of Nintendo comes crashing down,
    but it is not this day!
    This day we fight!
    By all that you hold dear on this good Earth,
    I bid you stand, Men of Smash Brothers!

  7. I’m pretty sure the correct title of this article is, “the media decided to make up something that Nintendo never said and everyone over reacted to the false news and EVO decided to clear it up.” Yep… that sounds about right. Because when ISN’T that happening nowadays? Geeze… what’s with all these attempts to make Nintendo sound like complete dick heads?

    1. FYI, NoA said at first that they wanted the entire Smash portion of the tournament shut down completely, gone, no Melee AT ALL. The EVO TO’s managed to talk them down to allowing the game to still be played, but not streamed.
      There was no room to defend nintendo in this situation at all. NoA goof’d up hard and we made our voices loud enough for them to reverse the decision that shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

      1. And… where’s the proof that Nintendo actually ever said this? HMMM?! Well? I’m waiting for an answer. It doesn’t exist? OH! Big surprise. Let’s see… shortly after Nintendo ‘allowed’ them to stream Smash Bros. their viewer count sky rocketed. Hmm… I think I see myself a publicity stunt. Stir up controversy that shouldn’t even exist in the first place by completely making something up then take it back a few minutes later after a whole shit ton of publicity has been made involving it…

        That is EXACTLY what happened, because as any true Nintendo fan knows, Nintendo would never do this. Have they done it in the past? No. They’ve allowed Smash Bros. to be streamed every year. Why change it all of a sudden? It doesn’t make sense! And this is why it was nothing but false news to stir up controversy.

  8. $10 says the initial denial was a automated denial, and they only found out about the backlash after the news broke. Good for Nintendo for allowing it, now I just have to figure out wtf EVO is, it sounds cool enough.


  9. High Command observes, High Command listens and when it is logical High Command delivers…

  10. Was probably a miscommunication. Or Nintendo heard people voicing their opinion via Miiverse.

  11. why the fuck didn’t they allow it in the first place. it’s a fucking 2 generations ago game.

    1. Because you can’t do things like idiots. There is a lot of red tape involved in this.

  12. Crisis averted.
    Now we can stop arguing over a tournament most of us won’t even attend and focus on what’s important.

    Who else is getting Shin Megami Tensei IV?

    1. Not sure if I want it. I’ll need to investigate more about it before making a decision.
      Especially since Mario & Luigi Dream Team are coming out soon…..

      1. I probably will get it along with Fire Emblem, since if I register both I’ll get $30 eShop credit.
        And it’ll save me quite a lot for when Pokémon X comes out.

  13. It all boiled down to the following: whether EVO were making money from the stream, and if they were, if their contract with Nintendo allowed them to do so as part of hosting the game at their event. If the answer to both of them was yes, or indeed, no to making money from the stream (therefore the stream being free), Nintendo made an absolutely huge mistake here. They realised just how much of a monumental fuck-up they made, and backtracked.

    Now that the issue has been resolved, there is no further issue. Nintendo have every legal right to pursue along this heel turn, but just because it’s technically “legal” doesn’t make it “morally” forthcoming. Is it just me, or did these series of debacles really start when Iwata took over as the big boss man at Nintendo of America?

    1. Its most notable for being a collection of fighting game tournaments featuring some of the best fighting game players each game has to offer.

  14. I dont care how this came about or what happened. Miscommunication or not, the fact that nintendo contacted these people to say ANYTHING but “thank you for keeping our name out there,” just really shows me how broken and pathetic nintendo has become on every fundamental level.

    Their so valued property isnt worth a cent if no one cares about it and theyve just about got me convinced to stop caring at all with corporate crap like this.

    Sony, ms and wb are massive compared to nintendo and you never see them try to pull their products away from their fans. Capcom doesnt, either.

    I’m about ready for a new nintendo. I’m done with the corporate one.

  15. I dont give a shit about this Evo emo thing. All i want to say is that melee is best smash game ever!! Brawl is so fuckin overrated, i hope that the new smash is more melee than brawl.

  16. Lol i just checked what that Evo emo thing is just proves how much better melee is than brawl. After all its over 10 year old game and there are still tournaments for that game. I never have seen one for overrated brawl. HEE-HEE-HEE

  17. I hope Krystal is in Smash Bros.

    Then i can KO furfags with a punch in the face.

    Captain Cumblast says:

  18. Sounds like Nintendo was in a trolling mood <3
    Or it could all just be a misunderstanding :3

  19. Obviously they wouldn’t go through with it.
    It was probably just an internal misunderstand caused by a clueless staff member.

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