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Get To Know The Pikmin 3 Gameplay Basics

Nintendo UK’s official Wii U YouTube page has posted another video looking at the highly anticipated Pikmin 3. And this time we’re looking at getting to grip with the basics of gameplay. The basics cover simple tasks like gathering Pikmin, attacking enemies and showing you how to switch between the different characters – Brittany, Alph and Charlie – to work through a variety of tasks. With Nintendo marketing Pikmin 3 right, left, and centre, it’s no wonder the game has sold more than half its stock in Japan. The game is out next week, July 26, in Europe.

13 thoughts on “Get To Know The Pikmin 3 Gameplay Basics”

  1. Unrelated but.. both eshops are down (3DS & WiiU) respectively could the cross buy rumours be coming true really soon GAF is blowing up

    The Lark

  2. Oh my god, the hype…please, everyone, play this game! It’s an hidden gem. If yo’re not sure just grab a 10buck pikmin2 version on Amazon and try it. In Nintendo I trust

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