Pachter Says Nintendo “Dominate” The Dedicated Handheld Space, Make “Great First-Party Software”


Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter was asked whether or not Sony and Nintendo will continue in the portable market which is being dominated by smartphones and tablets. Pachter says that he believes Sony will exit due to poor hardware sales for PlayStation Vita, but he believes Nintendo will stay in the handheld market as they dominate the dedicated handheld space and create fantastic first party software.

“There will certainly be another handheld from Nintendo. That’s Nintendo’s bread and butter, that is their business, they dominate.”

“The 3DS is doing fine, and I would guess that 3DS sales are going to be about 15 million this year globally. They were about 15 million last year, and that compares to 30 million for DS. But they make plenty of money at 15 million units, as long as they can do that they’ll upgrade, redesign, and there’ll be more.”

“There’s always going to be demand for handheld gaming, it’s something a lot of people really like. Nintendo makes great handheld first-party software. I think the bigger problem is that third-parties are pretty much giving up on handheld, it’s just not something that makes sense for most of them and Nintendo dominates.”

“You’re going to see probably decent sales when you get the next Pokemon, the next Animal Crossing, the next Zelda game on handheld, and the thing that Nintendo has going for them is that you can’t play those games anywhere other than on their platforms.”

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  1. Pi Pikachu Pika Pi ⚡
    (I never thought I’d see the day Pachter would say something nice about Nintendo ⚡ )

    1. I’d never thought I’d see the day when he actually made fucking sense o.O lol. Looks like the Sonyans leader has now looked back on things XD I’m kidding calling people that is stupid unless it really necessary.

    2. He use to be really positive about Nintendo before, so I cant believe everyone only focuses on the last few years

    1. It was a good prediction when he made it. In retrospect, it was a poor one, but it was a prediction/analysis.

  2. Yeah, Pachter said that Nintendo is doomed to smartphones and tablets.

    Then he said the PS Vita will take some of Nintendo’s market share….

    This guy is an idiot when it comes to predicting the video game industry. He has no freaking clue.

    1. Indeed, this creature is unable to analyze anything valid at all…

      And the reason towhy ithas not been so active lately is because its on a diet program according to its twitter account…

        1. Nah it will do well in America. I live here in the US and i know quite a few people who are purchasing it. They are advertising the hell out of it in the movie theaters too.

          1. Yup. It will do fine. Microsoft has that marketing money. It might not do as well as the 360, but I’m sure it will still do well enough.

            We have to remember that the gaming community on the internet is hardly representative of the general consumer attitude and knowledge.

            1. Trust me, there’s already a few people I know that had already pre-ordered the xbox one. Most of us may not like it, but it will do pretty well.

            2. I’ll buy it if they don’t add back the DRM, which i highly doubt they will. There’s this petition going on and heard Sony fans were signing it. The gaming industry is very unpredictable.

              1. Yeah, they won’t. At least not in the way they were originally planning to do it. It might creep up in other ways over time though.

                I already have my Xbox One pre-ordered because I’ll admit, there are a few exclusives I want to play. I’ll just cover the Kinect with a box or something. lol

                1. Or just turn it to the wall. That is what my friends and I are planning on doing. I suppose you can’t smash the camera lens on it without it being dysfunctional could you?

        1. Indeed, its pathetic life all depends on the success or failure by the Xbot machinery…

          I’m betting its life is becoming so misreable right now…

          1. 3DS absolutely crushed competition and his “analysis”

          2. The Xbots destroys their own purpose at E3.

          3. Bayonetta 2 only available on WiiU which forces it to support our Empire.

          4. PS Vita almost utterly fails.

          5. Many children can predict the future better than it does.

    2. I agree (Hi Furious Francis! I’m a huge fan of your site)!

  3. And I though the air raid siren sound where coming from the TV that I was playing xcom.

  4. Pachter speaking possitivly about Nintendo? What next?

    On a serious note though, Nintendo definatly dominates Handhelds, especially with how well the 3DS is progressing and it’s line-up for the rest of the year.

  5. How can an Analyst that is wrong most of the time keep being an Analyst? You would figure that if a weatherman kept saying it was going to snow in the middle of summer and it never happened then he would lose his job or people would stop listening. When is the last time Nintendo released a hardware system that failed? Virtual Boy.

      1. I love the micro, it was a very bad idea to toss it out at the tail end of the gameboy advance’s life, but that didn’t stop me from getting it for my birthday!

    1. But weathermen have technology that can predict day-to-day weather. He makes analyses based on what the situation looks like at that time with his limited knowledge (limited because he doesn’t KNOW the future, doesn’t know everything devs are making, etc.).

      We rarely hear about any other analysts because this guy is “famed,” has his own TV show, and says controversial things. He also gets hits. But his predictions are good.

      You can’t logically and impartially say that Nintendo won’t have a failed system because they’re Nintendo. That’s completely biased and is failed logic that ends up failing later.

      When the 3DS had abysmal sales, terrible game line-up, only first-party games were ports of N64 games, and had a gimmicky draw, of course it looked to EVERYONE like it was gonna fail. It’s similar to how the Wii U looked before E3.

      1. I have confidence that Nintendo will turn the Wii U around with or without 3rd party developers. Especially if they are rumored to buy Atlus, then Nintendo would be at the forefront of RPG games. Here is my analyst prediction: by spring 2014( If Smash Bros U and Mario Kart U 8 come out by then) the Wii U will have turned there fortunes around and 3rd party developers will be forced to develop for the Wii U due to numbers that the PS4 and X-Box one won’t have right away.

  6. i don’t know how to react to this
    so used to bashing him when ever he opens his mouth

    1. Just because your ex-GF/BF says something cute, does NOT mean you get back together with them.

      You broke up with that bitch for a REASON. Don’t be fooled.

  7. Lol i see this right after i was reading a Nintendo is doomed article LOL, They are dominating the handheld market and they are battling it out with Sony in the Console market.

  8. “You’re going to see probably decent sales when you get the next Pokemon, the next Animal Crossing, the next Zelda game on handheld, and the thing that Nintendo has going for them is that you can’t play those games anywhere other than on their platforms.”

    And he’s just realizing this? Because that’s kind of the basic thing that sales stuff.
    Now, exactly why was he proclaiming XBONE’s triumph over Wii U if Wii U has around 20 exclusives and XBONE has 3?

  9. In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the sun will come out tomorrow :)

      1. Actually, the word sky represents an abstract concept, it may refer to the space, to the Earth’s atmosphere or to the visual qualities that comprise any of these, in which case the sky can be described as being blue or black.

  10. This shithole cant make his mind. 3DS has lots of 3rd party support, its only the western devs which dont usually do nothing with handhelds. I remember this loser talkin that there wont be 8th gen consoles from Nintendo,Sony and Microshit, he was proven wrong. He said 3DS fails, he was proven wrong. He said Nintendo handhelds wont have 3rd parties, again he is wrong list goes on and on………………………………………………………………………..! In short this loser dont know what he is talkin about. He doesnt game or anything, he just talks to money hungry suits man all the time. He is nobody talkin shit in this industry, he dont know what it takes to become CEO of video game company that has been makin profit 30 years and fill those giant boots. The only reason why he is “nice” towards Nintendo now is because he tries to stay relevant after all his failed predictions. He is nothing and he knows it. Nintendo FTW.

  11. about time he said something that’s not fucking stupid. well said you useless piece of shit clown analyst.

    1. He’s a human being, we all make mistakes, and besides that was back when the 3DS wasn’t doing to well, many people thought the same thing he did.

      1. A human being makes a few mistakes as I have had the fortune of abducting and conducting experiments on several subjects…

        But what this creatures is doing is tradition…

      2. It’s not just the mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but this guy makes very bold claims and declarations that are absolute by their nature. Rarely does he say something to the effect of “If [x] happens, then Nintendo will be profitable.” His predictions are often just “Nintendo is performing poorly now, so it will always perform poorly.”

      3. Yeah! People should not be copping and attitude without knowing the situation, right?!

        judgmental fuckers! I’ll see you all soon!

      4. An analyst job is to anticipate changes in market, not give out minute projections.
        Just with the history of DS and Wii this change was to be expected.

    1. The last time I saw someone shoot lightning bolts, it was a Sith Lord… Which makes you one of the most evil fuckers kids have ever been fooled into loving! D:<

        1. Gooood.. GOOOOD.. Strike me down with your hatred!
          Then your journey to the dark side will be complete!!

          (Vader…pssss…VADER! Get your ass over here and help)

  12. SNOWCONES! Get your snowcones here!
    Get’em while they’re cold! Given the torturous temperatures around here, this snow cone sale won’t last long!

      1. Um… I’ve got rotting souls, burnt flesh and bird carcass… But the point is IT’S COLD!!! :D

        1. Yay!! Rotting souls for me!! I thought that was a limited time flavor, glad I was wrong!!

  13. He may have finally said something right but it’s been obvious to everyone who has a brain for along time now lol.

  14. True be told, he is not supporting just telling what’s truth and documented…. Nintendo has long held handheld market … Truth.. Price, software, innovation. now if they can get the Wii U to, dominate honestly don’t think what happened with the regular Wii is going to repeat itself what people would accept 6 years ago as far as specs in a home machine is a little different nowadays people want more a least i do kids have grown up and people that move to HD TVs are now use to look good looking movies and they also want a good looking games magical experiences which not sure of what Nintendo can offer, good games yes drop dead graphics with all the bells and whistles I’m not too sure I think it’ll be in the middle for them but eventually 3 DS domination may come to a halt depending on what their next handheld machine is if they learn anything from this generation of home machines the specs of the new handheld will surpass with the PS Vita can do and maybe out of the box but still at a reasonable cost for consumersand I’m talking Nintendo being the ps4 of handhelds

    1. IKR? Patcher ONLY ever reports truth and documented facts! Why does he get so much shit?

  15. They’ve always cominated the handheld market! :)
    I mean Gameboy is one of the most known games consoles, or was like 5 years ago. Pokemon is a massive franchise on handheld, and of course has other fab series like Mario and Zelda!

  16. Damnit! Since the opposite of whatever Pachter says is what actually happens, it looks like Nintendo is doomed in the handheld space and 3DS is their last handheld :(

    1. Greetings! Quick question that’s toallty off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to resolve this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Cheers!

    1. Agreed! That machine prints money! It’s already selling more units than the WiiU!

      1. No, it doesn’t print money.
        And, the Wii U recently out-sold it, so that’s no longer entirely accurate.
        What I meant by that, is that Sony is too stubbornly insistent on keeping it alive until it is profitable for them.
        Sony will find a way to make it so, or they’ll have an epiphany and develop something better, but there’s no way they’ll just toss it aside this late in the game without something to replace it with.XD

        1. Just like the PSP. It was failing at the beginning but has since sold over 76Million units. Sony wont stop supporting the Vita any time soon, a redisign; i see, but any one that thinks Sony will dump it is an idiot.

    2. I don’t think he was saying they’re going to give up on the Vita, he was saying that there won’t be another handheld from Sony to succeed the Vita. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

        1. Well, the PSP was successful. The Vita has had a rough start, but it can find its own success too. There is still plenty of time ahead of it.

          It doesn’t have to sell 3DS numbers to be a success. Still, we’ll see. I can’t assume to know what will happen that far out and I doubt Sony is even thinking about it right now.

          1. Yea the PSP was successful, actually it’s the only successful non-Nintendo handheld so far. In the past there were 13 handhelds going up againts the GameBoy line, all 13 failed. Like i said, suicide…

            1. how is it suicide when their last Handheld succeeded?? The PSP i can see, it was a risk at the time and basically a suicide mission.

  17. The guy’s an idiot. He wants Nintendo to go third-party, but admits their handheld-side of things is their “bread and butter”?

    I could do a better job at predicting what eggs taste better.

  18. This is the same guy that wants Nintendo to drop out of the handheld market because he believes smart phones will overthrow consoles and dedicated gaming handhelds. The 3DS will probably be the best selling system of all time and I don’t have to be an analyst to understand that so of course the 3DS is an amazing machine and will have many successors. I disagree that Sony will drop out of the handheld market. The Vita isn’t entirely flopping right now in Japan and that alone could seal the deal for a successor next gen. Pachter is by far the worst analyst I have ever heard of.

  19. ummmm… guys? being that pachter is almost ALWAYS wrong… what if this is really a reverse trap? maybe he is saying these nice things on PURPOSE, because he has become self aware, and knows that his forecasts are ALWAYS wrong… we need to do a barrel roll :P

  20. I agree that the 3DS (and all Nintendo handhelds) are the best there is, and that Nintendo dominates in the handheld market. But I’ll always prefer the home consoles over a handheld. I hate looking at those tiny screens, and being unable to share the game experience with anyone else.

  21. As soon as Pokemon X and Y come out, 3DS is going to sell out, I think that will be the most popular Pokemon to date.

  22. Pachyderm sings a different tune just about every week. This guy is like Nintendo bi-polar or something… Quite frankly I find him very irrelevant which is why you won’t find any of my posts on my site talking about Pachter. The guy is a moron.

  23. Looks like Microsoft’s 180 attitude has rubbed-off on Pachter.

    He really IS an idiot, isn’t he?

  24. He is such a hippicrit, when Nintendo is in trouble he says shit about them, but when the table turns, hes like “ya i predicted that Nintendo will dominate” just so he keeps himself from looking like a retard, too late though you are what you is

  25. I doubt Vita will exit soon because Sony forced developers to make the Vita work for all PS4 games. In other words, Sony is trying to use PS4 to help with Vita sales. The thing is you have to pay over $500 just to do what Wii U can do for $300.

  26. You don’t have a sense of taste.and making a false rumor against vita.all the nintendo fanboys are envy on vita.because the 3ds really sucks.there’s a lot of blog scattered on the net.making negative impact on make the gamers to be afraid to purchase a make a great quality handheld to satisfy the gamers.but many out there didn’t appreciate the effort of the said company.always relying on the company name the reason the nintendo is the success on gaming industry.but things change.nintendo fan boys.are blind and deaf.and cannot face the truth that there is a company that can make a better handheld and console than we can see vita has more good quality games and the handheld itself.this the reality.the fan boys of nintendo they cannot accept.on my opinion.nintendo is a great company.but for me.their legacy is put an i can see.they only cheating the gamers.the quality of their product and games are not that good.they always relying on their name.always confident that gamers are always confident on their product as a king.but the truth they didn’t care for the gamers.for giving them great satisfaction.sad to say sony’s effort to satisfy the gamers are didn’t notice.because of envy and hate for the a fanboy of nintendo for years.but i feel and i sony want to satisfied the gamers.i didn’t say that we have to hate nintendo.but give a sony a chance to show how they really love the gamers.not making false rumor or dirty gossip.

    1. Zack.. you really are an epic fail. Michael Pachter can be a douche bag at times, but does have a point. The Nintendo 3DS is still dominating the portable market because of blockbuster titles such as Fire Emblem: Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, etc. Do not underestimate Nintendo, Zack fail.

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