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Precursor Games Says It’s Not Giving Up On Shadow Of The Eternals


Despite not reaching its Kickstarter goal, Shadow of the Eternals developer Precursor Games has insisted that it is not giving up on the intriguing title. The developer posted a message on its Kickstarter page saying that it is unfortunate that they weren’t able to achieve their lofty goal of $750,000, but they haven’t given up as they intend to explore other avenues to make sure the game comes into fruition. Shadow of the Eternals is in development for Wii U, PC, and PlayStation 4.

“It is unfortunate that we were unable to crowd-fund this project at this time, but we have not given up. We intend to pursue other avenues with the ultimate goal of having our games come to fruition. Please feel free to migrate over to our Community Forums at, as we will be keeping our forums open for people to enjoy and discuss everything Precursor Games.”

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46 thoughts on “Precursor Games Says It’s Not Giving Up On Shadow Of The Eternals”

  1. I hope Nintendo can step in and fund the rest. Is a few hundred thousand too much to ask for a quality exclusive?

      1. Presumably if Ninty offered to fund it on the condition that it be Wii U exclusive, Platinum wouldn’t say no. Wii U was their first choice anyway. They just want to make their game.

    1. Personally I feel people are only interested because they made the original Eternal Darkness and this supposed “Spiritual sequel” is only hanging on by hype alone…

      Doesn’t our Empire own the Eternal Darkness franchise?…

      1. Silicon Knights own it. But that doesn’t matter, it’s not called ‘Eternal Darkness 2’ for a reason. No one has a copyright on the word eternal.

  2. Im tired of hearin about this game. They just keep beating the dead horse, i mean c´mon how many times have they tried to fund it? They just dont seem to get it that not enough people are interested on it. The only thing they could do is to find publisher who is willing to fund it but i dont believe there is anyone who is interested. WiiU,Ps4 and Pc gamers arent interested to fund it because its not that interesting, there is better games comin to those systems. There is a reason why this game havent got funded and these devs should go in front of mirror and think about it. And besides i havent ever heard about these devs and there is a reason for that as well.(shitty devs=no fame) Ok maybe im too negative but im just fed up to hear about this.

  3. Precusor games, should head over to nintendo and handover marketing and domain control to Ninty of this game. That show of good faith would have nintendo be a producer on Precusor games’ next project. While at it let them get a good lawyer to iron out their image that the tainted with silicon knights; huh more like Dyack should be least of management is my share on the subject.

      1. Exactly my point Nintendo Commander, my reckoning is that most Sonyans would not understand a game such as this. It seems more and more that this is a nintendo centric ip lol.

  4. Please give up, Please Understand, You ask for too much and we dont want to even fund half of it. Bad Kickstarter, Bad Game. GO HOME FUCKERS

  5. i mean its only right to release this game on nintendo because wii u is more inovative this ps4 and PC those systems all your getting is smoother graphics and maybe more particles on screen. i gave money to these guys the least they can do is just release it for wiiU besides the wii u will sell if this game is released.

  6. Precurser games should have just asked for $300,000 to begin with because that is how much money they got the first time. If they did that at least they’d have more money to work with and they still plan to make the game with the money or not.

  7. Come on guys. Call Nintendo and compromise a deal. If the game has to be exclusive for them to fund it, then take the deal and make the game happen.

  8. That’s right, Precursor Games, never give up. Iwata never gave up. Miyamoto never gave up. Oliver Twiddledee, who’s he? You see, you don’t know, because he gave up.

    Seriously, tho’, I believe the game will get support if it shows promise and can offer something innovative like its predecessor, Eternal Darkness.

  9. I find it bizarre that people’s personal vendetta and peculiar fixation with Dyak will ultimately lead to gamers being deprived a wonderful next-generation experience.

    1. And who cares if it is episodic content. Just get the entire package when it goes on sale. Siren: Blood Curse was episodic, but that was a brilliant horror title…

    2. It’s really a shame because this game actually looks good in gameplay videos and seems to have nice story. I hope they can make deal with Nintendo or someone else and this game comes out someday. No matter if it will be PC, Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One exclusive.

  10. Because Shadow of Darkness is also for PS4 they arent giving up on it. If it was exclusive for Wii U, they would have canceled.

  11. I always wondered why it took SO much money just to make a video game? Even with movies it’s totally ridiculous, but more understandable. But games? It’s just a bunch of people sitting in front of their computers and programming, writing, editing, debugging, you get the point. Yes, I’m aware that I sound like a complete retard. But it does make me wonder why it costs SO much?

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