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Check Out These Winged Pikmin At The Red Bull Flugtag 2013

Nintendo of Canada built a Winged Pikmin for Red Bull’s Flugtag event in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada to celebrate the launch of Pikmin 3 for Wii U. Here is a recap video of the Nintendo team’s performance and “flight.” Pikmin 3 for Wii U is available in stores and the Nintendo eShop right now.

19 thoughts on “Check Out These Winged Pikmin At The Red Bull Flugtag 2013”

  1. The vast majority of the gliders made for these events fail (that is half the fun of watching these events). But while it is funny how it just dropped, it is great (and smart) Advert.

    1. Indeed it is. Over here in the Low Countries, we have (or had) this TV show based around crazy home-built vehicles and whilst only a few can reach the goal of their challenge and even fewer can do it in record time, watching the majority of the entries fail in all kinds of glorious ways is where the fun comes in. It’s like the many fail videos on YouTube, only it was invented before YouTube became a thing.

      1. @imposter Aeolus, So you like getting hand jobs from a guys? Well i have nothing against Gays, good on you bro..

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