Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call TGS Trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The game has only been announced for Japan thus far and the developers are aiming for a spring 2014 release on the Nintendo 3DS. The previous game was announced for mobile platforms, but this isn’t the case with Curtain Call.


        1. In Japan. The version that send final fantasy to top franchise in the Americas and Europe was final fantasy 6 alias final fantasy 3.

          1. No, the best selling FF game to date is still FF7, when it made its transition to PS1. Thats when the Popularity off Final Fantasy Series skyrocket’d.

            Wow Voice, you’re falling off little homie.

            1. How did I fail? Never said wich one was best but wich one got America into RPGs and the snes version of final fantasy paved the way for final fantasy 7 stardom.

          2. That’s just because it came to the west, I’m sure that if previous titles have made it here they would be as popular as they were when they decided to send FF7 here.

    1. The game is pretty fun and entertaining, I got my copy for 14.99 off bestbuy’s deal of the day. Honestly though, i dont think its worth any more than $20.

  1. As much as i liked Theatrhythm FF, im a little bit pissed off that they dont bring FFXV to WiiU. Im not gonna bother with this rhythm shit anymore.

    1. You dont care because you dont have resources to buy it. But since you can afford internet i think its nice that you give these speeches since you are all but talk.

        1. Slave? Give me a break! You are the one who is slave, you are all the time on this site ´cause you dont have nothing else going on, heck you dont even have WiiU. You are just talk nothing more, just words behind the 4 walls.

  2. I don’t get Square Enix.You don’t bother release an actual FF game to Nintendo consoles but you feel the need to give us all this weird spin off FF games?Why?I did like Theatrythm don’t get me wrong I just don’t get what they are thinking.

  3. Yay! A new Theatrhythm! Though… if anywhere outside Japan gets this it’ll be really awkward, since no one else got Type-0. lol

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