Wii U And Wii Versions Of Young Justice: Legacy Have Been Canceled


The developers behind Young Justice: Legacy have announced via Facebook that they have decided to cancel the Wii U and Wii versions of the game. The company says that the decision was made based on a lack of retailer support and overall quality issues. However, the game is still coming out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Nintendo 3DS.

Based on several factors we’ve had to cancel the Wii and Wii-U versions of Young Justice: Legacy.

We regret that this decision will prevent some fans from playing the game and the finding out what happens in the story. There were a number of reasons ranging from quality issues to lack of retailer support, but know that we didn’t make this decision lightly. We are a fairly new company, and unfortunately both of these platforms presented challenges we couldn’t overcome.

Please accept our sincere apology.

We look forward to delivering the Xbox360, PS3, 3DS, and Steam versions in less than a month.

Thanks, Maanwel


      1. From a business point it makes sense but does it? Would you want to alienate the 100 million+ owners of the wii.

      2. Most of those 100 million+ owners don’t even use their Wii’s anymore (if they even still own it).

        Either way, if they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t do it. *shrug*

  1. I sold my Wii U recently, going to use the money for future 3DS games.
    I think i’m done with console gaming for awhile, I barely play console games anymore anyways because of my busy schedule (working college student). My 3DS gets all the love though, I love playing a good handheld game at night laying in bed after a long day.
    Looks like no Wii U for me this gen, or PS4, or Xbone(wasn’t going to get this one either way).

      1. If you are trying to add 4 pizzas and 2 women… you either haven’t dealt with women… or you like 2 women who will eat 4 pizzas.

        Nothing wrong with chasing chubby… just own it.

  2. Didn’t know a lot about this game but canceling a game for Wii and Wii U let me think Nintendo is doing something wrong.
    And sickr, you’re welcome ;-)

    1. I think Nintendo is doing a somewhat good job trying to do what they can to boost sales and also to inform people on what the Wii U is. Most developers have received the Dev Kits, or whatever they’re called, before the Wii U came out and some have said they barely even touched it, if they even did at all; I think Bethesda was one such developer if I’m not mistaken.

      So when it comes to third party support, I don’t think it’s fair to blame Nintendo for all of it. Yes, Nintendo did fail to secure a strong 3rd party present from the get-go, but I it’s not like they aren’t doing anything to remedy the situation.

      As far as this game goes, I don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t look like the type of game I would be interested in. Also, I can understand the problem with with retailer support, but then they go and say “quality issues” but still release it on current gen and even on the 3DS. Now, I’m no game developer and know nothing on the subject, but that statement puzzles me.

      It’s not that big of a deal…but I’d rather they just say “It’s not a wise choice because we feel that the fanbase isn’t really there, so we’re going to focus our time where it’ll be best spent.” I prefer the honest truth.

      Sorry for the essay; I’m done.

      1. Thank you. I was worried that I may have come off as a little rude or something.

  3. Wii version – They couldn’t do what they wanted with the tech.
    Wii U version – They couldn’t get the SALES they wanted with the install base.

    1. Remember Aliens Colonial Marines? Both that game and this game were cancelled for the same reasons. Ignore this and save your money for Assassin’s Creed IV and Call of Duty Ghosts.

  4. Third parties jumping from the Wii U ship left and right. Too bad they don’t realize even the PS4 and XBone will have trouble selling after launch just like every other console in history (Though not as bad as Wii U dropped, obviously).

    1. This game (which already looked bad from the start) has been going through a load of development problems. It’s not going to be on next-gen, so that’s irrelevant to the topic.

      This is just one of the few isolated cases where a multiplatform game has had to be canned for a Nintendo platform.

  5. “I want the Wii U to succeed but I don’t want to release my games on it”

    – most game developers.

    It’s decided. The Wii U has lost the console wars and the PS4 reigns superior!
    HOWEVER it is still good to get a Wii U since it offers great first-party exclusives and an unique experience not found on other consoles.
    Anyway the final verdict is:
    – Buy Wii U for awesome first-party games (and the very very very few third party exclusives like Bayonetta 2)
    – Buy PS4 for everything else.

    1. Remember Aliens Colonial Marines? Both that game and this game were cancelled for the same reasons. Ignore this and save your money for Assassin’s Creed IV and Call of Duty Ghosts.

    2. I love how u declare the Wii U lost after 1 year after the train wreck of the PS3 and 3ds launch, you can no longer define how a console will do after one year. For all you know the Ps4 will be shit in terms of sales and Bayonetta 2 isn’t a third party exclusice, its a second party because Nintendo is publishing it

    3. No. don’t buy the PS4. Buy a Steambox. Will be better in the long run. PS4 will have a shitload of issues.

  6. This makes me worry about the quality of the title in all the platforms. In short I smell another Alien Colonial Marines.

    1. Ummm…are you expecting this to be a good game in the first place? Have you seen it’s awful trailers? The only Superhero games that have ever actually been “good” are the Batman Arkham games, “some” of the Spider-man games, X-men Legends(Ultimate Alliance), X-men Next Dimension and lastly, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. All the other THOUSANDS of super hero games have SUCKED. Chances are this one will too.

      Oh and Injustice, some of the LEGO games and Wonderful 101 are decent.

  7. This game was still in development? Damn the shows been gone for nearly a year…God I miss that show…God I miss Teen Titans…and green lantern….SCREW U CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!

  8. I don’t care as I would never buy this game, but this obviously is quite the black eye for this company to wear.

  9. I don’t care because up until now I didn’t even know about this game’s existence.


    IF (NOTICE THE *IF*) “quality issues” is meant in a “hardware limitations” way then I’d call this bullshit.

    A 3DS which’s scrapyard hardware is barely matching a PS2 could run it but a Wii couldn’t (let alone Wii U)?

  10. A game that had no prior details about its existence before this announcement… yeah I’m literally @hitting my pants right now.

  11. This game is going to suck anyway… They canceled it because the knew it would sell badly on the Wii U…problem is, they still don’t know it’s gonna sell badly on EVERY other console lol! Jokes on them! HAHAHAHA!!!

  12. I’d be surprised if this game wasn’t utterly dreadful anyway, It’s not like Wii U owners are missing out on Projects Cars or anything like that…

    Really, who cares about this?

  13. Lol Nintendo fans damage controlling as usual. A game must suck if its not coming to Wii u right? And a little side note. I bet if the Arkham Orgins online was exclusive to Wii u, then none of you would be complaining that it sucked. Instead, you would be boosting about how you and your friends play online everyday and oh another great reason to own a Wii u lol And lets not forget the classic ”The WIi U is the best version of the game!” because no matter how many features are cut from the Wiiu version, it will always be the best in your guys opinion. And before I get called any kind of fanboy, let it be noted that I own both a Wii u and a 3ds. I’m an all around gamer just expression my opinion of the Nintendo community

    1. I’m not saying this game sucks because it’s not coming to Wii U. I’m saying it probably sucks because it cancelled two different platforms really late in the game, is made by a bunch of nobodies and has gone completely uncelebrated to this point.

      I’d love it to be some sleeper hit but really, who is expecting that? Good developers don’t cut ports at the last minute.

    2. Ignoring the same goes for Sony ponies and Xbots. Ignoring the GamePad is a gimmick at all excited about Vita and Tablet and ain’t better than GamePad.

  14. What a bunch of lazy developers. If they can launch a version for 3ds, they can use the same version for the Wii. If they can launch a version for PS3, they can use the same version for the WiiU. Lame excuses

  15. If it was a game that anyone cared about then people would be p***ed off. Like SC II, people were p***ed off about that not coming to Wii U, nobody was saying “Oh it’ll suck anyway”…

    So retarded fanboy logic doesn’t apply here.

  16. This is the first I’ve heard of this game?

    Why is it Shin’en, an indie dev,don’t have trouble with the system. Guess the devs behind this game just aren’t smart enough.

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