Nintendo Slashes Cost Of Nintendo Land In Half, From $59.99 To $29.99


As one of several holiday shopping specials rolled out by Nintendo on November 1st, the likes of which include a free download of Wii Fit U and the introduction of Mario and Luigi Wii Remotes, the company has also cut the cost of its flagship Wii U game, Nintendo Land, from $59.99 to $29.99. In a press release, Nintendo of America announced the permanent new price for the game in the United States, but no word has arrived yet about whether or not they plan on initiating the same price drop in Europe. Here are some details from the press release:

“Nintendo has the best deals for the holiday season, and four of them kick off today. Nov. 1 marks the day consumers can find a lower price for Nintendo Land, a new Wii U hardware bundle, cool new accessories and a free trial for one of the most popular exercise franchises in video game history. These deals represent one of the many ways that Nintendo is bringing value and variety to consumers.

New Price For Nintendo Land: Nintendo has dropped the suggested retail price of the Nintendo Land game for the Wii U console. Nintendo Land is now available in stores and in the Nintendo eShop at a suggested retail price of $29.99, down from the original suggested retail price of $59.99.”


    1. Nothing can save Nintendo now hhwhahahahahahahahahhahaha, online, people said, give us online in that game, Nintendo said “No”, well, now people are saying “no” to the Nintendo, and not buying their consoles, fuck you, nintendo

          1. Nintendo takes a giant shit on they’re fans all the time i mean look at swap note EVERYONE got penalized for it just for a few nintenkids that wanted to be idiots. Lol not even the die hard would kill themselves for Nintendo fanboys could have defended Nintendo’s decision with that lmao

            1. Well I don’t…

              It was a retarded decision that didn’t even warn us…

              I love Nintendo but I HATE that they want to meddle in the affairs of what people should decide for themselves…

              The Parental Control is basically useless if they shut down features like this just because of some idiots…

              1. Well get use to more retarded decisions by nintendo. You fanboys on this site keep defending a company that can care less about you lol what a shame and most of you are too blind, and stuck in fanboy land to to see they DON’T care about you fanboys


            2. Yup cause majority of the Nintendo fans just accepts anything from Dumbtendi. That’s why the compony is in the fix as they are now. Why you think they arguedwith me about wby Dumbtendo Land don’t need a CPU player or online?

  1. an obvious move with packs.that dont include this game no one would buy a party game for that price in addition if you did not own a wii you would need to buy new controllers so. . . thought it is REALLY FUN it wasnt profitable for 59€
    so yeah smart move

  2. Mario Chase is utter shite. Luigi’s Mansion and the Zelda game are good. There’s as many duds as good games in Nintendo Land.

    1. yeah spread the hate be a fanboy without brain insult what other people like and then cry if they insult wiiu For stupid nintendrones like you people think that nintendo fans are stupid. I am a nintendo fun and i dont need to insult xbox you droneposserfaggot stop makin people think that we are childish amd asshole.

  3. Will this price drop really make a difference now? They should have launched this game at $30 to begin with..

  4. I love Nintendo but they act like there is such a huge demand for the Wii U. I’m sorry, they totally miscalculated the market and thought people would flock out to buy the Wii U like they did the Wii…Aww the hell with it, i hate to see them go down like this…



  6. Dumbtendo should have never charged that much to begin with. You need friends just to play alllll the games since they were too dumb not to allow you to play with the CPU. So if you ain’t got your everyday friends over you Cavan play like 25/100 of the game yet still charge you $60 for games you can’t play which was stupid too.

  7. that game should have never been full price in the first place. they keep thinking their games are so high quality that the price should remain high for years. when it’s the exact opposite.

  8. Do people really hate this game so much? Even with the games that are coming soon and things out like W101, this is one of my favorite games. It really is fantastic, I do wish they would expand it with more games and maybe online though.

    1. It should have always been that price. It was never worth 60 dollars. I bought mine used at Gamestop for only $7.45 (like new).

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