Wii U 32GB Mario And Luigi Premium Pack Already Reduced To £199


UK online retailer Play via Shopto is currently selling the 32GB New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Premium Wii U pack for £199.99. The special Mario themed bundle only launched recently and it seems as though UK retailers are already trying to get rid of stock. The bundle normally retails for £249.99, so if you’re in the mood to pick up a Wii U then this bundle is certainly more than worth it.

Update: Several people have contacted to say it’s a one day deal.



    1. Yeah, they’ll still be slow progression, casual/toddler appealing, lazy gimmick pursuing, traditionalist, hardly any MMO in freaking 2013, 3rd party dropper, less multiplatform, egotist, baby censored shit. But at least they’ll be the ones profiting.


  1. If only I didn’t have to buy Christmas presents for my family and birthday presents for two of them this month… If this deal was on a month ago, I would buy it straight away.


  2. Do you vet anything you post or do you just try to be first to post any news you find….. makes this site appear to be amateur… use to luv this site… now I rarely check it


  3. And so, misinformation runs again!

    Play aren’t a retailer themselves, anymore. Just a Marketplace.
    It’s ShopTo selling the bundle at that price.
    It’s one of their Mega Monday deals, so it’s a one-day deal, not a permanent price change.

    Any chance of the article being rectified with this new information?


      1. Cut off my post there, annoyingly.

        I’d word it “ShopTo via Play” as that’s be the right way round to have it.


  4. darkgamer001 is damn right!!!
    That is really something I see here – always they look for the negativ Articles. They talk about how much COD sold on WiiU and just take the information from the UK (where we now already know that the wiiu has some problems) But what is with US? What is with the rest of europe??

    From time to time I get really bored about the kind of “news” here…


    1. yep, all gloom and doom to get the nintendo base riled up and keep checking the site for updates. Ive branched out to a number of nintendo news sites given the slant to a number of these articles… only check this one so often now..


  5. “it seems as though UK retailers are already trying to get rid od stock.”

    I think after such trolling speculation that I will not be checking this site anymore for news.


  6. This is funny, because this bundle is sold out at most retailers in the US, it’s also proof of the dieing market for Nintendo in the UK. Nintendo have shot themselves in the foot with the Wii U and how well they dropped the ball in advertising the Wii U and releasing games for it. Most people in the UK only want FIFA XX and anything on the 360. This isn’t news!


    1. All it shows is that to sell a console in Europe, how important it is to have a decent football game.

      Like I said before it would be a smart move to bring football manager to the Wii U. The GamePad would make it work on the system and also Miiverse integration would work very well.

      Or even try to bring back Sega Sports, EA boycotting the Wii U is a big blow as basically EA own sports games as far as consoles go.


  7. I’ve been waiting all this time for a new color of Wii U to be released, and it looks like Nintendo has screwed 2 of my Christmas’ with no Wii U to play. Oh well. I’m more of a retro game collector now than a gamer anyways (since there’s nobody to play with).

    It will be a shame if the Wii U gets cancelled/recalled even before a new color comes out, and before I ever got a chance to play a single Wii U game. : /


  8. I love how a store has a sale (which will be happening as we move towards Christmas) and it’s reported they are already clearing stock because PS4 and Xbone are coming! Get over it. Production of the Wii U is not stopping and units are now selling as bigger games are coming out! After this report they update to say it’s a one day sale. A little research would have been good before the doom and gloom bs article was written!


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