Capcom Launches “Duckstep” Trailer For DuckTales Remastered’s Retail Release

Capcom has released a new trailer for DuckTales Remastered to celebrate the game’s retail release. And if there was ever a shred of doubt in your mind that Scrooge McDuck couldn’t handle the beat of dubstep, then you’ll want to watch this. The trailer features the Scottish duck in a new dance craze, showing off his newest and boldest moves in the aptly named “duckstep”.

DuckTales Remastered was released digitally back in August, but after some consideration Capcom made the decision to physically release the game in North America. For those of you who were waiting to get your hands on the Wii U edition, you’ll be able to purchase it with an exclusive DuckTales pin from Target stores.


    1. WTF did I just watch. I understand not knowing anything about pokemon, I understand not knowing anything about LOTR, but not knowing anything about both makes no sense for someone I assume has to be a nerd to have gotten that far.

  1. I don’t care anything about DuckTales (the cartoon). But strictly for the nostalgia of the NES version (and the fact that I want to show my support for this physical copy release) I’m buying this.

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