Sony: We Need Nintendo To Be “Very Successful”


President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has told IGN that his company needs Nintendo to thrive for the sake of the video game industry. In order to preserve traditional gaming – via dedicated controllers with actual buttons and analog sticks – the executive suggests that Nintendo and Sony must coexist in a world where touch-based gaming by way of smartphones and tablets continues to gain popularity. Yoshida, who owns two Wii U consoles, classifies both firms as being in the same category and not as direct competitors.

Yoshida: “Well I have two Wii Us. I play Wii U games with my daughters, because they make pretty fun family friendly games.

“I think success or making mistakes depends on how you set your goal. I don’t know what was Nintendo’s goal when they launched Wii U. To me, it was a bit confusing because what they do really well was create some very safe environment for anyone, especially children to enjoy games like induct those people who have never played games ever to become gamers. And they always do very well.

“To me, what they have made with Wii U was continuing what they were doing well. But the messaging when they were saying ‘we are for core gamers’ was a bit confusing. But this year I think they slightly changed their messaging, and it seems to me like they are coming back to where they are focused.

“When you look at the situation around Nintendo that way, do you characterize Nintendo as our competition? I think in the bigger scale of things happening in the industry or tech or people’s lives, how they play games on what device, and how they start to learn to play games, I think Nintendo and us are pretty much in the same group, and we need Nintendo to be very successful to help induct as many consumers who like to play games with controllers, right?”


    1. It’s easy to understand. Where else are Sony going to get their ideas to copy and rob? Look at PS Move for example, Nintendo creates the remote, Sony copy it, Nintendo gets the casuals interested in gaming and Sony try to steal part of their audience away.

      Read that story and that’s only 1 example. Sony have no respect. They’re a leech living off Nintendo, always have been, always will be. Without Nintendo as their host they’d die. Fact!

        1. Don’t you mean douse it with gasoline and then lights it with a match so the whole tree burns down ;).

        2. Nintendo extended an olive branch to the gaming industry in the form of the Wii, the companies bit the bullet instead and wasted all their money on the PS3/xbone in hd development and died out.

      1. The Move was in development long before, from as early as the year 2000 (see “Magic Wand”), and was even shown at tech events at that time.

        If anything, Nintendo “copied” the idea and brought it to the market first. Sony saw Nintendo’s success and finally decided to produce their product. Nintendo successfully marketed and popularized motion gaming and Sony decided too late that they wanted to join in with their product resulting in a general failure.

        1. It’s surprising because the Move had far more better games that most of the Kinect games and the Move was more accurate than both the Wii Remote and Kinect.

          1. Yeah. Sony was just stupid and waited too long to bring their item to the public and when they finally did, they barely marketed the thing.

            Nintendo’s Wii was already wildly popular and Microsoft was spending tons of money on Kinect’s marketing.

          2. Move was horrible, it had all this promise, but never came through on any of the games I played. The movement on Wii Sports with the regular Wiimote was way more natural.

            And actually talking to the company Gyration (I have no affiliation with them) at a show, Sony had no tech in development. They didn’t even think Motion controls would work or was sellable with a system, and then they went to Nintendo. I don’t understand where this rumor came out about something else happening.
            But either way, Nintendo themselves back in 1998 had accelerometer in a Kirby game.

        2. Do you really think Nintendo hasn’t already prototyped dozens if not hundreds of devices? Expenses are focused on research.

        3. Actually you’re wrong on that. Mattel was the FIRST to introduce motion controls to gaming when they made the Power Glove for the NES. So if Nintendo ” copied ” or borrowed an idea from anyone it was Mattel not Sony

        4. And Nintendo’s had their own shit in development far longer than anyone else.Remember the power glove? Nintendo made the first d-pad, the first modern controller, the first analog stick, they made the dual screen+ touch machine they’ve always pioneered in gaming hardware

          The Wii Remote+ uses IR technology, the Move use light. Wii Mote+ is far more accurate to boot

        5. Read up on Nintendo history… ‘Project Reality – 1995’, before you assume Sony to be so far ahead… If Sony were ahead in the development of the technology there is no plausible reason that they deliver their tech second… Nintendo have always been the innovators, it’s just a fact!

      2. Yet he pretty much praised the Wii U and they only said the PlayStation Move is far better than the Wii’s motion controls, which in my opinion are better on the PS Move. Typical butthurt fanboy.

        I like Nintendo but fans like you make it hard to even enjoy some of Nintendo’s classics…

        1. The move doesnt have the proper button interface nor is its motion controls as precise as the Wii Mote+ with the gyroscope and IR interface

        1. But Pac Man Vs. came out on the Gamecube…and a few other games including various iterations of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, one of which had complete remote play that you pass back and forth between DS and Wii. Either way, I believe Sega was the first with the Dreamcast.

        2. And a dumb comment from a dumb troll such as yourself. ” Remote Play ” as you clowns call it already existed between the Gamecube and the Game Boy Advance…FACT LOL

      3. Wow, I am a Nintendo fan too, but this is what happens in the buisness world. Companies thrive on each other. Nintendo has copied sony in the past as well. Dual stick controller? Disc based games? All from sony. Besides anybody who loves video games usually owns a Nintendo system and a Sony system.

        1. Your statement is incorrect rangersfan65555… Nintendo didn’t copy the dual stick system, and the switch to CD was initially broached in a Sony/Nintendo CD collaboration that fell by the wayside in the 90’s, and mostly likely spawned the PS1… Changes in storage media should be excluded from these types of conversation…

      4. Not what he said. He said that Nintendo serves the function of bringing in new gamers, as Nintendo games tend to be inviting, non-threatening, and kid-friendly, and expanding an industry’s consumer base is good for the entire industry.

        1. Yeah, Kaz seems like a smart business man, despite the layoffs in his company and closing down the studio that did Wipeout :(.

      5. Motion controllers were coming whether Nintendo created the Wii or not, it’s an incredibly basic premise when it comes down to it. They took a basic idea and made it their own, that’s how the gaming industry works. If a game is successful, other developers will do polls and figure out why it did well, then copy that into their ideas. Nintendo can only do so much with Wii-motes, and Sony provides a second viewpoint on the concept which I think the gaming needs. No single company can satisfy every gamer.

      6. Well if nintendo is going to be retarded and only release mario after mario after mario, and maybe a lugi they will end up losing their audience after a while.

      7. Damn man calm down. You sure are up Nintendo’s ass. Like nintendo never copied anything. That is the point of businesses to get what is already made and improve it. Like saying Nintendo copied Atari by making a game console. Chill out and enjoy that two gaming companies are getting along.

      8. Who would have thought that someone with “link2metroid” as their name would be such an obvious Nintendo fanboy prone to writing utter shit about a ‘rival’ company.

      9. It is a known fact that Sony Play Station would not exist without Nintendo. Back in the mid-late 90s Nintendo was working with Sony on a Cd rom gaming project. But then Nintendo broke contract and abandoned the project for unknown reasons. Sony continued on and thus… Sony Playstaion was born. And that is the real facts behind the Sony Play Station.

      10. Well everyone copied the DS. No one expected touchscreen handheld to take off. But now you can’t get away from it.

      11. Dude, everyone copies everyone in the gaming industry.
        They just “improve” on the previous ideas of others. It’s called competition. Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 is just an improvement on the Nintendo Wii’s sensor bar, which copied the base idea behind the Eyetoy for Sony’s PlayStation 2 back in the day.

        Nintendo’s core line of game series have always been kid friendly, even back in 1985 with the original NES. For this reason, as gathered from the article above, Nintendo will always sell well, particularly to the younger generations. This, in turn, turns more people onto gaming in general, getting BOTH Sony and Nintendo customers.

        There is no reason to stay with just one brand, just one console. Gaming is gaming, opinions are opinions, and facts are statistics and numbers.

        You sir, are a fanboy, not a gamer.

        1. You sir have presented your information in entirely the wrong order… Sony Eye Toy to Microsoft Kinect, yes… Wii tech is not in that line…

    2. It’s pretty simple, actually.
      Nintendo is the company that introduces kids to gaming the best. If Nintendo fails at getting kids into gaming, there will eventually be fewer gamers, meaning fewer sales for Sony.

  1. This is true, they need competition! Now, why can’t Sony and Nintendo fans stop this fricking fan war, Microsoft go f*ck themself together with all irritating fanboys, and we can just have a good time playing games?

    If just everyone in this industry was thus mature.

  2. He’s just saying video games are like cigarettes. Tobacco ompanies need “flavored” cigarettes to hook youth on the product, then they’re customers for life!

    He needs Nintendo to recruit the next generation of addicts for him, or he’s out of business.

  3. All I see in these comments are

    “I agree but I don’t understand his statement, but I agree!”

    What a bunch idiots.

      1. Believe it or not, most Nintendo owners own both a Nintendo console and a Sony/MS console. Seeing shuhei say these type of things actually warms my heart, makes me feel like he finaly forgave Nintendo. :)

        1. Actually, I’m a Nintendo fan myself and I own a PSP AND an Xbox 360. I thought it was weird to have all these different consoles, but reading this article made me think otherwise.

          1. well myself I own a Wii, DS, 3DS, (GBC, PSPgo, yes I still keep these around) PS Vita, PS3, and a 360. Above it all, I will always call myself a Nintendo fan first. Your comment basically proves my point though, the majority of Nintendo owner own other consoles, not just the one and I really cant say that for those that are just Sony or MS fans that only stick to that one console. I know its a bit weird to own a lot of systems, specially if you aren’t financially stable, but to deprive yourself of an amazing game just because its on a different platform is just silly.

            Ive mention this before, I purchase my 360 for ONLY Tales of Vesperia, because it was the only way for me to play it, but since that time, ive played, the Gears series, Fable 2&3, Alan Wake, Blue Dragon, Last Remnant, and a couple other indie titles not available on PS3 or Wii and have no regrets.

  4. Shuhei Yoshida is pretty much my favourite person of the gaming industry. He seems to be such a nice man and in his interviews, he doesn’t do PR talk, he does real talk and expresses is own opinion, all naturally and casually. Also gotta love his Twitter, he actually takes the time to answer people’s questions about all kinds of things concerning anything Playstation.
    I’ve actually watched the interview, enjoyed it a lot.

  5. Okay,If sony themselves is telling people to buy a wii u, you should probably go do that. If the people who make the freaking PS4 and PS3 are tellling you to buy a Wii U, you have no freaking excuse. I now have a deeper respect for Sony. HUUZAH!

  6. Why doesn’t Soy and Nintendo team up and make the ULTIMATE CONSOLE! Both Sony and Nintendo exclusives all in one place. Microsoft would literally explode.

    1. Years ago, I probably hated the idea, but honestly it doesn’t sound bad now. Putting Nintendo and Sony’s strengths together would be cool.

    2. they tried that before but somewhere along the way nintendo turned down sony and thus, the birth of the first of playstation. -.-

      1. “The console’s origins date back to 1988 where it was originally a joint project between Nintendo and Sony to create a CD-ROM for the Super Famicom.[14] The PlayStation made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991 when Sony revealed its console, a Super Famicom with a built-in CD-ROM drive (that incorporated Green Book technology or CDi). However, a day after the announcement at CES, Nintendo announced that it would be breaking its partnership with Sony, opting to go with Philips instead but using the same technology.[15] The deal was broken by Nintendo after they were unable to come to an agreement on how revenue would be split between the two companies.[citation needed] The breaking of the partnership infuriated Sony President Norio Ohga, who responded by appointing Kutaragi with the responsibility of developing of the PlayStation project to rival Nintendo.[15]”

        1. I think SEGA was involved somehow as well, at least when it came to developing the hardware for the PS1, and for some reason Sony took all the best ideas and made the PS1 where as sega was left with left overs and made the Saturn. In other words, the PS1 is actually a Sega console by origin. At least that’s what I heard via DYKG

          1. That’s kind of right and wrong at the same time. When Nintendo snuffed Sony, Sony went to SEGA of America with the whole ‘you don’t like him, I don’t like him, so let’s work together to take him out,” approach. It actually went really well. But when word got to SEGA of Japan, they told Sony to get out saying their dumb and that they don’t know how to make hardware. And so, with Sony essentially betrayed twice, they made the PlayStation division and the rest is history.

      2. Sony wanted all the rights to their properties that were made using discs.

        So they ran off with Nintendo’s third party developers

    3. I would only agree with this if another, very strong competitor stepped into the ring to fill one of the voids left by such a merger.
      Much as I’d like to see Sony and Nintendo get together for something like that, such a merger, if it happened, might just end up putting Micro down for the count in the gaming business.
      And we do NOT need a monopoly, ya know?

      1. yes, and i think a merger like that won’t work since the 2 companies have a different way on how to handle things. some sony IPs or nintendo IPs might get drastic changes and might ruin the games.

    4. I think that’s the smartest idea, and honestly, next generation, might be the best way to go.
      Nintendo are basically a mega-publisher, they have sooooo many ties to so many IP’s, and that’s their business, but Nintendo excel at software and their handheld division, while Sony succeed at home consoles ect.

      A Sony/Nintendo merging with a Sony style console and Nintendo style handheld, and games from all their first parties on both systems would just be unbeatable.

      1. This, if i think of Xbox i think of shooters and kinect crap.
        If I think about PlayStation I can come up with some games i’m jealous of like Little big planet, Modnation racers. There was a time that I was looking really deep into PlayStation but I still found it to expensive to keep getting games for it next to another console. (Wii at the time) Also almost got a Vita but only because you got one for €200 and got like ten games for free with it :-P ). But looking exclusive wise Nintendo will always be my favorite

      2. Yes, some less than others, but I didn’t want to start flame wars.
        Microsoft is more like a parasite on the industry.

  7. Yeah whatever >_>

    The only reason why they’re saying that is so all the hate goes towards them and not Sony, based from the headline I read.




    1. One can respect these words – as a gamer, we are most pleased to hear of Sony’s honourable mindset towards an opponent such as Nintendo…many others could learn from this individuals example!




        thr things a cheap mess aint even level and the plastics god darn awful ITS DESIGNED AS IF SONY KNOW ITS A FAIL



  9. Wow… My opinion of Sony has changed, perhaps Sony isn’t the true enemy. MICROSOFT IS!!! ha no just kidding, in all serious, I am happy to see that at least rivals can still coexist, I still will love Nintendo above all else, but this has made Sony more appealing to me thanks to his statements

  10. Hi everyone and I am Nikholi and I am Gamer also I am pretty big on twitter when it comes to Gaming media. Now I just read this article and it sounds like Sony is really giving a lot of credit and respect to Nintendo. Now the history of the Playstation begins in 1988 when Sony and Nintendo were working together to develop the Super Disc. Here is my source for the information I do not believe that Sony is trying to put out a front just to look good. Nintendo and Sony do have a history together and I think most of you should check it out if you don’t know about the two and the fact that these two companies was going to work together.

  11. Since I always own the Nintendo and Sony consoles (Yes, I already have a Wii U and pre-ordered a PS4) I can only agree with Shu <3

  12. he should have said Nintendo needs to start catering to actual gamers and stop catering to fucking kids and their moms.

  13. He probably said that to strengthen the image people have of Nintendo, the image of a casual family video games company…
    Anyway, Nintendo and Sony are long-time “rivals”, but it doesn’t prevent people from often buying both Nintendo and Sony consoles.

    1. I don’t see at them as big rivals… I see Sony as the most hardcore online guy and Nintendo as the fun guy. Microsoft is just that one kid that tries to be cool but is actually really annoying and tries to outperform the two cool kids and is actually only good in one thing and keeps using that to look better than the other two.

    1. One moment it displays my username, the other moment WordPress displays my nickname. Wonder if I get notifications if I comment with a nick name..

  14. What he’s trying to do is say that Nintendo is only for kids. Yea, they have their kiddie games, but there are plenty of games that adults can easily enjoy and that children would have a much more difficult time enjoying.

  15. Well Nintendo is the baby games company nowadays with Iwata in charge. Gone are the good days of Nintendo when they used to make a wide variety of games that appealed to the ones who aren’t interested in all the Mario baby and whatnot games. When they had companies like Rare and the rest of their 2nd party studios. All the games these 2nd party studios would make attracted other 3rd party studios to bring their games to Nintendo systems. The gamecube had more games released in it’s first year than what the Wii U has. Now the one studio they have left who could have done something different(Retro) is put to work on another baby game. If Nintendo only makes baby games the only 3rd party studios who might be interested in making games for the Wii U are the ones that make baby games.

    1. Baby games? Some of those baby games are way harder than any of your mature games. Rediculous have you played DKCR? That game is tough. A games style is only one part, the gameplay and difficulty is another. If your writing these games off because of style, then I feel bad for u

  16. Interesting coming from the company who entered the ring to get revenge at nintendo, though come to think of it sony is more worried about killing microsoft than nintendo

  17. The ultimate twist would be if Nintendo and Sony team up to make their next console, Playstation U, in order to stop PC/Phone gaming from taking over the industry.

    1. As long as it’s a standard console with a controller, but no gimmicks like the PS Move, Kinect, or Gamepad, then I’m all for it. If they add gimmicks, it should be completely optional and not necessary to play certain games

  18. I’m a Nintendo/Sony fan, so it’s nice to see my two favourite company’s being a good sport to each other.

  19. I see, this guy is one of those people who have *that certain point of view* when it comes to being ‘hardcore’…

  20. Funny. They view Nintendo as a farm. Nintendo creates the gamer, Sony then wants that gamer to come and play on their console once that gamer matures. Kind of like what my company is going through right now. Nintendo needs to put up a patch so those gamers dont leak and feel that they are getting the best of all worlds because they totally can do that above the other 2

    1. That was their plan this generation.

      People are just cant see it yet and are having adverse reactions to the first part of the plan because they only see what is right in front of them

  21. Yeah, I can see that.

    Most people bag on Sony for copying Nintendo, but the way I see it, Sony only popularizes the innovations that Nintendo pioneers. By adapting a lot of what the Wii introduced, Sony (and even Microsoft) essentially validated the Wii’s existence.

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