Xbox One Has Now Outstripped Wii U’s Lifetime Sales In The UK

UK numbers company Chart Track has confirmed that the Xbox One which was released on November 22nd has outstripped the Wii U’s overall lifetime sales in the United Kingdom. The news comes after the company announced that the PlayStation 4 had already outsold Wii U’s life to date figures when it was released on Friday, November 29th. Xbox One sales are now up to the 170,000 mark and Wii U sales in the UK are still around the 150,000 mark after a year on sale.


      1. Yah its soooo freakin’ hard to keep your hopes high when all you hear is a bunch of shit from trolls and loads of bad news from News Sites!

      2. And sickr …i have a question. Why must you -on every artical title- high light the bad? Is it to attract more clicks? Cause flame wars? Call the trolls?
        It’s just a little weird to why you do that…

      3. Because ! Sickr never finished Super Mario Bros on the NES and he is fucking pissed off at life.

      4. So then why stay here and troll on this site? Why do you hate Nintendo? Afraid that they will come back anyways!?

    1. It maters. The fact that the PS4 and Xbox surpassed the Wii U’s first year sales in a matter of days is big news and should be very concerning to any Nintendo fan.

      1. And we are very concerned, it’s just being reminded about it every day is frustrating. At this point everytime a Nintendo fan tries defending his/her company they are bound to get flamed and hated on.

      2. Black Friday is over, Launch days are over. Will people still consistently buy then week after week? I don’t think so. They will suffer the games drought like the Wii U did. And sales will dip till Titan Fall for Xbox One. And till Destiny or Infamous on PS4.

    1. The games are better than the Xbox One games, Dead Rising has lost its charm as it takes itself way too seriously. Ryse is just way too repetitive for my liking, etc.

      Not too say Xbox One is bad, I intend to get one, but from what I’ve played, the Wii U is more worth it

      1. What? I wouldn’t call it that. He said that he wants an Xbox One, but in the end he likes the Wii U more. That’s not damage control, it’s personal taste. If you people keep using that term too often it will lose its meaning and impact, much like the word “racist” has.

      2. lol u learned that from the trolls here…. but those words is being spammed here now…

      3. i disagree with his point, but atm there is really no point of buying an xbox one/ps4 for like what 3 good games (which aren’t available on previous gen) I mean i seriously remember people blasting the wii-u launch lineup for having too many ports of old games.

      4. Wii U has been out a year dude… And really only has 1 game worth playing (SM3DW). XB1 and PS4 arent even a month old. I bet you within a years time they will both have at least 2-3 must have titles. Nintendo is playing it too safe to win if you ask me.

      5. I you count multiplats PS4/XboxOne will have many more must-have titles than that.

  1. Let’s root for the Sonyans until our heavy support arrives…

    As long as we keep the Xbots at bay, we still all have hope…

    1. To be honest i rather wanna see MS in console business, because their exclusives and franchises are better than sonys.

      1. Forza,CrimsonDragoon,KillerInstinct etc. better exclusives and they get most of the 3rd party games that ps4 has too.

  2. “In the UK.”
    When this is titles “In the US (or Japan)”, then we can worry.

    Did Nintendo even sell any WiiU’s in the UK besides Nintendward? We sold, like, 10 units throughout the whole of UK?

    Yeah. Not concerned about this.

    1. Nobody cares about the uk. I mean the Fuxking people still shot themselves when a royal baby is born. Are these the kinds of people we should spend time discussing? No they are the irrelevant fucks who haven’t produced a single talent since Winston Churchill
      ( I’m Canadian)

      1. Racism? No it’s me making myself look like a fool, but now you look like much more the fool because you don’t know what racism is. Like that other guy said yours is primitive and childish behaviour, and that’s coming from the guy who just wrote that hateful shit

      2. I don’t intend to offend those living in the UK, just point out they don’t buy or support Nintendo products in general. (every so often there is a title that sticks, but it’s rare.)

        Let’s not attack their nationality Ay?! ;)

      3. I think Stevey just needs to tone it back a notch and keep the insults to “Dickstation” and not razz people based on where they were born.

      4. I know but people all over this silly world always think of racism when they insult other countries…

        Primitive behavior that must be eradicated…

      5. * Let’s not attack their nationality Ay buddy*

        lol!!!! The UK kicks ass. It gives any country on Earth a run for its money. Fact.

      6. Sigh….and i promised myself i would never reply to the many fuckwits that exist here but i just couldnt resist replying to the utter bullspit you just typed…..No one since Churchill? Erm fuck dude did you study history including recent? Wtf is canada famous for? Bacon and fucking maple syrup………..oh and Brian adams bwhahahaha mugs. Troll bait to get clicks is so sad!

      7. You’re fucking Canadian? And you disrepect the UK ? lol, that’s rich.

        The only thing I like about Canada is Trailer Park Boys…. THATS IT .
        The UK however is a definite contender for the title of ”Best country on Earth”. James Bond, Led Zep, Aston Martin ?

    2. Given the sales numbers already for both new consoles in the U.S., I expect the same results soon in the U.S. and Japan (at least with Sony) if Nintendo doesn’t find a way to sell more units.

      1. I don’t even pretend to think Nintendo can match console sales this Gen.

        Just looking for Nintendo to stay afloat, learn from their mistakes and come out swingin’ next, next Gen.

      2. I think bringing back the Gamecube persona back to the console would communicate the message “We are rededicating to the gamer. This console will show developers Nintendo’s back to kick some ass.”

        But honestly, just anything without “Wii” will do. Lol.

    3. Hey! Leave me out f this DB !!!!!! :P

      I’ve flown the flag since day 1 and I intend to carry on. I actually know 7 friends who have a Wiiu and they live close to me…

      Nintendo does fine in the UK. The DS and Wii were absolutely HUGE here for example. The DS sold I think 10 million. that’s 1/8 people in the UK had a DS….

  3. As long as the one beats the shut box dickstation that is the brick station 4z as long as the knack box and the dual shit 4 are put in the ground. As long as people are killing zombies not retarded ai in kill zone, nd playing on xbox live not playstation shitwork, then maybe all hope is not lost for the uk. Who cares if Nintendo sells bad! It’s the cool thing to hate on Nintendo now so it really doesn’t affect us, nor Nintendo I mean there still profiting so everyone plz stfu, and insult that thq ass who said nintendos hardware was irrelevant.
    (And to counter the trolls, if sales meant it was irrelevant don’t you think shit would be going down right now? I bought one and the wii u is still selling. Smash bros 2014= still relevant)

    1. u mad?…yeh u mad…’re a fkn loser bro..just as bad as the xbone and ps4 fanboys

      1. If I’m mad what does it matter? Does that make a difference? I think your mad and sad because your playstation sucks ass

      2. oh and yeah i am mad how nintendo lied about appealing to the core, game drought, bad marketing all the bad firmware shit etc etc..ofcourse im mad about that… at least i dont need to act like a retard regarding other platforms o.O

  4. Fuck! I don’t care for the ps4 to outsell the wiiu a 1000 to 1 but fuck xbone and his horrible PC like design.

    1. Fuck you you stupid pony the xbox one kicks the shit out of the ps4. The playstation interface looks shitty, you have no features, you have to pay for online now, the controller sucks
      And your games have a lower overall meta critic rating. STFU

      1. And when I say the da4 sucks I mean the battery life, the retarded light, the cheap build quality and just look at your charging cable. LOOK AT IT!
        Seriously sony?

      2. Am I? Seems like I used facts and you responded with insults. Go play knack you homo

      3. No he isnt, Xbox One has better games than Ps4, seriously im gonna get one for sure, would be good secondary console right next to WiiU. Killer Instinct,Forza and CrimsonDragoon are all must haves. What Ps4 has? LOL Knack snack.

      4. Forza? Yeah have fun with that Micro Transaction riddled (beautiful, cause it does look nice) piece of turd.

      5. The king of mediocre platformers, shitty GTA clones, and a less than decent adventure series.

      6. Im not a Sony pony lol actually I am Nintendo most rabid fan. But if Nintendo is going to be outsell it should be by a actuall console that’s more to gaming than PC.

    1. good nobody gives a fuck. also you retard. sales don’t mean everything. nintedo needs a wake up call and this is it.

      1. isn’t it true?? sales DONT matter and this is the best thing for nintendo. they failed so bad with wii u they sold out to the casuals (hardly surprised) and its better off they learn there lesson. wii u failing is it. I’m hoping its sells like shit because i know that wii u will never get 3rd party anyway. next time nintendo won’t rely on gimmicks instead of a nice console. wii u will be about exclusive hardware, and it has to be like the gamecube where there is a verity and really great games. if nintendo makes it like wii, and keep on giving us only mario and shitty wii fit games, then they will fail all together.

      2. I agree! They need to wake and realize casuals dont care. First of all they need to bring HC ips(F-zero,starFox,Metroid etc.) to WiiU by themselfs and keep releasing those 3-4 years until next gen starts and then bring a more 3rd party favorable console out. Nintendo needs to focus on Nintendo fans, not on casuals, it worked for GC and N64 those things made profit without casuals.

      3. I agree, but I personally hope they keep the Gamepad.

        Dude, I’m playing off-screen ALL the time.
        But yeah, if the next console pretends to be tied to the Wii in any way, be it by Name, power or both, I’m done with console gaming.

  5. yeah the wii u is the biggest fail since the saturn!!!!! nintendo just had to SEL OUT to the casuals yet again with that gamepad!!! see what that fail pad did oh yeah digging your grave, but your stupidity will live on.

    1. Nobody would be saying that if the Wii U was to be successful from the start…

      Everything in this stupid universe is gambling…

    2. The gamepad would have been fine if the entire system would have been marketed properly.

      The Gamepad isn’t sinking WiiU, their shitty marketing strategy, tying it to the Wii and releasing with no 1st party support is killing them.

      1. maybe, the name is what is killing them the most. the gamepad is here you can’t change it…….. they should at least not force it on you though and give you the chance to use pro in every game.

        nintendo failed and they brought it on themselves, but honestly i believe its the best thing for them, maybe they will lean back catering to the core and there loyal fan base they have literally abandoned. only the retarded sheep think they are doing all good.

      2. nintendo doesnt seem to care about their loyal fans…

        a company that states several times they will do everything to appeal to the core fans, then turns their back to the early adopters who have purchased their already under powered wiiu console and then goes on fixing their 3ds for another year…leaving yet another nintendo console with yet another gamedrought.

        something iwata had promised several times wouldn’t happen.

        Then delusional reggie is telling everyone wiiu differentiates from other platforms by having games like zelda windwaker…a gc port is differentiating and unique according to nintendo.

        im a big fan of nintendo but i just dont want them to succeed by turning their back to the wiiu public, releasing ports, and having game droughts.

        they need to learn the hard way.

      3. At some point in time, we all have to learn the head way..including me. ;D

      4. “Nintendo failed” Funny. I don;t remember anyone saying anything like that about the Gamecube.

        The fact is that if you do not accept Wii U, you do not accept Nintendo in general. This is the console that they have given us , and we have no choice but to play it. I will NEVER abandon Nintendo!

        You know how dedicated I am? If someone were to say “Nintendo sucks” to me on the street, I’d murder them in cold blood. And my case in court would be that I was doing my duty as a human being by ridding the world of a monster.


      5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        guys read this. this is exactly what I’m talking about how bad you fanboys are. what the fuck is this!!!! this is just pathetic.

      6. @TheHumbleFellow

        Hey Nintendo drone, I’ll tell you to your face Nintendo fucking sucks and you couldn’t do shit about it. You’re too fucking weak to murder anybody kid.

      7. I think that’s why I’m so pissed at them. I know they can do better, but their over-confidence with the Wii, and hubris really bit them in the ass.

        I know the Wii made money, it was a smash-hit and had it’s day in the spotlight, but they should have seen the writing on the wall that the Wii was burning out, and by the end, it’s reputation was shit… So just associating This gen’s console with the Wii was in itself a crack in the knees with a baseball bat.

        I pray to God they are paying attention. I’ve said it before, I’d be happy if they pooled all their resources into the next handheld. 3DS HD, beefed up Vita style and have the ability to connect to an HD TV to play HD games with the TV as the upper screen at home, and the 3D display while on the road. That would be my dream come true.

  6. what kind of crappy nintendo news site is this its like they work for microsoft and sony to kill nintendo.a little good news would not hurt every once in a while!!

  7. This is a Nintendo news site people. If US’s budget gets fixed and the economy rises it will be on Fox. If it crashes and there’s another depression it will also be on Fox. My point is news is news, bad or good. The Xbox 1 and PS4 surpassing the Wii U isn’t Mynintendonews’ fault. Its Nintendo’s for not marketing the thing right.

    1. there is plenty of good nintendo news you moron and non of this stuff is even relavent fact is they never report anything good anymore and if there is anymore of this bs im un sub

      1. yeah hahahah that something i get paid for. sony gives me that sweet green!!!! microsoft sometimes too!!!! its really an awesome pay!!!!

      2. The only thing you need is medication for your drama queen meltdowns and the ability to actualy for cohefdnt sentences.

  8. Maybe Nintendo will finally understand why no one is buying the Wii U. Personally I like the console, I have one, and I intend on buying future releases like Smash Bros and Zelda, but I can’t actually defend this console. I understand why someone wouldn’t want one. I understand why it’s failing. I was never excited for the Wii U like I was for the GameCube or even the Wii. It might be too early to say it but personally I would say the console is a flop compared to the PS4 or Xbox One. Not in regard to its capabilities or its library of games, but according to sales and relevance.

  9. That’s not surprising, considering the Wii U’s over-all poor sales in the UK as well as the lack of 3rd party support. I’m sure the Wii U will pick up pace, though.

  10. Dè ja vu, It’s that there’s no other Nintendo news website that updates quite as fast and much as this one does. I hope there is another soon.

  11. is short term #so what would be the long term#you have made it quicker what will the numbers keep rising what the Sales keep coming or would be like the Wii U slow down after couple of weeks think about it video game Fans people Who can afford I’m getting a PlayStation for an Xbox one nowfree I really ask yourself Is the Sales going to be that big in the long run When all hype is gone are people still going to run out and buy at $400 $500 console we’ll have to wait and see. negative things about Nintendo because you just don’t know even express don’t know I believe

  12. is short term #so what would be the long term#you have made it quicker what will the numbers keep rising what the Sales keep coming or would be like the Wii U slow down after couple of weeks think about it video game Fans people Who can afford I’m getting a PlayStation for an Xbox one nowfree I really ask yourself Is the Sales going to be that big in the long run When all hype is gone are people still going to run out and buy at $400 $500 console we’ll have to wait and see. negative things about Nintendo because you just don’t know even express don’t know I believe Nintendo will have the last laugh

  13. nintendo was stupid to call it a wii u it sounds so gay .just think about it the other console names made since or sounded cool nes means nintendo entertainment system it makes since super nes was what it said a super nintendo system n64 exactly what it says a 64 bit game system game cube a game console in the shape of a cube…then you have the crappy casual wii and pretty cool wii i wish when nintendo targeted actual gamers and not casuals and if you think they dont target casuals just watch some recent comercials.

    1. Agreed. Sony is garbage. Their higher ups are douches the exclusives suck the controllers are garbage the treat fans like crap and I mean look at them. They’re trying to say knack is awesome and worth next gen. People like that need medicine, and if their allergic they need a bullet in the temple. No hope for idiots like that

  14. Bad taste if they chose the playstation. Anything ANYTHING
    Fucking anything else would be acceptable. You bought a dream cast? Nice it’s better then the gay station 4 for queer fag homosexuals
    (Nothing wrong with homosexuals, but ponies give homos a bad name)

  15. More bad news.

    But why all this focus on the UK chart. Isn´t it well known that the Wii U has been doing horribly there all year?

    But there is no hope for Wii U this generation. It will probably survive and hopefully we will be getting some great games.

      1. I mean the Wii U outselling the Xbox One and becoming a success in the LONG RUN is going to happen no doubt. But the PlayStation 4 is the PlayStation 4. Chances are slim

      2. PS4 will have no games, just like the Wii U did, i mean look at the PS4 good games coming in 2014, are any of them coming between March- September

      3. There are many people who are buying a PS4 mainly because they are hyped, and not all of the people who are hyped can’t buy a PS4 yet because they are all sold out.

      4. Miracle? No miracle. Wii U is definitely gonna outsell the Xbox One and PS4. At the end of the day. The PS4 sales will dramatically drop down because it will have no games between March and September. I’ll guarantee it

      5. Trust me Nintendo has a method for their madness… The writing has been on the wall for over a decade. The told the world their plan in the late 80’s – early 90’s. They just made a pit stop along the way.

  16. It is very sad that Nintendo still is not marketing Wii U properly. Nintendo need to do something. Guys, do you thinking that Nintendo strongly need soul searching?

  17. And yet nobody really cares. I feel kinda sorry for *real gamers* in the UK because it seems like 99,9999% are CoD/Fifa idiots.

  18. Who cares? It’s already been long established that the majority of the world has poor taste in gaming. So this is nothing new.

  19. Honestly, I really don’t care for the XBox One nor the PS4. Sure they may be able to do “EVERYTHING”, but in my opinion that does not make them true game stations but rather just one of those overhyped systems. Heck, growing up the classic game stations and modern game stations did not have all these commercialized gimmicks through the NFL or an app for ordering pizza or mexican foods, they were simple game stations that you could play games on that may or may not have had internet accessibility and multiplayer capabilities.

    The WiiU honestly would do better in my opinion if:
    1. They called it something aside from WiiU. The name of the system makes some people assume that it’s an another version of the Wii.
    Systems like XB1 and PS4 can get away with it because their sytems are basically upgrades of their fromer systems, but it isn’t going to do the WiiU justice. If they called something else aside from the WiiU it’d pry get better sales in the long run.
    2. They need to find a way to incorporate the gamepad better as an accessory. The only good thing with the gamepad is that it allows you to play games if someone decides to hog the TV. Other than that, it only acts as an item/equip store for most of the games (excluding 4 games that ACTUALLY utilize the gamepad further than that). If they found a way to utilize it as a means of furthering the game experience, it’d pry help the system more.
    3. They need to have an online multiplayer system. I think games like Super Smash Bros., Competitive games (COD for WiiU, Sonic and Mario @ the Olympic Games, FPS games, Sports based games) and racing games would benefit the system greatly if this concept was incorporated.
    4. They need to ask third party companies if they’d like to collaborate on a game for the WiiU rather than cross their fingers and hope for a miracle. The thing is that the WiiU is pry going to rarely get 3rd party games at this point because Nintendo hasn’t gone out and asked 3rd Party companies to contribute like Sony and Microsoft have.
    5. (This is pry a little less important) They need to up date the graphics. The more realistic games don’t show up as well on the system due to the graphics being equivalent to those of the former Wii, PS3 and XB360 systems.
    Other than that, I don’t really mind the WiiU. It atleast is remaining true to the true game stations rather than overly extravagancing itself like the PS4 and XB1 (Trust me I don’t need a game station to do what a tablet, laptop or smartphone can do just as well).


  21. I guess the Wii U is doomed. SM3DW, didn’t drive units, and Smash Bros. and MK8 is released to far away for the Wii U to pick up steam.

  22. Nintendo got everything a little bit wrong. Time to think more about that crucial 15-30 male demographic, but even if they don’t they need to look in the mirror because they claim to be the ‘Family’ console, and yet they are only really thinking about the under 10’s, even parents are thinking the game look to child-like for them to entertain.

  23. this shouldn’t be surprising for anybody. anybody could have seen this coming from the beginning. let’s see how nintendo reacts to this. hopefully they stop with the stupid decisions.

  24. COD Ghosts and FIFA (which isn’t on Wii U) So lets be honest here. Its nothing shocking. UK only wans COD and FIFA. We see that in their top 10 charts all the time.

  25. I am not in the slightest bit worried. We have seen lots of bad news for Wii U, so why does this make things any worse. I am getting very tired of it now.

    I mean there are good things about Wii U, and yet this website just seems to go against everything about Nintendo for some reason.

    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The only reason Nintendo are not doing great is due to the 3rd parties not helping out.

    What I want to know is: Why should us Wii U owners suffer when Nintendo have been around the longest in video games industry.

    Now correct me if am wrong, but 3DS didn’t have a good start, and initially I didn’t see anything good about it, but Nintendo were able to change that around with a spark and look how that’s helped them out.

    When the big titles all come out in one huge go, then we shall see who Nintendo really are when it comes to 8th gen.

  26. Funny thing is, Microsoft may not have the Xbox license for long. The CEO of Nokia, who is planning on taking over at Microsoft, wants to sell it.

  27. Another thing, if power was a deal, then why didn’t Xbox 360 and PS3 sell over Wii?

    There was no where near as much hardware as what they had now was there? So what made it sell? Oh yeah!……it was the fact that it gave off an experience and changed the way we play games.

    How exactly have PS4 and X1 changed the ways in which we play our games? They haven’t have they. They thought whacking all that power was going to change it all. In my view it’s not impressed me.

    Now why did I go for Wii U you may ask. Easy one really, not because I was after a new Nintendo system, because believe it or not but I never went with Wii, I actually got a 360, but when I got some classic Wii stuff I didn’t know what I was missing out on – things like Galaxy. I mainly got a Wii U because it changed the way I play my games and it’s made them better thanks to the gamepad.

    All in all, I am happy I got something that I can have fun with rather than looking at overly realistic games that aren’t packing much into gameplay.

  28. I guess UK gamers are complete idiots.

    None of the next gen systems are/were worth buying at launch (Wii U included).
    But now the Wii U isn’t overpriced and has a decent library (incredibly nice if you include Wii games) whereas the PS4 and Xbox One are now the overpriced, game-barren consoles (that could also suffer system issues).

    All I can say is my consolations to those poor gamers who won’t have nothing to play on their X1s and PS4s for a while and are missing out on the Wii U games now.

  29. Wii u no games…

    I have:
    Supermario 3d world (Waiting my copy from amazon)
    Rayman legends (order it from amazon today it was cheap)
    Eshop games And Vc loved metróid
    I dont have more Because i have a life lol

  30. This is really fucking sad. Really.

    Also, on another note: I recommend not reporting on this stuff, sickr. It gives people more fuel for flame wars in the comments section and plus things like this should be considered a coincidence, when you highlight it in the title it’s what people pay attention to the most. If this wasn’t a Nintendo site and you reported on the Xbox One’s sales, just say something like “Xbox One Sale Reports Released” or something like that.

  31. I have to say i am not surprise to be honest. well at least for the PS4 but still shock about the Xbox 1 numbers.
    1) Since the wii U was announced people had been saving for those consoles which explained why the sale for Rayman legends (which a multi-platform game ) on PS3 and Xbox 360 they have not been great. Gamers abandon those platform and Nintendo did not deliver.
    2) Now the “battle” has now begun and I won’t bet the death of Nintendo far from that.
    3) Nintendo has a better offer and from what i can see Sony and Microsoft will take some time (less than Nintendo) to offer something even with 3rd party support but again it’ll be different from Nintendo.

    1. Just one thing, Wii or should have say Nintendo has not been doing well in UK and Europe, the main reason is Nintendo for a long time shit on this market. Nintendo has always be pricy and when we compare the price with America and Japanese and the game available in those market it is logic people feel left out, hack they console the most and at the end it’s just payback. So for those yanks who state the Brits are stupid I would say look at those in your country who buying a xbox 1 before you call the Brits stupid and i shall request them to think before they wrote things like this.

      1. It’s not exclusive to peoole in the UK… anyone who bought an X1 and PS4 exercised poor judgement.

        That includes Wii U owners who bought at launch… but in their defense, it didn’t seem like such a poor decision as the launch window games had not been delayed yet.

  32. This makes me nervous. While there are some known AAA Wii U games on the horizon, I don’t find myself itching to get a Wii U. It feels like it’s missing Nintendo’s charm. Seems like Nintendo is being a bit too conservative with the Wii U, game-wise. Yeah, they’ll never win competing directly with Microsoft and Sony (e.g. GameCube’s failure), but their current strategy is a bit unclear… :S

  33. Meh! I don’t care, gamers right now are a bunch of teenagers wanting to behave “manly” and “mature” by shooting shit in the head or beating a hooker on the street. Good games are about graphics and violence in the gaming industry now, it’s now about the quality of the gameplay anymore. I’ve noticed that the UK is full of Call Of Duty type of gamers, Nintendo sells better in the USA or Japan.

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