Square Enix Christmas Surprise – What’s In The Box?

Square Enix has sent out an email to gamers asking them whether or not they would like to purchase a surprise Square Enix gift box. The gift box costs £4.99 and apparently has gifts worth well over £50. Those that decide to purchase the Square Enix gift box will receive their special surprise on December 20th, just in time for Christmas.

Thanks, Nick


    1. Yep. Tomb Raider, Deus EX HR, Hitman Absolution or Sleeping Dogs. Bad games for sure. Go back to your cave.

      1. The Square Enix Christmas Surprise is available until 20 December 2013 (12:00pm GMT) and will contain four PC Downloadable Games (Steam Keys) which are giftable after purchase.*

    2. Well recently they did Bravely Default, which is amazing sooo

      But yeah, before that, only their western studios made anything decent.

    1. Wah! Not Sora, I want Mr. Barack Obama for the next Smash Bros, hes our president and stuff and all and I also want [insert stupid character that will obviously don’t come] in the next smash.

      1. I want Vladimir Putin…

        He is an expert in 3 martial arts…

        He would destroy all presidents alone…

      2. Can’t we just have a Smash Bros clone featuring all of the world’s leaders battling it out? I’d play that.

    1. Its Nintendo News because Nintendo dont give Suprise to Hardcore Coustumaz.Please understand Iwata got Off.

    2. just shut the fuck up and don’t read the article then. It’s not like its replacing a really important article or anything. There’s nothing else to post on a Sunday…

  1. One question, what does this have to do with Nintendo? Square aren’t exactly supporting their stuff, and we should care why exactly?

    1. Because it’s a company that develops ‘SOME’ games for nintendo. Anyway this is better than all those shitty statistic articles so be grateful for it you piece of shit. For once this site has proved useful and i’m glad im not missing out on this deal.

    1. You can’t even string a proper sentence together so you can shut the fuck up. Do you really expect there to be much news on a sunday?

      1. I’m guessing like games on pc. I can’t; my laptop’s specs isn’t good enough. I have an intel core i3 with an integrated chip so.

  2. look at all the fanboys crying like a bunch of babies. ‘how, how,*cross eyed* how is dis nintendoo neeewss!!!!!” no surprise its from all the biggest fanboys. go crawl in your crib and play wii u, have your mom make you a fresh bottle and stop bitching like a little spoiled rotten smelly egg (since you babies can’t even bathe) and go on that garbage known as miiverse. its a nintendo fans paradise by the way!!!!! a paradise for the diaper wearing whiners and the biggest joke of people. you can get your precious nintendo news there (not like your taken this shit to seriously anyway, talk about having one heck of a life) after a hard long day of being a social reject on miiverse, where if you post something interesting or funny it will get taken down for not being a corporate slave or acting psat the age of 5. nintendo really is trying to get the older demographic back hahahah yeah right. you can come back here when the next article gets posted when you always say your leaving and not coming back. talk about having a fit and nintendo fans always wonder why there the laughing stalk of video games.

  3. …i didn’t get no emails
    i guess i’m not a gamer then.
    Well, I guess it’s time to throw out my consoles!

  4. Shame it’s just Steam downloads (or seemingly so), but having said that, four gifts I can gift to others for what seems to be £1.25 a pop isn’t a ‘waste’ of money. I’ll bite, just purely out of curiosity.

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