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Wii Sports Club Maintenance Scheduled After Direct Tomorrow

Wii Sports Club is due to have a small update tomorrow not long after the Nintendo Direct. Online play and rankings will be unavailable during the scheduled maintenance at 6.15am – 7am PT. Speculation currently suggests that Nintendo may announce the arrival of Wii Sports Club Golf during the Direct, due to this extended maintenance. Listed below are the times the service will be unavailable:

From Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 6.15 AM Pacific / 9.15 AM Eastern / 2.15 PM UK / 3.15 PM Europe until Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 7 AM Pacific / 10 AM Eastern / 3 PM UK / 4 PM Europe
Affected Services:

  • Wii U
    • – Online Play, Rankings, etc. for Wii Sports Club

19 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club Maintenance Scheduled After Direct Tomorrow”

  1. Hmmm…… Suspicious….
    Maybe they’re releasing Golf? Or maybe I’m just over speculating and there just happens to be maintenance after the direct…

    1. If they release gold and not fix the rage quitting and lag. That will be it for me. I’m tired of not getting support. I will cross my fingers for bug fixes also, if it doesn’t happen it will be it. Wii sports is dead online, anyone that really plys it. You end up playing the same people over and over. So few people, people tried it because of the trial version and then left when they saw its just a crapper Wii version. Tennis controls are horrible, they mess up way to often, you can sit there with your wiimote pointing at the screen and see your tennis racket move to either side and end up behind you.
      You don’t have time online to sit it down and wait a few seconds 3 – 4 times per game.

      1. I played the trail version and really enjoyed it. I thought the Tennis controls were MUCH improved, so much so that it now requires some skill! But that’s just me, and I haven’t spent very much time with it.

  2. Nintendo iz a doomed they gotz no games and uhhhh well my troll impersonation could use some work lol just kidding guys i have no intentions on turning into a troll anytime soon.

    1. But your right. They have a dump of Zelda, which is good. A baby version of Mario World (meaning any 8 year old can handle it, its not challenging). Short game play with Pikmin 3. Slap together Mario Bros.

      Name one good game from NINTENDO on the WIIU. Wii Fit is a dump, its not moving. I can’t think of one.

    1. Thats one of many features. The club features are stupid and an empty feature. Try playing a friend, thats a task in it self. Try playing against a club, crap shoot. You have no clue if anyone in that club is online. Shows us, but they will not do that because they people will say how few people are online.

  3. So this is probably one of the things the Direct will talk about tomorrow. They are probably adding more sports. Doesn’t matter to me, because I could care less about this game.

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