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Atlus Games On Sale For $19.99 On Nintendo 3DS eShop

Atlus has announced once again that a selection of their titles will be available at $19.99 for a limited time period.  The games on offer are displayed below and are around 30% cheaper than the regularly retail for. All three titles will be discounted until January 20th. Will you be purchasing any of these Nintendo 3DS games?

  • Code of Princess
  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
  • Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers


11 thoughts on “Atlus Games On Sale For $19.99 On Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. I’m dumb, but I’d rather pay full price for something I care for. Also, physical version. Atlus deserves it, even though they dissapointed me by not releasing a physical version in Europe.

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