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Satoru Iwata Says He Will Continue As President And Restore Nintendo’s Business Momentum

Satoru Iwata has remained adamant that he will see Nintendo through its financial crisis by continuing as the company’s president after its 2013-14 fiscal sales predictions fell short. Earlier today, Nintendo announced it had lowered its sales forecast for the Wii U and 3DS hardware and software, bringing its fiscal year predictions down from 9 million units to 2.8 million units for the Wii U and 18 million units to 13.5 million units for the 3DS.

But in a press conference today, as Nikkei reports, Iwata apologised to the company’s shareholders saying that he felt responsible for Nintendo’s poor business performance. However, he also reiterated that he would not resign, saying that the most important action was to restore business momentum as soon as possible.

In a press release published on Nintendo Japan’s website, Satoru Iwata explained that the company would post an ordinary income despite posting an operating loss, however, the CEO then said due to reversing deferred tax assets from losses carried over in previous fiscal years – mainly from the US – Nintendo expects to post a net loss of 25 billion yen against an initial projected income of 55 billion yen.

Nintendo is due to announce its third quarter 2013-14 fiscal year results on January 29, followed by an investor’s meeting on January 30, so we shall hear more on the company’s short-term and mid-term plans then. Now the news has had some time to digest, let us know how you feel about Iwata’s statement and Nintendo’s current position in the comments below.



      1. Firing Iwata would solve every problem they have because Iwata is responsible for every problem they have. The time for making excuses for Iwata has passed by a LONG time ago.

        When your company has never posted a net fiscal loss in the over 100 year history it has and you post 3 consecutive losses their is no excuse. Period.

        There is no ‘logical’ reason on why firing Iwata would make things worse. In fact, I would predict that if Iwata was fired stock in Nintendo would probably go up.


      2. I don’t know who many times I can say this. Iwata is NOT Nintendo. He is a employee that has a job. The quality of games has nothing to do with him. To insinuate that the quality of games would go down because of someone else as CEO is a colossal insult to the people that actually are creating the ideas and developing them and giving him undeserved credit.

        The quality of games would be just fine without Iwata. Might actually get better.


      3. This is actually Nintendo’s second NET loss but third OPERATING loss. They actually made a net profit last year.


      4. They made a profit for one quarter. Not the whole year. The year was still a net loss. Splitting hairs does not help any argument in his favor when Nintendo suffered no losses of the kind before Iwata.


      5. Not really. Because who could replace him? Reggie? other then him. I can’t think of any other person capable of being better then Iwata who oftens tries to speak out and make his name well known.


      6. Howard lincoln. Easily the only reason nintendo was great in the past. We need him back. Google howard lincoln kicking ass before reggie if u dont know who he is but every true fan should know who he is. He is reason we had rare and tons of other accomplishments


      7. I’m not sure if he would take over at this point in his life. I think he is well into his retirement age. I know he represents Nintendo as the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners. So technically he’s still a part of the company but only in that regard. I’d love to see him come back but probably a no-go.

        I can think of one guy though who is young enough and informed enough to be a great leader for Nintendo Of America. In fact, he used to work for Nintendo. He currently works for Microsoft in an advisory role.

        ~Ken Lobb.

        He’s the reason why Nintendo made Killer Instinct and several other uncharacteristically core games for the N64.. He’s the reason why Killer Instinct is back on the XBOX One. He’s not some paid hype-man from VH-1 that has no real passion for the gaming industry and was hired to be nothing more than a spin doctor like Fils-Aime. Ken Lobb is a guy that can bridge the CHASM between Nintendo and Western 3rd parties. If there is house-cleaning at Nintendo he’s the guy I nominate for the CEO and or COO of Nintendo of America.

        And for anyone that would try to come in here and defend Fils-Aime, if he was such as great COO then why is it when the CEO of NOA stepped down that Iwata took the position for himself (yet another dumb Iwata move. I’ve lost count) rather than give it to Fils-AIme? Food for thought.


      8. Reggie also needs to be fired. There are plenty of people from other organizations that are ready to step up to the next level. Preferably someone younger and more in-tune with the West.

        What does making his name “well known” have to do with the benefit and welfare of the organization? That statement makes no sense. Who cares if he is well known? The best CEO usually aren’t “well known.” The fact that he would be concentrating on something is frivolous as that is a prime example of why Nintendo has the problems it does.



      9. It’s all fair in all saying that, but the position of the console will not just improve over night will it.

        Oh yeah, fire Iwata and then we’ll all buy the console. That’s not logical….


      10. Being faceitous isn’t going to change anything either. Besides peopel aren’t buying ti now so what different would it make.

        Obviously firing Iwata is the start of the change in culture at Nintendo. Like any organization there cannot be sweeping change with a failed regime (and yes three consecutive operating losses when Nintendo has never had them before at ALL is a failure) unless you remove the regime and start from the to down. I know you are smart enough to understand that. No need to get flippant.

        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        Albert Einstein

        On in the vein I’m done here. If people can actually stand there and make excuses for Iwata in any way, shape, or form at this point there is nothing left to be said.


  1. I appreciate the sentiment Iwata “the captain goes down with his ship” but maybe you should at least get some fresh minded advisors?


    1. In addition, you don’t launch a console without fucking software. They were DAMN lucky the 3DS came back to life, and they ASSURED us the WiiU would not be a repeat of the 3DS (software drought)

      Sure there are games now, but it’s too goddamn late. Smash will not revive WiiU. It will be a quick bump like Christmas. Mario Kart will not revive WiiU.

      They can’t cancel, or they will lose what little faith people have left in them. Besides, they don’t need a new console, they need mother-fucking software, and they needed it at launch. If they launched with Mario Kart, and then released Zelda at Christmas, the WiiU would have sold fantastic.

      But no. Nintendo fell victim to hubris thought they’d slap “Wii” on the box and call it a day, maybe tinker with HD a la Windwaker. Not good enough. Not by a long shot.

      I’m happy with the games I have at the moment. My 3DS is loaded, I just downloaded UnEpic, got Monster Hunter, but I’ve accepted that I’ve been console-fucked by Nintendo again.

      One more cluster fuck and Nintendo’s pile cash will finish burning to the ground.


      1. 2014 will be the defining year for the wiiu. we’ll just have to wait and see what they do. this e3 is essential to their success.


      2. Gamewise I predict another letdown year with the exception of smash and maybe donkey kong. Zelda will not be ready for a while, but dk, smash and mario kart might make some dent in console and software sales, but nowhere near as much as wii would have. Bayonetta could be available this year but it is such a niche title and there really are not enough titles to satisfy “core” gamers who aren’t already huge nintendo fans. X, another niche title in the west, will not be released for a while. There is nothing but nintendo and second parties to support their console that is becoming increasingly irrelevant. They will have to start planning either a different home console using staff who are actually experienced with things like online, cpu’s, etc. Or they will have to quit the home console business after wii u suffers a long painful death and only focus their efforts on handhelds.

        Frankly, as much shit as Sony has gotten for the Vita, using it as a kind of tablet for thhe ps4 was a much smarter strategy than releasing two separate consoles that don’t communicate – the 3ds and wii u. Anyone remember super game boy or at least the gba connector cable for gamecube? Whatever happened to Nintendo’s business strategies encouraging consumers to purchase both handhelds and home consoles?


      3. I am in complete agreement that we were console-fucked by Nintendo. With that being said, I think that some of your pain will be alleviated if you can get The Wonderful 101. It has a steep learning curve at first but as you get more experience and upgrade your skills the game becomes an absolute blast. I haven’t laughed this hard at a game in such a long time. The storytelling is VERY Japanese but if you don’t mind that then it should be a good experience for you. Besides Super Mario 3D World, I would argue that Wonderful 101 is the best exclusive we have on Wii U.

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    2. casual would be perfect, if casuals would by the Wii U, but they have already the Wii. if MG5 would come on the Wii U, nobody would buy this version (infact there is a other console), they take ps4 or one version.
      the only thing what would maybe help is a AAA title from nintendo, who can not be release on a other console. a must have like tlou, uncharted, Metal gear, Gta etc. but Nintendo has no ip like that.
      Wii U RIP


      1. Nintendo Does have IP’s like that, they just choose to let them rot in the closet while selling overpriced, ancient games.


      2. Besides GTA, none of those games rival Nintendo’s IP like Mario Kart, Mario, Wii Fit, or Pokemon. Not that they’re bad games but they don’t drive sales nearly as well as Nintendo’s solid performers.


      3. Nintendo does have IPs. they have the Xenoblade series, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, F-Zero. Kid Icarus Uprising and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi Dream Team are AAA game that shows just how great Nintendo can do if they put personality and effort. They just really need to do that for console games and overtime people will be drawn to the Wii U.


  2. Pride comes before the fall. He better have some great things to say come January 30th. Or those shares are gonna plummet.

    In other news, I’m still enjoying my Wii U. This years anticipated games are gonna be great.


    1. Yup. He’s been trolling Nintendrones for 3 years now trying to convince those around him that he can “fix” Nintendo when he is the one responsible for breaking it. You aren’t going to fix a leaky boat when you refuse to take off your spiked-golf shoes. Simple as that.


      1. He’s made promises in the past that the 3DS and a Wii U wouldn’t have droughts like the DS and a Wii did, but the 3DS had a bad start until later on where it started to pick up, but the Wii U has been out for almost 2 years and it had a drought too, and it’s not getting better. Iwata’s stuck in the past.


      2. Yep. Only took one year to lose the next-Gen lead, turn away 3rd party interest and ruin the moral for many Nintendo fans.

        God only knows what they will do by the end of two years.


  3. Financial crisis? I have to say, I’m lost. Last week the Web was buzzing about how Nintendo has more value now than Sony as a whole. I wouldn’t be too worried. They might have lowered the 3DS predictions too but don’t forget that Nintendo is sitting on a mountain of gold coins.If Sony is still functioning I don’t why Nintendo wouldn’t. The Wii U is obviously not working but the 3DS is at full speed. Comparing to Sony, the Vita is not working but the PS4 is at full speed. How much does it cost to make a 3DS and how much does it cos to make a PS4? Sure the price point are different but I bet you Nintendo still makes money even on every single Wii U they sell while Sony does not on PS4.


    1. Not a good business strategy to compare yourself to a different failing company.. Plus, that mountain of gold coins is dwindling. No smart company says “oh we’re losing money like crazy, but boy oh boy we still have a lot to lose”. Loss is not EVER the goal. This is a direct reflection of leadership. Iwata can stay…but he needs to fire everybody. Or Iwata should go.


      1. “Not a good business strategy to compare yourself to a different failing company.”

        Then why Sony is not bombarded with doom shit? Funny when Nintendo was valued more than Sony IGN didn’t report it and no one moves an eyebrow, why? Because everyone’s excited with the new black cool-looking “hardcore” console! But when “kiddy Nintendo” gets bad news EVERYONE COMES TO SHIT ON THEM AND MAKE JOKES AND SAY THEY ARE DOOMED!

        Why not compare it? The 3DS was the best selling CONSOLE OF 2013 AND IWATA HAS TO RESIGN ALREADY!?

        People just take this shit too seriously, the Wii will be fine and look how the 3DS has seen hardcore games this past year and no casual games at all!

        Nintendo just needs the games!


    2. The Vita is currently doing a decent job. A system doesn’t need fly off the shelves to be awesome (e.g. N64, Gamecube, PS3, Dreamcast, Wii U and the Vita).

      Nintendo an Sony both progressively lose money on their consoles but only in the US.
      The PS4 sells for 400€ and 350£ which equals ~534$(400€) or ~575$(350£) and the Wii U sells for 250-300€ which equals ~340-400$.

      At this point in time with the given hardware they both make money in europe but lose money in the US.


    3. Actually Sony doesn’t lose money on PS4, like past systems. They cost roughly $300 for the parts (not counting shipping, assembly, and R&D), mostly because it uses off the shelf parts and the system isn’t super powerful.

      I believe Nintendo breaks even right now on the WiiU when they sell a unit, they were losing money previously on units sold. By contrast, most of the Wii U parts are custom, and while not the most powerful unit, the controller cost a bit of money to make since it uses allot of new tech in it.


  4. He as a person can stay if you ask me but he should get somebody that helps him pulling off the game ensures and the decision making.


  5. The ONLY thing Iwata needs to say at the shareholders meeting:
    (Iwata voice)
    “Q1 – F-Zero U. Q2 – StarFox U. Q3 – Metroid U. Q4 – Zelda U. Nintendo Direct will be releasing tomorrow. Good night”
    Then get up and walk away.


      1. If that was the LAUNCH plan, it would have. 3rd parties would have seen the 1st party titles and then add their own. Sadly, they launched with a rehash and followed it up with a remake. (WW) Nintendo has a big heart, but shit for brains.


  6. nintendo is really in a bad situation at the moment – probably the most critical the’ve ever been so far! and the question is what they can do to restore their “business momentum”. i’m a big wiiu-fan but honestly i don’t think that there can be anything more done to help this gear. i don’t think that games like super smash or zelda will lead to sales of millions of units.

    for mostly unfair reason the wii u got bad press from beginning on. if anything destroyed this console then it was the media. they also tried it with 3ds – but fortunately for nintendo there isn’t that much competition in the handheld-field.


    1. Bs. Total bs. You obviously were not old enough to remember the GameCube years. Nintendo has been here before. It’s part of the Nintendo cycle.


  7. Iwata is anything than bad! he saved nintendo from going to fail several years ago as he took over the business after the gamecube-desaster. he launched the most sucessful nintendo-consoles ever! he launched the very sucessful 3ds! the only failure in his long work for nintendo is the wii u! so i think he needs another chance to bring things together again – the question is – how will he do it? what could be a strategy?


  8. can someone point me out the financial crisis?

    Nintendo is selling the 3DS like Crazy, and the WiiU is stable-low selling
    Nintendo’s stock is more valued than the competition
    Is not the first time a Nintendo console sale’s are not as expected but that happened with the 3DS as well, seeing old Pachter’s reviews still make me laugh
    Again, this blog is just making a lot of drama over it, as well as some “gaming experts”


  9. Haha… all the sheeple jumping on the Nintendoom wagon.

    Please, this is GREAT news. I hope this gives leverage for Nintendo to buyout some talented developers (Platinum, Shin’in, etc) to help get software out quicker.

    For those not perceptive enough, here’s what happened.

    3DS Launch fail.
    Nintendo pulls resources to save 3DS.
    3DS saved with back to back 1st party titles.
    Nintendo underestimates development time for HD.
    Wii U launch fail.

    That’s all it is, really… Since Nintendo doesn’t have the benefit of third party releases like the PS and Xbox, it has to support BOTH a home console and handheld console.

    …and it can’t handle it.

    So I hope NIntendo takes a looj and says “Hey, maybe we should invest in more talent anr manpower.”


  10. Personally, Nintendo should focus more on first party games than waiting for major 3rd parties that would make either inferior ports, shovelware or not support Nintendo at all.

    I believe Nintendo should support more indies as well.


    1. agreed
      Wii success was due to their First party
      They should consider Third party, but 1st part is way more reliable, not to mention that the success on 1st party can lure 3rd party


      1. He’s not making Nintendo better so why should he stay? He’s close minded and stuck in the past. This needs to stop.


      2. if he is so closed minded, how he saved nintendo with the 3DS, Wii and the DS?
        it is true that the WIiU is having issues, but this is nothing new on Nintendo


  11. Well….. so long nintendo. With him in charge nothing will change, he will just be apologizing over and over because he keeps failing.


  12. Ever since Iwata is in charge Nintendo became the baby games company. Gone is the Nintendo of old who would make a variety of games for the ones who never been interested in the baby games. Nintendo was a much more diversified company who targeted all sorts of gamers. When they had Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, good relationship with Factor 5 and the rest of their western 2nd party studios. Now the one western studio they have left (Retro) is put to work on another baby game (Donkey Kong). The only ones happy with their output of games in the past years are babies. It took “Operation Rainfall” to try to convince Nintendo to release games like Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower in the west as Nintendo had no intention of doing so, Nintendo is out of touch. Even they know that their target audience is babies, and thought these games wouldn’t sell well in the west.


    1. Donkey Kong… a kiddie game? I don’t think today’s kid could handle that kind of game.


  13. Iwata was in charge when the gameboy advance was out right? If he was he has a lot of consoles that sold well. The wii u not being an instant hit isnt a big deal. Im sure he can turn it around


  14. firstly I have to thank Iwata for not sacking lot of people as the so call business “experts” were requesting. To be honest I still don’t understand why USA has such lower price. Obviously it does not sell that good (or as expected) hence the big loss. Saying and despite the worldwide sale the lower price in US explains why Wii U perform better in US than anybody else in the world (and the yank dare to complain when a game or the Wii U do not sell well in UK).

    now let’s look at the ugly. I think Iwata is a coward, I understand he does not want to leave but when you make a statement about resign if the thing do not go well and you bullshit your way to stay. It does not give a good impression. BTW what is the long term plan for Nintedo? cause if you have a plan please share it.


  15. Nintendo is making the games it makes because it finally realized that hardcore games are not its strong suit. I think it occurred to them that the only adults playing a link between worlds right now played the original Zelda or a link to the past when they were kids. So it might be smart to make kid friendly games so that when those kids grow up they might keep playing Nintendo. If Nintendo goes and makes hardcore games right now they won’t get the support of the third party developers anyway, they won’t make games until the Wii U sells more but the Wii U won’t sell more because they won’t make games for it. This is obviously a mess but I don’t think Nintendo is as much to blame as the market, most adult gamers have written Nintendo off already and kids are only seeing advertisements for Xbox and PlayStation, I’m not saying more commercials is the answer but I am saying that its not solely their fault.


  16. Nintendo sucks at reaching out with their advertising. Their Nintendo Direct clips only reach those connected to the internet. Nintendo used to dominate within the gaming world because they didn’t skimp-out when it came to advertising, Nintendo was fucking everywhere, movies, television, magazines, toys ect..

    Don’t get me wrong, their Nintendo Direct episodes are the perfect format for me, but I am a 20yo neckbeard, not exactly Nintendo’s target audience.

    Satoru, have a little fucking pride in your company, trust me, the gaming market is teetering on the edge of evolution, if you try, you WILL fare well, as precedents are being set, Nintendo has nearly infinite possibilities.

    Personally these are what I want, just me, I only speak for me.
    Large scale gundam/mech mmo fighting game
    Jrpg’s exclusive to Nintendo
    Deeper connectivity between 3ds and wii u
    4g Nintendo hotspots either available as a separate modem, or, built directly into the 3ds/2ds – more connected customers = more money made, also that would give you extra support by partnering with an isp.


    1. I lost hope on sickr long ago
      -He rarely cleans up spam
      -He rarely post news you send
      -He rarely even post a feedback comment
      and on the best
      -he changes the page desing everytime and for the worst available(the current is ok, but knowing him he is looking forUGLY designs right now)
      im gonna try nintendolife, seems more organized


    1. What, do you live in 1990? Welcome to the future my friend. I’m working, and taking 60 seconds to post now and then. You really think we’re all just sitting at a massive desktop, starring at MNN waiting for the next post?
      multitasking on mobile devices is a beautiful thing. Treat yourself to a smart phone and take your first step into the digital age.


      1. I’m not defending or attacking Mynintendonews, I’m sure there’s better sites that are more streamlined and enthuse Nintendo fans better than this site. Reading your comments, don’t take this personal, I’m sure you you’re a nice guy, but your comments are fucking annoying and damn near baseless. So what if some random person whom you’ve never met uses an inferior website? Why are you making such a big deal about it?


  17. People need to relax.Let Nintendo worry about their money while we worry about the games. Nintendo is always fine in the end. Sheeh, you all fell for the doom and gloom scheam like everyone else. 💋


    1. Hmmm… I don’t know, maybe Iwata is slipping, now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying he is an idiot, but maybe the Nintendo investors should consider another CEO to assist him… I fear for Nintendo if Iwata doesn’t help pull a 180…


    2. This is all about the games.
      WiiU launched with a game-drought. This is where it landed us. The install base is screwing with our ability to get 3rd party content.


  18. Simply put. Iwata “works” for Nintendo. Iwata is not “Nintendo.” Meaning that the company is bigger than any one man or woman. Iwata being fired has been earned, deserved, necessary, and vital. Nintendo losing hundreds of millions of dollars 3 consecutive years when it has NEVER HAPPENED before Iwata took control is enough for any rational human being to say that there is a problem.

    It’s not even worth going into the list of reasons. It’s been done to death. At this point anyone defending Iwata IMO is either as delusional as he is or a drone beyond repair. Neither are healthy because not matter how much money he loses the company and how much damage he does to the company’s image people will continue to make excuses for him right to the end.

    There is really sad when you look at it. This is no different than the guy who is sitting at the table in a casino who as lost all his money, his ride home, and possible even his house and is desperately searching around for something else he can bet (possibly even begging people for money) determined to prove he can win it all back.

    Give it up Iwata. If there is any way we can force the issue of having Iwata forcibly removed the time for us to act is now. Like I said before, Nintendo is not “owned” by Iwata. He has a job just like all of us. We don’t get to fail at this level at our jobs so why should someone get to fail at his level when his failure could mean losses for thousands of employees underneath him? I’ve never seen a CEO be this pathetic and remain in power. Someone needs to step in and do what is right for Nintendo. Ignore the placates and do what must be done.


  19. You know what Nintendo should do with all that lettuce they have stashed away? BUY DEVELOPERS. Buy Platinum Games. Buy SEGA and/or Capcom. Have these companies make the games they would have made for other systems solely for the Wii U and 3DS. Make it so the competition has less to offer while also making their system have more to offer.


    1. YOu know Next Level Games just announced they will be Nintendo 2nd party maybe they have something for WiiU? But i agree, Nintendo made shitloads of money with DS,Wii and 3DS, they should had bought atleast to 2 affordable and capable devs to make games for their system, one western dev and one japanese dev atleast.


  20. I think 2014 will be make it or break it for Iwata as much as i hate to say it. They need to have Bayonetta2,X,MK8,Smash and some other big titles ready this year WITH NO DELAYS, like already been mentioned there has not been enough Nintendo 1st party exclusive titles out to make people desire WiiU. They also need lots of big gun reveals for E3 and im not talkin about small games like Yoshi yarns and such, im talkin about games like Zelda and Metroid kinda big guns that make people go ,”WOW I NEED TO HAVE WII U FOR THESE GAMES!”. Its not late to safe WiiU, its cheaper than its competition and it has unique controller that makes gamin better (especially in Zelda kinda games) it just needs killer software and FAST. They cant delay their games any longer.


  21. advertise, third party games and push into the adult orientated gaming market more. the problem is not Iwata its a lack of plugging the the hardware combined with making a demand for the product. there is nothing wrong with the Wii u hardware what is wrong is the lack of drive in selling it to the public. also they need to get third party games on the system and with the DLC as well.

    the Christmas sales where good but you need to get the people who bought the Wii onto the Wii U and the best way to star is to discontinue that red and black Wii mini console.

    i mean there are billboards web add tv and magazines i most probably miss something out there but when sell any product you need to make people take notice it does not just happen. i mean you have gaming enthusiasts but you have to sell to more than them


  22. I think it’s safe to say Iwata knows he made a mistake and he vows to fix that mistake.

    Exactly the same thing happened with 3DS and now look at it. It’s flying off the shelves like there is no tomorrow.

    What people need to do is stop hating Wii U because there is simply no reason for that.


  23. They can fix things pretty easy. If they buy Sega and platinum games. Then Sega can work on all of Nintendo’s T and M rated games. Platinum as well. They also bring over other exclusives and cross overs (like Mario and sonic at the olympics) or put sonic in Mario cart.

    they really need to make sure that Zelda and X are worth the wait.
    (and lets hope the new donkey Kong is as well)

    they should make their own phone that has VC on it.

    VC needs to be like Netflix and you pay 8$ a month and can play all games rendered in HD and can cloud save between 3DS and Wii U.

    they should then make VC HD, which well be full ground up remakes of old games, new physics, controls, 3D animation, lighting. But have the same layout as the original.

    partner with WB / cartoon network to make shows based on pikmin, metroid, star fox, donkey kong, wario, and fire emblem. These shows should focus on the “adventure time / adult swim” demographics respectfully
    if they buy Sega and platinum games they could also add shows from bayaneta, sonic, vactorman and super moneky ball.

    they should get behind the “maker culture” and partner with Lego. The 2 companies should have no problem entering this feild. Between robotics, bricks, 3D printers, programing, NFC, Bluetooth, and games

    reinvent old IP. Turn ice climbers into a new single player/co op game ware you explore mountains and fight monsters. And collect tressures’ and such. And as you go you can upgrade your climbing gear (ropes, foot claws, hammers, spikes, jackets) even have to gather fire wood and food.

    mean wile excite bike should basically be trials evolution but with Nintendo flare to it.

    they need to partner with Microsoft, maybe their phone can be a windows phone, they need SkyDrive and Skype on their systems. (both do have cameras)

    even if the Wii U becomes a total crap shoot (which some feel it dues)
    they still have plenty of money to come out with a brand new handheld and home system. How ever they well really need to step up their game (ha its a pun) how ever their new systems well come right into the middle of the ps4 and Xbox One life cycle which means they could have something far more impressive in terms of power. They should look into making a modular system that can be updated with more power later, and turning the gamepad into a full on tablet powered by WebOS, and a full controller at the same time. They also need to go all out with updating new “Wii” remotes, pro controller exe.

    they need to change their branding next time around.
    Wii needs to be their branding for “family friendly games”
    U needs to refer to the WebOS use on the gamepad.
    Nintendo should be branding all their controllers fallowed by their version and what systems their compatible with ie
    Nintendo remote 3.0 , nintendo classic controller 7.0, Nintendo fit board 2.0, Nintendo view pad 2.0
    the next sensor bar needs to be more like Kinect but duesent have to be as in depth. Just enough for voice, video chat, and simple guesters

    they also need to embrace OLED, multi touch, and the cloud, even online multiplayer needs work.
    how ever I’m glad to see their embracing free to play, and dlc.

    also their next handheld could be bigger as kids these days are so used to larger tablets.

    finally they need to partner with other loners in the industry like yahoo, blackberry, and either Philips or Toshiba

    to be honest I think that its Reggie that needs replacing. They need someone more aggressive in the US and they need someone that can bring us 3rd party devs, more indie devs, and come up with more clever marketing. They need to be aggressive and market their more adult games like Zelda, w101, and soon bayaneta and x. Focus on colleges, and malls sports games should be advertized at sporting events (Mario cart at NASCAR) and they should look at windows8, android and ios to make companion apps based on their IP (nintendogs, pushmo, a Mario stage builder, and productivity apps based on Nintendo IP (Mario calculator)

    their new home system well need to be more like computers then they ever have. Their handheld more like a smartphone. So logicly navi should be the voice of their voice assistant. (Microsoft is using cortana)

    its a big list but honestly its pretty simple and most of those things well inermingle honestly their is no reason they shouldn’t be as big as Disney right now. They just need to be more aggressive and broden their business.

    after all their us a peach cruse ship, so why is their no real life Nintendo cruice


  24. Oh yes Iwata dont step down. Arrange 2 generation more consoles with underpowered outdated 6 year old hardware and add overpriced gimmics. I think the fact that NFC in Gamepad costs 3x more to make than the whole 2gb ram in WiiU tells enough about how much they care.


    1. The Gamepad is something new they wanted to give, why have a third controller that looks like the Xbox One and PS4 one? I rather have something different than a a third same shit!


  25. Whether Iwata stays or not isn’t really the issue, the issue is Nintendo is severely hurt. The question is, Is Iwata capable of fixing the problem? Or someone else going to have to replace him and fix it.


  26. Ok well idk if this is Iwata’s fault, or someone else’s fault, or just bad planning. idk, whatever it is tho, something needs to change…like asap. I love Nintendo, always will, but even a fan boy can see they aint doing so hot. they’re not failing, i mean obviously they have had some good moments with the Wii U and the 3DS is still a great hand held for everybody to own, but it could still be better…


  27. For starters, the pro controller and the Wiimote plus nunchuck should be included with Gamepad in the box with Wii U. ( It was a mistake that the original Wii didn’t have an upgraded GameCube controller included in the box with Wii.). Wii U needs seriously awesome games to catch up with PS and Xbox. Nintendo needs to buy Japanese developers and publishers to make bigger, better games.


  28. Perhaps he should stop spending so much time making terrible pitches with terrible English on those Nintendo directs? Just saying….I think his attention is needed elsewhere and he sucks at them….let Reggie run wild with them….


  29. How is Iwata breaking Nintendo if he revived the 3DS, has Nintendo BIGGEST SUCCESS IN ITS HISTORY WITH THE DS AND WII, sure you all had that nostalgia with with 64 and GameCube, but they sold WAY LESS THAN THE WII! And to fire the guy that brought the Wii, DS and 3DS? NAH! This guy just needs to keep the 3DS shining, and revive the Wii U and that’s it!


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