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Leaked Images From Smash Bros Shows Palutena As Playable Character?

smash_bros_palutena_staffThe rumour mill is back in full force once again, and this time it concerns leaked images of an unannounced Super Smash Bros. character. The Goddess of Light from the Kid Icarus series, Palutena, has apparently made her debut on the 3DS version of the game. Seen in a screenshot with Mario, taken directly on the 3DS, she’s outlined in black, which would lead us to believe she could be a playable character.

As always this information shouldn’t be taken too seriously until we have solid proof from Sakurai himself, however, Mario’s current stance has never been seen in screens before, and as for Palutena the above image has not been used from stock images of Kid Icarus: Uprising. The background is also of notable merit with it reflecting the game’s battlefield on the 3DS. Let us know what you think of the images in the comments below.

Thanks, Teenchampionsam.

85 thoughts on “Leaked Images From Smash Bros Shows Palutena As Playable Character?”

      1. What a stupid choice for a character. Stop adding ridiculous characters and release it already. Smash 64 was the best because every character was drastically different. Melee was really good too though.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        So if someone leaked the entire plot of the next Zelda game, you’re fine with the whole game being spoiled for everyone coming to this blog? There’s a difference between news and spoilers.

        News is, “Latest Game of Thrones episode breaks viewing records.” Spoilers is, “Latest Game of Thrones episode breaks viewing records because BlahBlahBlah died and BlahBlahBlah did Blah.”

        1. No, because that is entirely different. A character leak is not always true, and is one small factor of the game if they actually make it in. Besides, Sakurai uploads trailers for all the newbies anyway, so it’d have to come to this blog at one point or another. Comparing a photo leak to a game ending is just nonsensical, it’d be like announcing that ‘Saria is in the new Zelda’. It wouldn’t ruin the experience, and would be advertised, so it is news.

          1. DONT CARE IF ITS NOT TRUE. espeiclly with character like paliutena who wil no doubt jojn since its a HINT of what she might look like!

            THEY CAN POST LEAKS ASlong as there is a huge picture of a warning spoiler alert smash. instead of SHOVING spoilers at our face. I unliked someone on facebook for posting this , where I seen it for the first time.

            when smash releases I willnot wathc any gameplay vids for no spoilers. even UNSUBSCIBE for a few months if necessary.

          2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            That’s assuming Sakurai would have shown off Palutena. I didn’t pay attention to the Dojo when Brawl was in development so I don’t know exactly how it worked or how much he revealed, but I hope he didn’t show off every single character. There need to be some surprises in the game. This isn’t just a spoiler; it’s a potential leak.

            Sure, it’s only Smash—a fighting game—with no real plot. But it’s revealing information that the developers might not have wanted revealed. Don’t misunderstand though. I’m not arguing for developers’ sake.

            1. For the Dojo he never revealed anything you had to unlock until after the game came out. Even then each post had a spoiler warning. I would appreciate something like that from this site. Actually I’d rather people just didn’t leak Smash info early. If Sakurai flipped out over people posting story mode videos to YouTube for brawl, the I wouldn’t put it past him to quit the development team over this. He’s kind of a drama queen.

        2. Because that’s totally what this post says…?
          I don’t think you should call it a sppoiler. Leaks & character reveals are considered Nintendo news, so if you don’t like hearing about them you should stay away from the site.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Who cares about spoilers in Smash? The fun part about Smash Bros is you are waiting to hear all the little secrets before the game comes out!!!

    2. Why are you here if you care about spoilers?
      It’s called “My Nintendo News” for a reason, they kinda have to post news about Nintendo products whether it’s a spoiler or not, that’s what the fans want.
      Plus it’s not even confirmed. These could easily just be well made fakes.

    3. Do you consider the daily pictures on Miiverse as “spoilers”? Just consider this (if it’s real) as another “real pic of the day”.

  1. This new web interface for mobile phones SUCK. You can scroll down the page on the home page anymore. U only get a title.

    Horrible step back. I read this site through my mobile phone the most and is my favorite nintendo news but its nonfuctional now. At least on my droid phone.

    1. Actually I really like this new interface. Mind you I’m using the second generation iPod Touch (I know, I need an upgrade). I dunno if it was the device or the old interface that long chains of comment replies were just unreadable. This new interface fixes that and I like it. No complaints here.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Yup, te background is from Battlefield on 3DS (the stage has a different background from Battlefield on the home console)

      Also, I would think Assist Trophies are outlined in black just as characters are, because you have to be able to see them easily as well. Technically the only thing going for Palutena are the screenshots themselves. Other than that there are four possibilities.
      1. The screen is real she’s playable.
      2. The screen is real she’s an assist trophey.
      3. The screen is fake she’s not in the game (or at least isn’t an AT or playable character)
      4. The screen is fake, but she still is in the game.

  2. 100% likely but this looks fake
    Palutena would be in over others for the following reasons
    -She has been a main character all series (Medusa was only half of uprising and Magnus was 2 missions)
    -Interesting moveset (Magnus swings a sword and thats all)

    1. Yeah, but Rosalina is literally the most popular character Nintendo has made since Olimar, and recently Chrom, Lucina, and the cast of Kid Icarus have joined that list.

  3. Hope this is fake. There are way more game series that needs rep and way more that needed a new rep way before kid icarus did. It is a waste of space. We need more villains!

  4. Considering how Sakurai made Kid Icarus Uprising, ya I’d like to believe Palutena is playable and in the game. However, it’s possible it’s just an assist trophy. I hope not.

  5. Yessss, decrease the Smash Bros sausage fest further!

    Whether or not this is real or not, or if it’s an assist trophy, even though it doesn’t match her old trophy, it is likely, because she’s the 2nd main character of Kid Icarus, and Sakurai made it, so obviously. Still hope Hades is in there though, more ladies and villians on the roster is what we need.

    1. ……everything thing in Brawl looks like the trophy…it’s the exact same character model.

      Mario’s pose in that sort, will probably be the pose he does for his trophy, in fact, i think it has been that shot in the past. Which already makes that arguement pointless, because she’s doing 2 poses, and actually, none of them look like the Brawl trophy. The Brawl model was facing straight forward, with the staff upright.

  6. This would be really cool news. Sakurai is doing a good job of adding more female characters to the roster this time so that it balanced out. She could have a very interesting moveset. Hopefully, he confirms this soon. The more newcomers to the game the better!

  7. I hope Sakurai-san announces that she was going to be a playable character but due to the leak of the images the removed it. :D

  8. ”Magnus is the best choice for SSB, no one else in Kid Icarus would be better! NO ONE”
    ”hmmm how about Palutena who actually is relevant to the main plot of Uprising, has been in the series since the original, on top of being a female character which would be a breeze since the roster is pretty much a sausage f-”’
    ”(sigh) if you say so, don’t whine if he doesn’t make the cut though”

  9. Looks way too legit to be game IMO, haven’t played any kid Icarus but I’m stoked to see more female representation

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  11. Everyone is like “I JUST WANT ANOTHER CHARACTER ANNOUNCEMENT!” We get a leak at a possible new character that would be awsome. “NOOO I DONT WANT SPOILERS!”
    One character isnt that much of a spoiler people.

  12. If true, I hope it’s an Assist Trophy. I liked Kid Icarus Uprising (a lot actually) but I think other characters are more deserving of being playable.

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  14. Assist Trophy probably. Skull Kid has outlines on the 3DS version I bet. All characters on the 3DS version have the black outline whether they are playable or not. Just to make it easier to see.

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  16. I would think that if she were an actual character, that blue halo/symbol thing behind her would go away. That could be annoying and distracting during gameplay. I’d more like her to be an AT, But these screens do look pretty real

  17. Oh look… another Sakurai character…. that makes four for you Sakurai, better not screw over the Star Fox characters and return them as similar to Fox as they were in Brawl and screw them over by not adding a fourth character to their group. Watching you Sakurai, you damn pedophile for your baby Kirby.

    1. Hades and “overrated” should never be in the same sentence. Palutena is more overrated than one of the best villains in gaming.

      1. You’re right. He does seem more interesting than the likes of Ridley, Bowser, Ganon, K. Rool, and all Pokemon crime bosses combined. But yeah, I’m more interested in a light user than another dark user like Ganondorf.

  18. I Would like her a lot but… Still trying to think of a moveset for her :P Sakurai should add more female reps. I mean in Melee there were only 4 Peach Zelda Jigglypuff and Nana, 6 if you count Sheik and Popo. In brawl same thing. So yeah ADD MORE FEMALES!!

    1. Samus is the lone female character in Smash 64
      Peach and Zelda for Melee. You may or may not want to refer to Sheik as female or not. Nintendo will never go into clear detail how the transformation works, probably just start calling Sheik female just to make it easier and only called her male to keep secret on who she really was. Plus you got Nana who sadly is the lesser half of the Ice Climbers since we can’t directly pick her like we can Zelda and Sheik in Brawl, just only half of the Ice Climbers’ color swaps has Nana infront.
      Samus gets an alternate move set as Zero Suit Samus.
      All our Pokemon characters that have been playable have a chance of being female in the Pokemon games, except for the genderless Mewtwo. So that means they could all be girls but since Jigglypuff wears girly accessories, it is either female or gay like Birdo. It could be the best representative female character for the Pokemon group for Smash.
      Now with Wii Fit Trainer and Rosalina we have a total of 9 different female movesets.
      Since Wii Fit Trainer seems to get an alternate male form, we could have 10 movesets for the females if one is given to the Animal Crossing Villager.
      Still hoping for Krystal though, just Japan doesn’t care for her at all like Americans do. Europeans love her for her British Accent but her fate is sadly in Sakurai’s hands which might be dropped like Dixie was apparently from Brawl’s data.

  19. 95% chance she’s an assist or this is Pit summoning her for his Final Smash. How are none of the game “news” websites taking this into consideration?

    1. Would be cool if a character’s final smash would be calling another character to help fight but not how Palutena was in Brawl. More like the Assist Trophies but I’ve had some pretty dumb AI controls from some of the summoned characters, besides the final smash is about showing off the power of that character. Wouldn’t seem very cool if your just asking for help from someone else, huh Pit?

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