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New Details Emerge For Strategy RPG Forbidden Magna, Graphics Akin To Rune Factory

forbidden_magna_screenMarvelous AQL has announced a few details about its new game Forbidden Magna. The strategy RPG was revealed yesterday in Famitsu, covering the main protagonist Lux and three other girls: Charlotte, Diana and Beatrice. Now, translations have uncovered the Nintendo 3DS game will be produced by Rune Factory’s Yoshifumi Hashimoto and Masahide Miyata, with character design by Ototsugu Konoe, most known for his work on Fate.

Forbidden Magna’s graphics will take notes from those seen in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, while the battle system – known as Connect Lead Time (CLT) – will be akin to the battle mode seen in Valkyria Chronicles, where characters can move freely without the use of grid boards. The RPG will take place within an inn, where players will help to manage and connect with customers, in order to raise a relationship meter and obtain access to special character abilities.

The game’s producer Hashimoto says the game is around 50 per cent complete, but whether it will arrive in the west remains to be seen. Forbidden Magna will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan at a future date.


  1. I am loving the art style for this game, I bet it will look wonderful in 3D. Might be too cutesy for some but that has never stopped me from playing a good game and this looks pretty good in my opinion.

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