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Super Smash Bros To Feature In Today’s Nintendo Direct?

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has tweeted about today’s Nintendo Direct, reminding his followers that the broadcast will air at 7 a.m. in Japan. He, among other designers, also retweeted the official Nintendo Direct announcement, which lets fans know that the presentation will focus on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles releasing by the end of spring. Although Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U won’t be out before then, Sakurai’s tweets suggest that some sort of news regarding the fighting game will be shared today.


    1. I rather see new game modes, or some new features.
      as far as new characters, I rather see new characters and levels even items come out as DLC later on (based on fan requests, and feedback) but id like to see them expand what all the games are and the stuff you can do. Like modes and mini games, and stage builder.

      1. I guess I’m the only one that wishes they removed characters and focused on making all the available characters play very different and balance them out.

      2. Everbody keeps asking for king k rool and he isn’t even in the fucken dk game, why the hell would he be in smash.

      3. Since he’s the main villain of Donkey Kong games? Practically one of the few that hasn’t been used for their series and fits in perfectly? Think before you complain.

      4. They haven’t made ridley a playable character. They haven’t had any of the fire emblem villains as playable characters. Think before you complain.

      5. That’s because ridley has no way of being in without his size reduced…he is too big to be in…Now, if you say…oooooh I don’t know…Mr. X from streets of rage, then I can understand, he a big mother fucker too.

      1. Probably just like Melee’s. Not sure if you meant this- but there wont be a subspace emissary

    2. This is just wishful thinking, but if they announce a new character I’m hopping it’s Layton. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is coming out the end month. Probably not happening but I can dream :D

  1. last time he retweeted, we got roselina and sonic. I’m expecting either, Dixie and Diddy as a team, just dixie, king k rool, or Leaked fighter Palutenia

  2. That would be awesome! Although, we do get new Smash news almost every week, it seems. So no big deal if they don’t announce anything during tomorrow’s Direct.

    1. I do agree that they need more new characters. And I think dk needs more characters, but I rather see a villan then another hero. It would be cool to see a cranky and Dixie assist trophy

      1. Cranky would make a good assist. I say Dixie should be playable but only after or alongside K. Rool.

      2. Who the fuck wants to play as dixie? She’s a nobody, just like rosalina. Sadly this means they will probably include her.

      3. The nobodies are Mario and Luigi, no one cares for playing them. Only high credibility for just knowing them.

      4. Idk what you meant by “Only high credibility for just knowing them”. As for mario and luigi being nobodies, I guess if you say so. You ask anybody who they think of when you mention the term videogame they’ll all answer mario and luigi, but you say they’re nobodies so what the hell do I know.

  3. It could be the announcement of Snake, because Kojima retweeted too. I think this is the case ’cause it’s seems rather improbable the Metal Gear Solid will be announced for the Wii U (but there is hope *-*)

  4. In serious news Master Chief and Banjo to be annouced for Microsoft Battle Royale this week!

      1. And Marcus from gears of war, Microsoft owns that now, he will be dlc if you buy a season pass lol

    1. Ahahahahahahahah…

      As always you Xbots rip off the rip offs…

      Microsoft Battle Royale?…

      Dear N…

      Only a bunch of cars and Master Chief?…

      1. No our games are different because we will use charachters that apeal to Microsofts mature customer.

      2. Nice how you couldn’t come up with your own name but instead rip off Sony’s version.
        And Mature?! It’s mostly little kids all over Xbox just like Playstation and Nintendo. They’re like a bunch of flies that multiply, no way does Nintendo have more child audience, even if their games are more hilarious and child friendly. So tell me what’s mature about Banjo? That kids and adults can say Nuts and Bolts was a shitty sequel to Tooie and that Rare should’ve stuck to Nintendo? That there is the only answer I can find.

      3. The only main character you Xbots have is Master Chief…

        Only cars are left…

        Everything else does not belong to you…

      4. You really can’t say it’s a ripoff because it’s not like Nintendo invented party-fighting games.

  5. boring…
    where is the news.
    we all know what you will talk.
    boooooring… just talk.
    you can keep hyrule warriors.
    it looks like game cube game.

      1. If they want to go for realism, diddy and dixie should be able to throw shit at other characters then try to bite their face off. This is normal behavior in the chimp world.

      2. Normal for you too. I bet your moveset would consist of the dung flinging, Wario’s bite and farting, lastly would be looking like a dumbass.

      3. And for my taunt, your mother licks my balls. I wont tell you what the other two taunts are, you’ll have to wait for the game to come out. Make it happen sakurai!

  6. Master Chief? Lol

    Seriously though, the Dixie picture was kinda misleading lol

    Ok SERIOUS Serious, Its lookin most likely like a character reveal, and the (purposely) leaked 3DS Palutena is an obvious buildup. I didnt beat Uprising so cant say much, just glad they got more chicks. And not no ugly chicks like Fat Princess (Step yur game up PS4)

    1. Tell me about it. I hope X has online multiplayer because Monster Hunter just isn’t my cup of tea.

  7. Diddy will probably be announced I think as DK tropical freeze is coming soon in the west and just released in Japan.

  8. I figured this when I noticed no new image on the smash site. Probably going to reveal a returning character or give us a trailer with a new fighter. Considering DK’s release, I’m expecting Diddy to come back or to announce Dixie. Hopefully K. Rool.

    1. Subtract that, Peach now has rainbows accompaning her heart powers she received in Brawl! Soon she’ll be able to make paradises and Rosalina will simply crush her dreams with her destructive galaxy blows.

  9. If no Mewtwo, Gallade or Dark Samus. And inb4 ‘Samus clone nonononononono’, Dark Samus is very different from Samus. Rundas would make Metroid fans squeal too ;)

  10. this is wats gonna happen,no one is hyped cause we dont want to be dispointed but Nintendo will shock the world and the next direct we will be hyped and we will just be sad and so the circle life begins again

  11. Male/female wii fit trainer…… I think there gonna announced something similar to that with the monkeychangas..

  12. Sakurai has revealed a new character in every Direct so far. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that he’s going to reveal another one in this one.

  13. As long as I see Shulk and Chrom on the new Smash 4, I don’t care who is in the game (except Mario and Marth, they’re too bada$$).

  14. They must annouce Diddy & Dixie, It makes so much sense! o: Valentines day is tomorrow where the direct is gonna air and Dixie is Diddy kongs girlfriend after all x)

  15. Very hyped for this direct! Expecting good things!

    Also, don’t forget that tomorrow is the day ‘AE Games’ said they would show their developing title.

  16. They’re going to announce a female character because it’s valentine’s day. ( hopefully not Dixie or palutina )

  17. What I am hoping this Direct is about:

    1. Zelda U
    2. Hyrule Warriors
    3. that new detective GameFreak game
    4. Pokemon Z (We knew it was coming the second we saw Zygarde)

    I have a feeling it will be Pokemon Z though…

  18. Obviously they’re gonna talk about Yoshi’s New Island and then announce yoshi’s return to smash. You can all see that happening. As for newdcomers it’s a safe bet that we’ll probably get one

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