Here’s The Lovely Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze European Launch Trailer

Nintendo Europe has uploaded the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Launch Trailer. The video features some lovely CGI visuals along with some of the traditional platforming magic that gamers have come to expect from the Donkey Kong franchise. The game has received varied review scores from a six to a perfect ten.


      1. Well I’m only mid way through the second island so far.

        I’m finding it less frustrating than DKCR. No forced motion controls are a big help, and it’s just initially less difficult too. I’m sure it ramps up later though.

        It certainly looks a lot nicer too. You may think from watching the trailers on youtube that the graphics aren’t all that much better. But when you actually play it and have it running on a nice big 40″+ tv, it really does look quite exceptional. It’s obviously a lot prettier than DKCR, by far.

        I’ve only fought 1 boss so far, but that was a good highlight.

        Underwater sections being back is also nice.

        Even though Island 1 was fairly easy, the unlockable ‘K’ stage is hard as hell. I’ve lost about 9 or 10 lives on it so far and I’ve given up for now and focusing on Island 2 instead.

        The different characters spice things up a bit too. Cranky is pretty damn useful. But Dixie is my favourite so far, she kind of hovers and goes a bit higher which makes her just as useful and more so than Diddy.

        I’m preferring Tropical Freeze to Returns so far.

      2. thx for the answer.
        now i know, the game is great.
        in dkcr there was a level (hiden level) in world 8 or 9.
        to collect the letters for kong, i needed over 3 hours and used 93 lives… from my 99.
        that level was so awesome… hard but faire :-)

      3. I take back what I said about it initially being easier.

        The second boss fight is…. going to give me a heart attack, or a broken tv.

      4. ambsolutely! the music, the gameplay, the levels are so much more creative and fun.

        and everything is still nice and hard bit not too hard!

  1. BRILLIANT!!!! AMAZING! WONDERFUL! now they should make 2 more and make sure they are on POPULAR channels + 1 kids one :).

    1. Who knows. I mean CoD and Fifa are popular there and those games are easy to play. DK seems to have some challenge. I just hope it moves some Wii Us.

  2. I don’t know why I laughed so hard at the beginning.
    The way he immediately looks out into the distance from his candle being blown out was fantastic! I was like, “Uh oh… Shit just got real.”

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