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Nintendo Brands Down 20% Year To Date In The UK


JVM from Gamasutra has posted year to date sales of video game software in the United Kingdom. Nintendo brands in total are down 20% year to date, however both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have seen software sales rise. It seems as though Wii and Nintendo DS sales have declined dramatically and sales of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS simply don’t make up for it. The figures are estimated from data published in the UK trade press.

Thanks, Jamie

118 thoughts on “Nintendo Brands Down 20% Year To Date In The UK”

    1. The WiiU is done, dead, and soon to be buried. I’m expecting a new console in 2015, Nintendo has no reason to keep supporting a product that just isn’t catching on.

      1. You don’t understand shit. A console doesn’t get made in a year, it gets made through out the last gen. Wii U will drag its way through this gen (still beating Xbox One) and Nintendo will release their next system around 2018.

          1. thats true.
            if nintendo bring a new console 2015 thats stronger than ps4, or 2 times stronger then ps4, nobody cares, because there would be no game on it, not even ps4/one ports.
            they need to bring a new console with a game, that shows the power of the console, like in the past, snes, n64

      2. They have too many people with your business aptitude. Zero.
        You think a new console will help? Hmm… Not very bright my friend.
        Nintendo could have put out a PS4 caliber system, but if they left it to rot with no games for a year, it would be in the same boat.

        hopefully Nintendo learned that you can’t poorly market, a console with a name known to be weak (Wii), and launch it with a desert library.

        People blame everything from the lack of ram to the ignorant term “gimmick” and have no idea what really went wrong.

        1. You are so right my friend there is zero games for wii u it ls ridiculous. If they just do a few things here and there they would be a true competitor. But they don’t even listen to their consumers. If their smart.

      3. Still quick with the gun drawing when there’s no reason for it. Its only been a year. Yes it has a slow start but don’t forget the PS3 had its worse and 3DS as well. Of Vita too and that system is more deader than Wii U ATM.

        If PS3 and 3DS made a comeback after its flop, Wii U will as well. It still has a chance to recover. Get off the hate train and have an open mind. At least it’ll definitely have a far better chance than that $500 DRM betamax tryhard with a retardrd choice of first gen name as a third gen name.

    1. Uhh hello! the YouKay is stil verry inportent!!! my halve brother William sanders lives theyre! he is a game devloper . he is making the game A Hat in Time because that is his game becuase he loves it! william is a good dev and is suporting wii2u because i love it and i love nintendo because i love them! :) pleese remeber the YouKay is inportent becasue my brother loves it!!

    2. Iwata you ruined Nintendo!!!!! You moron there is only one way to make this up to your fans….. Reggie’s head on a stick. Nintendo fans are thirsty for blood and it starts at the top….

      1. It’s not like the guy made every console released since he was boss a big succes…. Cut your crap, there should be room for failure because a world were everything is safe is a world where there is nothing new and exciting.

        We wouldn’t have had the Wii and the (3)DS when they were still playing safe all the time, and thanks to those three success they have more room than ever to take risks and do new things like the Wii U. You are acting like the guy drove Nintendo into financial troubles like Sony has, but they don’t have those troubles, they still have allot of money left even tough they are making losses. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR EXISTANCE.

        1. I do agree with with your saying about playing it safe and I would not want a Nintendo that played it safe all the time as well but sometimes you have to compare what is playing it safe and what is simply making smart business decisions with respect to taking all regions into account. And yes ever about is entitled to make mistakes we all do but all that gets thrown out the window when your a Fortune 500 level company there is no room for mistakes like this. The nature of true business is cut throat and the level of mistakes Iwata and Reggie are making are simply unacceptable. Their investors must be loosening their neck ties to release the steam….

  1. What the fuck is wrong in U.K.? Seems their game preferences are so fucked up these days. Not all in life are shooters and so called “mature” games it’s simply common sense. I’m telling you people our friends in U.K. are having awful tastes these days. That’s very sad and lame indeed. Hope they get better tastes for fun games in near future :'(

    1. Mainstream is in charge in the UK. Clearly what’s going on over there is that everyone either buys mainstream or they don’t buy at all. Then there are little folks sprinkled around who buy Nintendo products. It’s not that they have “bad taste” it’s just that they all want to fit in with one another and do the same things.

      They are a conformist society.

    2. Quite a few…but not all; I am from the UK and I lament the people around me who think Nintendo is only for kids and would rather play Fifa and Call of Duty all the time. The true gamers that I know actually do not have a problem with Nintendo and want a Wii U; they just say there isn’t enough for it yet, although I am sad to say it; I don’t think they ever will purchase it with that mentality.

      1. If they don’t buy it for SSB4 and Zelda and Mario Kart 8… then yeah, you’re right they will never get a Wii U, because those 3 games coming out this year is the best the Wii U is gonna get.

        1. It is very upsetting to me that I could have ended up like that, just playing what everyone else does and bashing a console I don’t know anything about. I went round a friends house whose father had taken his SNES from his attic, my mind was blown that day. People don’t want to be looked as “abnormal” by the rest of society around here, I get picked on for so much as playing Pokemon outside of my house.

          It isn’t all doom and gloom though as all of us know that Mario Kart 8 and Smash are going to sky-rocket the sales as many people buy just for those games; they are the system sellers.

        2. I wouldn’t say they are best were going to get bayonetta looking great, and there might be some surprises, but the wii u, might be the n64 or gamecube of this gen who knows

    3. euro gamers have a fine taste on games. nintendo refused to listen to what gamers want. gamers lost interest in nintendo and join xbox one and ps4. 1.5/5 of the wii u owners sold there wii u to get something esle better. you can see ton of refirbilish wii u at gamestop, walmart, target, best buy and more. nintendo only cares in making a quick buck on a rehashed and barebone console. nintendo didn’t care if wii u was barebones and lacking online features, they made the cnsole to try and get the causals back on wii u. some kids may like wii u but most wont since there smart that gta v wont come to wii u. kids at my area stop playing nintendo game and moved to sony and microsoft. i even saw a seven year old enjoying the heck out of his ps vita.

      if gta v was on wii u, the wii u could have gotten attention and popularity. you nintendrones should have beg nintendo to publish a wii u version of gta v but instead you drones damage controll and call gta an overrated game

      1. That is also an interesting point you’ve brought up. Instead of everyone complaining for the UK to conform to Nintendo’s needs (which will never happen by the way), Nintendo needs to conform to the needs of the UK.

        If Nintendo wants to achieve success all over the world, they need to start listening to what each country wants as each country is different and have differing desires.

        What sells in Japan most certainly doesn’t sell everywhere else. Nintendo needs to come up with some new strategies, new games, new marketing techniques and branch out to hit a new audience.

        1. many other thrid party companies take serious risk by trying soething new or interseting in games while for nintendo they dont even try anything new but just add oneor two new features and rehash a game for a quick. zelda skyward sword was was an awesome game they made but a link between worlds felt more like rehash than new game. even the mario and luigi dream team surfers from this…. the games felt like a rehash of bowser inside(i would rate it 9/10 for how treat the game was and its story). also even super mario 3d world feels like an rehash of 3d land in my opinion.

          nintendo needs to stop reusing the concepts,elements and ideas and work on something new for once. hmmmmmmm how about a open world waluigi game like waluigi gta style. that would be awesome if they took that risk.

          1. … what are smoking? The mario ip isn’t going to make any risk m rated ever. i do agree skyward sword is a little underrated by the zelda community, but link between worlds isn’t a rehash(be sides maybe the bosses they were not best and felt the same in some area from link to the past) the open world element was very improved, letting us go to any order dungeon we want, it never hold ur hand ur free to explore. its only zelda where i found every thing without a guide. Dream team wasn’t the best out of mario and luigi, it was very different then past ones, but there is to much handholding , to many pauses and the action of the game doesn’t start till the middle. Its a good game, but may favorite is still Bowser inside story. Third party doesn’t take much of risk in this gen and last, last time we had more risk was n64, and ps2 era. Ubisoft, activision, EA, square, and capcom are just some that rarely do new things

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              “open world waluigi game”? what can of fucked up shit is that 15 year old smoking? Waluigi? Why don’t we make a game about a singing shit while we’re at it

          2. Same goes the same companies you’re defending which are doing the exact same shit you’re bitching about under your nose but you’re too high on retardation, admiring only graphics to notice.

            What originality does the PS4 got or offer? Nothing and the remote/Vita mimicking Wii U Gamepad doesn’t count for originality. And what does that $500 combustible Betamax tryhard offer? Nothing but DRM thats still there (Newsflash Xbots: Microsoft LIED) and a forced POS camera that fails everytime it used. Kinect on their console is like their Zune. Its a flop because they can’t get their shit right and the market they go for has already been taken so they fight a losing battle.

            Yes, Nintendo needs a better gaming concept instead of going for what everyone else has flocked to: tablets. But if you claim to care about Nintendo’s sake so much, why the hate and the bitching about bringing something new when you people are not clearly explaining what you want that’s actually original? Its not like they’re cheating out of anyone’s money deliberately like EA and Microsoft. That kind of hate should fall on those guys. Nintendo just made a few bad business decisions thinking the casuals and hardcore would come back to Wii U but didn’t. It just needs more amazing looking software but it far from becoming another Dreamcast or GameCube..well maybe the GameCube.

      2. u make some points, but only gamestop and nintendo are only one selling referbish wii u s. U don’t fully understand the term rehash and the GTA argument is right, while it may helped a little, it wouldn’t be enough, third party and nintendo have always had trouble since the n64, its always been like this

        1. You either don’t understand rehash and I so bet you buy COD every year and don’t even lie to me or yourself. You’re a hypocrite riding the hate train to feel good and “in with thw crowd” because of your low self-esteem.

  2. nintendrones claim that nintedo has money on the bank. i hope you guys know that they could lose 12 billion just from wii u, notice how there only making games on the 3ds because it more cheaper and easy than wii u.

    1. They can’t lose 12 billion from the Wii U. That would imply that they spent more than 12 billion on the Wii U… which they didn’t.

    2. ur logic isn’t even close, no company spends that much on console hard ware. also nintendo could lose 260 million a year and they would be okay till 2052

      1. IKR!? If Nintendo spent 12 billion on a console it better be fucking amazing! Like seriously, 12 billion on a console would be alien tech hahaha, I’d expect my Wii U to double as a toaster, refrigerator, car, microwave, t.v, computer, blue ray player and have 4k graphics….

        If they spent that kind of money and came out woith… the Wii U… that would be the greatest waste of money in the history of… money.

        12 billion on a single console…. what a joke…

    3. I always scroll through all the post’s to get to yours sasori. You make some really good points! Good job!

    4. 12 billion is like the same amount of money they have stored in the bank as proven and no they’re not losing that much because Wii U (like every spec hounding douches wanna complain about) has cheaper tech built in so billions over a console that takes $250-$350 to build is very farfetched. That kind of money loss is what’s happening to Sony. In terms of financials, Nintendo is safe for now and Sony isn’t. Get your facts straight.

  3. People say the UK and US are similar… and they are, but the difference between the UK and US in terms of Nintendo is the US (while CoD and Assasin’S Creed and Fifa remain in the top ten) actually buys Nintendo products substantially. Even more so than anywhere else in the world.

    UK on the other hand… Nintendo sells abysmally there…

  4. Who the fuck cares about the UK? Seriously, who? It’s probably the worst market in Europe, even worse than Spain (a.k.a. FIFA Land). It’s irrelevant.

    1. Well, it’s relevant in the sense that if Nintendo ever got a strong foot hold in the UK that it would be a major success for Nintendo as a company.

      It’s perhaps Nintendo’s greatest task at hand… they are definitely failing.

    2. Hahahahahaha FIFA Land. I’m from Mexico and also same problem here. My brother buys year by year damn FIFA game and buys it gladly. I just think he is crazy now hahaha. But i let him be it’s his money after all not mine.

  5. lol now nintendrones are bashing euro gamers. as a wii u owner my self this is barebones and lacking too many features. why the fuck do i have to go on miiverse just to chat with my friends and siince am permanently banned from mii verse because of the nintendrones i cant message my friends.
    the euro gamers are not stupid, no body would waste money on a product that lacks features and support for thrid party companies. nintendo needs to fire that lazy ass satoru iwata that does nothing. iwata ruined wii u. reggie needs to be treathen to fix and publish thrid party games to wii u.

    1. The lack of features isn’t the problem. Everyone already owns a blue ray player and everyone already has a box that can play netflix and everyone already has a computer than can go online.

      The problem with Wii U is that once it was labeled “inferior” to the other next gen consoles, people simply looked beyond the Wii U. What a lot of Nintendo fans don’t understand is that the graphical powers of a console is what makes people interested, sure it doesn’t make the games any more fun to play and a system is only as good as it’s games, but to get the consumer interested you have to be the best of the best in terms of technology.

      Don’t believe me? Look at the Apple phones for gods sake. They all do pretty much the same thing, but everyone is OBSESSED with having the newest one that has the speaker buttons on the back instead of the front and has a voice recognizing program, yadda yadda yadda.

      Also, being the most powerful attracts more game developers, because they have more to work with and they know consumers go crazy for new technology.

      Basically, when Nintendo comes out with their next console they need to make sure to come out AFTER the next Xbox and PS5 and they need to make sure their console is SUPERIOR to their technology. Also, they need to unveil their next console with SMASH BROS and MARIO KART from the start and Nintendo needs to get exclusivity deals with some popular third party studios.

      I would also think it wise for Nintendo to come out with something along the lines of Assasin’s Creed or CoD. Sure it’s not the “hard core gamer’s” dream game, but the games sell consoles and they sell to the mainstream audience.

      Nintendo needs to realize these things.

      1. You’re mostly right accept for one thing…the devs don’t want to work on the most powerful, they want to work on the simple to program consoles, I’ve heard my share of the wiiu’s power and its got a few tweaks here and there but it is a very powerful system, but its due to the past and programing of the games for wii u directly. Unity is just there to help out indie devs for their small games but compared to a bigger games, the devs want to work on the other consoles than start off with Nintendo first hand, causing them to rebuild the game from scratch. Its not the power of the system, it rather you like Nintendo enough to start on it first then put on other systems and have no grudges. Most likely, about 85 to 90% of the 3rd party devs hate Nintendo and rather see xbox or Playstation have their games…which blinds the fanboys/fangirls on how to be a true hardcore gamer.

        1. That’s true, I forgot about ease of development. The longer it takes the make a game and the more resources you need to put into making a game puts off many developers who would love to be able to transfer one experience on one system to another.

          Some people call that “lazy,” but it’s really just good business.

        2. Its always about the easy way out for developers because they hate to work and go for the devil’s hand to score as much easy money as possible from people who are brainwashed to think power mean better gaming and thus brings us to the fates of many companies losing money, shut down, being hated for selfish decisions. Right now I see the market is shifting closer to another crash.

  6. UK is shit market. Fifa, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, and whatever shitty 3rd party game is released at the time aka Thief. Good thing Nintendo doesn’t cater to dumbasses.

  7. It has to do with the absolute shit release schedule Nintendo has. Wii U has had one game released for it this year. Fucking pathetic. And the next one isn’t until the end of fucking May. One game a quarter is no way to sell stuff. This is why Nintendo will fail miserably this generation.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      “Wii U has had one game released for it this year.”

      Are you high as well

      it’s only March, Nintendo can’t release a first-party game in one month since it’s last release

      1. They should have made a better effort to get games to fill those gaps. Instead there are three month gaps between games. And it will likely continue that way for a long time since no third parties are even going to develop for Wii U anymore.

    2. lol… the new year just started. The PS4 and Xbox One have only released “one” good game this year as well… guess they’re “fucking pathetic” too.

      1. Just started? It’s almost the end of March! Also, the other systems launched four months ago, no shit they don’t have many games. The Wii U should be picking up speed, instead it is stalling.

    3. Oh same as the PS3 did in its day..oh didn’t since it cleaned up its act and bounced back to beat the 360.

      If Nintendo has the same chance, they’ll take it and you forgot something called “gaming conventions” like PAX and E3. There will be announcements and surprises waiting. Chill the fuck out.

    1. a country where all they care about is fucking EA FIFA games. I’m so shocked that Nintendo is actually doomed and Sony going broke isnt…dumbasses.

  8. OK for those who still wandering what’s going on in UK. let put aside Sony and MS marketing.The thing in UK is that Nintendo UK, has done a very bad marketing job. The Wii U and Nintendo DS was not supported and failed in disgrace (hence the number) since the Wii U has been rumored (not even launch). The last games which were awesome but are way over price. I mean Xenoblade Chronicle, last story or pandora tower are still £35 – £60. The launch price tag of the Wii U was sh*t, and game release was really poor (still very poor). The retailers did not put any wii U game or console on display which mean casual gamers do not have a clue the Wii U exist. The only place you can see a wii U is online. And that just take into account Nintendo’s fault only.

    meanwhile PS3 and Xbox360 were doing great since the games were price low, the PS3 12GB was out and quiet successful.

    The media were not tender with Nintendo and retailer and gamers had been influenced by the articles (i know a lot of them who has been).

    I like the hypocrisy of the yanks, they have the same taste as the brits except where you replace FIFA 2014 by NBA 2014 so I think they can just shut the f*** up.

    Finally It’s just UK the Wii U doing a bit better in the rest of Europe.

    1. Yeah, but the “yanks” tend to buy more Nintendo products than the “brits.” Just look at the Wii U consoles that are sold over here in the US vs. over in the UK. The US buys the most consoles… way more than Japan as well.

      1. What u don’t take into account is the retail price after tax and conversion where the price @ launch was just under £70 cheaper in US, the marketing job done in this country as well as rewards which don’t go unnoticed here in Europe. EU has always been an after thought for Nintendo whereas north America as always been look after.hence why their! buy more Nintendo products.when u don’t have favouritism u end in the same situation as Sony and MS.I am not fans of those but they get they market strategies right.

  9. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Humans are like baboons…

    The smallest of bad news and they overscalate it quickly…

    Just like the Lybia incident or other major problems on this pathetic planet, they nobody even remembers Lybia and as soon as this Western/Russian problem is over, they will forget all about it and find something else to complain about and to act superior over others…

    Other than that, -20% downfall of our empire means +20% of even more extreme Nintendites…

    Just wait until I have my own Wii U, I’ll even dwarf Gods…

    1. You should already have a Wii U console, Commander sir. That’s as bad as Walt Disney not being allowed into Disneyland (or, something like that).

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I know but at the same time I don’t want it to collect dust since i barely have time to enjoy games as they should be enjoyed…

        But I think I’ll buy the Mario Kart 8 bundle…

        1. ok… i don’t see the problem with last gen consoles dying down in popularity. it’s not like the Wii-u or 3ds is suffering that badly.

          judging by the line, all previous gen console sales are decreasing while all current gen is increasing.
          no problem here

  10. When Nintendo fans began agreeing with the trolls and naysayers, agreeing the Wii U is a bit of a stinker, trolling and naysaying got a heck of a lot less fun.

    Guys, please keep believing in the Wii U for my amusement.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I still think it’s a great console but from a purpose point, it’s something of a failure…

  11. I think Sony is just paying people to put out these fake sales reports. Why would anyone buy a Gaystation 4 over Wii U? It doesnt evan have any games. Doesnt make sence.

  12. Are you blind, Wii U console went up 103% compared to the entire 2013! It is the success of the Wii U a year di came out PS4 and Bobx1 ..

  13. Nintendo please, next time, no gimmicks. Just make a good console with a normal controller. 3rd parties don’t wanna innovate like you, they wanna make money. Launch it with a 3D mario, zelda, smash, mario kart and some others and you might actually have a chance to do well

  14. Why are people attacking the Wii U over this!? It doesn’t even show the Wii U going down, it shows it going up. Heck, the only things that’ve gone up on this chart are 3DS and Wii U.

    1. Because they’re all fucking hypocritical, power thirsty monkeys thriving on any negativity from anything they claim to blindly hate to feel like conpetents who have a place in this world because them getting into the hate crowd due to having low self-esteem and intelligence in life.

      I see nothing bad about Wii U or 3DS here since it’s showing its slight sales increase which is better than nothing for good news. But wait until Mario Kart 8 lands. The haters will be eating their own shit.

  15. Shut the F up Nintendo Faggot Commander, no one wants to hear you’re lies you dip shit

    Get a dildo you hoe and a Wii mote and got F yourself in all of your 5 holes

    Or Sickr Cell since Nintendo the baby company you like bashing is soon to transition from baby a baby Toy Company to a Gym for obese little brats, shut this site down or start just posting news about QOL products that This Baby Gym company is about to introduce like the canned Vitality sensor that you stick up your butt to know how much butt fat you gaining or lost

    Dick Commander loves that upcoming peripheral the most. Hahahahahahahahaha including all the Babies on this site.

    By the way where is that midget Zorbo1234567? Kinda miss that jerk

    And my girl Katamari

    Miss that hoe too

  16. While trolls have their fun insulting the Wii U (and Nintendo in general), Nintendo still just doesn’t care. Because they know they’re going to bounce back. They always do. Did the Virtual Boy cause Nintendo to go bankrupt and out of business? Hell no! The Wii U’s bad luck is just a little road bump.

  17. Idiot when virtual boy bombed the only competition Nintendo had was Sega, now Sega is no more,the big boys Microsoft and Sony are in town and Nintendo couldn’t compete with them that’s why they went.for casuals, Nintendo fail to realise the the issues they have is lack of development studios and not power or market change, look at Psvita powerful but nobody’s making games for it not even sony

    2015 Iwata is going to make a public announcement that Wii.U is discontinued and the current Zelda Hd game in development would either be the last major release on wii u or wit will be shifted to.the new successor of Wii U

    1. Your level of intelligence and future reading is as par as Michael Patcher..which he’s always proven wrong because, like you, is a fucking idiot.

  18. Really glad to see Wii U is improving (& 3DS, well, just keeps going up & doesn’t need my wellwishing). Maybe there’s still room for consoles, intuitive concepts, quality, & magic in the gaming industry. I do wish Nintendo still had a peer in the game, but @ least Sega wasn’t entirely lost.

    Maybe, just maybe, humanity isn’t as hopeless & immature as it seemed. Could the shallow waters of the mainstream actually deepen & allow Nintendo to once again swim in a blue ocean? Will gameplay once again trump graphics? It took PS3 quite a few years to learn how to swim, so I think Wii U is well on its way. I doubt it’ll become a blue whale like the Wii, but it won’t become a shark like both sets of twins, either. I just hope 3rd parties take notice & return to developing games. I know that many companies have lost some great talents & shelved a lot of good IPs. But indies are becoming quite strong, & really know how to make games. &, while the likes of Capcom are tanking, Platinum Games is doing quite well.

    Anyway, I’m from the U$, yet even I don’t see money as the end all or be all of success. Situations are far more complicated than that, & I’d hope beauty & integrity was worth more than fiat currency, even more than precious metals & stones. But hey, I guess that’s what happens when one is raised on Star Trek: TNG.

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