Popular online retailer Amazon is currently selling the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U for $39.99. Retro Studios latest adventure normally retails for $49.99, so if you fancy saving yourself $10 then go get it. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze currently has an average review score of 83 on Metacritic.

Thanks to those who sent this in.



      • Who cares whether the multiplayer is online or not? This game is far better played Single-player anyways. And, this game is anything BUT an average platformer. Most likely you haven’t played it anyways.


        • since nintendo is pretty much the only one still making platformers except rayman and indies, and their platformers all get 8-10/10 this one is average, and onine is indeed something a game should have in 2014, and this game takes about a day to finish, and it is far too expensive for that, even 40$ is too much


          • It depends if its heavly focused in the game 3D world should have had it, tropical freeze didn’t really needed, most people prefer to play those games in single player


          • Did u get 200%? by getting all the time medals, kong letters, beat every level on hard mode, get all the blue letters, beat all the temples, beat world 7 and get all puzzle pieces…The game takes longer then a day to beat 100%


          • This game does not take a day to finish are U kidding ?? This game is actually much more cheap of what’s it deserve already!! l would pay 60 just for the music ;) 10/10 on destructoid !!! Extremely recommend this awesome game !!


            • then you’re a shitty gamer, i finished mario 3d world in a day, and mario bros u in a day, so this is probably a day long as well, i’m not paying for that shit again, and i can see that you’re an idiot going by what you just said


        • you do know, that it changed just the textures, right?models have the same amount of polygons, and if you’re going to type “the lighting is better” then you’re a fucking idiot, because the lighting does not require much power except if you have tessellation, or some complicated model that is under light, this game doesn’t have that it has the most basic models a 3d game can have


  1. Screw the trolls(hate the word) and haters! I finished the game and I’m still playing it for Time trials and 200%. look for Rise-ADTR-TryForce. That’s my friends’s name and watch some replays. =)


  2. Nintendo fanboys complaining just because 3rd.party has ditched weak u the baby Toy from a Baby company called Nintendo

    If Ubisoft came out and said AC5 is coming to weak u they would all be saying how much they love Ubisoft and how they such a good company, especially that camel faced Nintendo dick rider Nintendo Gay Commander

    He would be saying how much he loves Ubisoft and they such a great ally blah blah blah

    Nintenyear olds are hypocrites

    It’s Nintendos fault for making a baby console when 3rd party developers are grown adults wanting to make games not for 3,5 and 10 year olds

    Even Nintendo themselves have show less support for the Weak U then Ubisoft

    Ubisoft released more games on wiiu then Nintendo themselves

    It’s so sad

    That Ubisoft took the Weak U more serious then Nintendo

    They gave us 2 open world games

    Ac3 and 4 and more games like splinter cell and rayman

    What did Iwata and his baby company give us

    Nsmb Wii HD (copy and paste rehash)
    Pikmin 3 (Wii game upscaled to HD)
    Nintendoland (tech demo sold as a full game)
    Super Mario 3d land HD (3ds game upscaled to HD) another rehash

    It’s so said in babyland I tell u. Lol


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