New Ace Attorney Game Set In Meiji Era Revealed For Japan

A new instalment to the Ace Attorney franchise has been revealed today in an issue of Famitsu. According to early reports, the new game, named Dai Gyakuten Saiban, will take place in the Meiji era in Japan – known to history buffs as a major movement which restructured Japan’s political, economical and military relations.

Details are a little scarce at the moment, though the game’s reportedly believed to be a spin-off rather than part of Capcom’s main series. Dai Gyakuten Saiban will be available for the Nintendo 3DS for Japan – a release for Western 3DS users is currently unknown. 


  1. These Ace Attorney games look funny. Too bad I can’t get it because I’m 16… M rating.


  2. As long as we eventually see an Ace Attorney 6 then I am ok with this. I guess they are really going to run with the trial mechanics from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

  3. They probably won’t release it outside of japan.
    Did the last one have dual audio(japenese/english) like the original trilogy?

  4. There’s not such thing as a bad Ace Attorney game so I’ll be looking forward to this. I do still hope that an Ace Attorney 6 is in the works somewhere. Pretty much lost hope on Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

  5. This probably wouldn’t come west and that’s only considering we didn’t get all of the DLC for the 5th ace attorney. :/ If this is mostly about the Meiji era I won’t hold my breath sadly.

    1. Though I read somewhere that the reason for that was serious localization probs, like in one of the cases, you had to know how to properly put on a kimono or something. =A=

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