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Nintendo Details Mario Golf: World Tour DLC With 108 New Holes And Additional Players

gold_mario_golfNintendo has confirmed downloadable content for Mario Golf: World Tour, which will be available when the 3DS title is released in early May. For golfing fans who simply can’t get enough of the greenery, a further 108 holes can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop in three different packs, priced at $5.99 each.

The first DLC named the Mushroom Pack will launch on May 2 to coincide with the title’s release, while the Flower pack sprouts up in late May, and finally the Star Pack will aim for a June release. All DLC packs contain two new 18-hole courses and a new playable character – Toadette within Mushroom, Nabbit within Flower and Rosalina within the Star pack.

For pro-golfers who would like to download all three, a season pass can be purchased at the discount price of $14.99 from May 2. Nintendo will also offer a special Gold Mario – who has a fantastic Golden Flower shot, giving players coins for every yard it travels – as a playable character for season pass holders. Gold Mario will also be available after the third pack has been released for those who purchase all three packs separately. Nintendo of America’s sales and marketing VP Scott Moffitt said the following in support of the DLC:

“We’re letting fans expand their experience with Mario Golf: World TourSome players might be content hitting the links on the numerous courses already included with the game, while others will appreciate the option of being able to add to their fairway fun with new courses and characters.”


  1. Before anyone starts talking about “overpriced” DLC… let me just remind you that you don’t HAVE to buy it. And this is Nintendo we’re talking about. The DLC is worth every penny…

    1. Ninty fans are fucking hypocrites, Hell on earth when other companies do it, but if Nintendo does it, its all well and good.

  2. Not bad. I like how they handle their DLC. I was a big fan of the Pikmin DLC, and hope they do more.

      1. Someone posted this on IGN, and I felt a little better about it afterwards:

        “Just to put this in perspective for people that are unhappy with this.

        1. This game has the same number of characters and 3 more courses (10 vs 7) than Toadstool Tour on the Gamecube OUT OF THE BOX. So it’s already a bigger game than that one.

        2. This game is $30 instead of the normal $40 for 1st part games.

        3. With all the DLC, the game would only be $45, which is only $5 more than a normal game.

        4. With the DLC added, you now have more than twice the number of courses (16 vs 7) and 4 additional characters (counting Golden Mario if you buy them all).

        The point being, it’s really not a bad deal at all. In fact, as far as DLC goes, it’s actually a pretty reasonable one. You’re definitely getting a full game for your initial purchase, and the extras make it a relatively massive game compared to it’s predecessor.”

  3. Man, I guess I’ve changed my mind about this game. I’m definitely getting it now with the season pass to go with Kirby Triple Deluxe (which I’ve already preordered and payed off.) May’s gonna be a great month for me. I might get MK8 later in June. :D

      1. A season pass is when you get to buy a certain amount of DLC for a reduced price and sometimes even get free stuff out of it. Like say.. If each of these are $5.99 each I bought the season pass for this for $15, that’s $18 vs $15. And maybe Nintendo might even reduce the price of the last pack. But remember though, this is Nintendo… Other people don’t do it right, like EA. Charging $50 for a season pass which is f****** stupid because the da,n game itself is $60.

      2. Yep. Especially when you consider the fact that this game is $29.99. Add 15 bucks and an additional 6 and that’s about $51. An entire game and a dollar more than BF4 season pass. Lmao.

      3. Haha indeed…

        Those Electrons must be showed no mercy…

      4. I dont know were HollowGrapeJ is getting his info from but he’s wrong.

        The season passes are just that, passes. They give you free access to as much as the Developer/Publisher gives you. Lets say Nintendo is selling the 3 DLC packs at $9.99 each. If you buy all 3 seperately the total would ammount to 29.97 (or $30.) Now season passes are always cheaper than what the DLC combine goes for, so it might just be $19.99 saving you $9.99 ($10) the only catch is that you have to pay for the season pass in advance not really knowing if the end product will be any good.

        ex: The last of us DLC season pass is $19.99 but it includes all 4 Packs below.

        The First Map Packs are $9.99
        The Add On DLC for hats, and gear is $8.99
        The Left Behind DLC is $14.99
        The Grounded DLC $TBA (itll probably be $9.99-$14.99)

        The total for all the DLC would be $43.96-$48.96 ($44-$49) but with the Season pass you would save almost $24-$29.

    1. Yeah, it’s cool that the Mario universe is still expanding in new ways! Would be cool to see him as a trophy there, and maybe even make him a racer in MK8. Jk, though with Rosalina being praised so much by Nintendo, it would not be a huge surprise.

  4. Sound good I’ve never played Mario golf so I wouldn’t know how much play time these pack actually add. I’m guessing it’s relatively easy to go through one stage tho

    1. They’re pretty fun. I’m not into golf, and never really got into the Tiger Woods games, but the Gamecube Mario Golf was a blast.

  5. Wow! Sweet! Looks like they really learned from whatever the heck they did with Mario Tennis Open.

    1. Was Mario Tennis not so good? Didn’t play that one, but I liked Mario Tennis on the Gamecube.

  6. Let’s just say it’s….uninspired. It lacks any depth compared to the previous Mario Tennis games.

    1. I really enjoy Mario Tennis 3DS, but you’re right; it is lacking depth. It could have used a story mode similar to the GBA, some DLC or more efficient stat enhancing process. It’s worth playing if you enjoy the series, but it could have been better.

      1. Camelot’s excuse for a lack of story mode was because they wanted to make it similar to the N64 and GCN games (which had no story mode). Problem is, they couldn’t even bring over the depth from said N64 and GCN games.

  7. Seems like nintendo is on the darkside now. The game is not even out amd they have dlc already… Only the nfags will accept this shit.

    1. I only have a problem with DLC when they remove vital parts of a game or ship it unfinished and then make you pay extra for what should have been the original experience. Random additional content like this doesn’t bother me. Although I don’t play too much Mario Golf and I don’t know if all these courses were needed in the main game to make it feel whole, but I doubt that Nintendo would suddenly start removing chunks of their games to sell as DLC later. They seem too… “proud” to do something like that.

      1. You need more factual arguments to justify your reason for calling out names.

    2. Lol no. Companies have been doing this for years and when Nintendo does it, it’s bad? This DLC is for people like me. I am going to get it and play as my Waifu ROSALINA. Ok? :3

  8. Whoa look at Nintendo learning how to play the DLC game right. I’m sure it’s more than worth the money if you like Mario Golf, even the Season Pass comes with an (early) additional character so it’s got even more value. I hope they adopt a similar approach to Super Smash Bros. and maybe even Mario Kart 8- it’s not incredibly likely but I certainly hope so.

  9. Day 1 DLC is bad even when Nintendo does it, gtfo all of you white knights. The fact that you even have dlc for MARIO GOLF makes me believe that you are now just as bad as EA is, Nintendo. It was bad enough that you gave Fire Emblem paid dlc and then tried to make it seem ok with some spotpass free dlc bullshit.

    When will this shit stop?! Games do not fucking need DLC, EVER! Never did with the NES, SNES, Master Drive, Genesis, PS1, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, or the PS2. Neither did the arcade, Colecovision, Atari, and all the other systems before the NES.

    I’m so sick of this shit, if I see a game like a HD Remastered Pong get announced with having DLC I quit gaming, just going to stick to movies because that’s what is mostly being made anyways.

    1. Just wait, movies will start getting DLC too. Technically already do if you count bonus features but those are usually free. Won’t be long now until you can pay extra $5 for the alternate endings, $5 for the gag reel and $5 for bonus commentary by Yoda. And the kicker, they’ll all be on the video disc already.

    2. “Games do not need DLC EVER!” I completely disagree. You act like it’s such a bad thing. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE DLC. And you may as well quit gaming now because it’s pretty much inevitable that Pong remastered is coming. Times are advancing now and DLC let’s you get more stuff. It’s like adding desert to the main meal. Stop acting like it’s the end of the world.

      1. The only thing I wish is that they hsould release DLC some months after the game’s release…

        It makes it seem as if it could have had these DLC included already in the game by releasing it on the same day…

        Nontheless, any DLC from our empire will always be better than anyone elses…

      1. How many times do I need to say it, just because some Nintendo fans hate dlc, doesn’t mean everyone of them do, I really don’t since I’m not buying this game, but I prefer kart 8 to be DLC free for 6 months

  10. Day 1 DLC is bad even when Nintendo does it, gtfo all of you white knights. The fact that you even have dlc for MARIO GOLF makes me believe that you are now just as bad as EA is, Nintendo. It was bad enough that you gave Fire Emblem paid dlc and then tried to make it seem ok with some spotpass free dlc bullshit.

    When will this shit stop?! Games do not fucking need DLC, EVER! Never did with the NES, SNES, Master Drive, Genesis, PS1, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, or the PS2. Neither did the arcade, Colecovision, Atari, and all the other systems before the NES.

    I’m so sick of this shit, if I see a game like a HD Remastered Pong get announced with having DLC I quit gaming, just going to stick to movies because that’s what is mostly being made anyways.

    1. Wouldn’t it be the worst if when at a movie theater you have to pay an additional fee later on to see the second part or to see the ending?

      1. That’d be awful, at the end the ushers come by like a train ticket person making sure you can stay or they boot you out.
        if you buy the season pass you get access to all of the after credit bonus scenes and also a free twizzler.

      2. That’s not how Nintendo DLC tends to work though is it. It’s more like having the option to pay for cut scenes.

  11. Nintendo DLC is high in quality but expensive. I’d rather they didn’t do it but ultimately I know that it’s a smart business-decision to do so – and if people enjoy the game so much that they want more then it’s there for them to get. I don’t really care whether the DLC is Day 1 or Day 301, that’s trifling to me.

  12. The current state of affairs in companies using DLC and microtransactions, or perhaps i should say ABUSING, in order to try to shake people down for as much money as possible and give very little bang for one’s buck is a valid reason for people to be cross about the DLC thing as a whole.

    HOWEVER! DLC is not inherently bad. It can be used as a supplement to a complete game to make it better, all the while being entirely optional and not making players feel as though they’d need it, like some companies withholding a piece of a game to sell to you later as DLC which is the wrong way of going about it. In the case of Fire Emblem Awakening, the paid DLC has nothing to do with the regular campaign and exists mostly for nostalgia for older Fire Emblem games, flavor text fleshing out characters and their relationships, additional challenges, or an easier source of EXP, gold, and powerful weapons to help with said challenges. None of it is or feels required to do anything in the main game and none of it feels like it was taken away from the main game to make a quick buck. The regular game boasts 27 maps for the story mode and 23 side missions which gradually open up as you play through the story. With a total of 50 missions, Fire Emblem Awakening certainly isn’t a malnourished game (and possibly has the most ingame missions of any Fire Emblem game at a glance) and the DLC comes as an entirely optional source of additional gameplay that in no way detracts from the parts of the game you get for free.

    Moving on to Mario Golf, it is also a game which appears to have around the standard amount of content for a game of its series, perhaps even more at 10 courses. On top of this is a large amount of additional courses that can be bought at a fair price, being 6 courses. The DLC tells you exactly what you’re getting for your money, it’s not over-expensive, and it doesn’t gimp the game for the sake of trying to make more money off of it. If you want the extra stuff then buy it, but your experience won’t be hurting for content if you refuse.

    On top of that, this Mario Golf game is priced at $30, 25% less than the standard 3DS game pricing of $40. The DLC bought in its entirety would run you $15, bringing the total to $45. Based on this, gamers have two very valid options to choose from:

    1) A game less expensive than the norm and with all the content one could come to expect of a Mario Golf game. Or

    2) A game /slightly/ more expensive than the norm with all the content one could come to expect of a Mario Golf game with the supplement of the slew of additional content.

    Finally, some math. At $30 you get a Mario Golf game with 10 courses. At $45 you get 16 courses and also 3 more characters to choose from if that’s important to you. So for 1.5x the price of this game (which, as has been established, is less expensive than normal 3DS games), you are getting MORE than 1.5x the gameplay, meaning that this DLC as a whole is priced in a fair manner and has no intentions of ripping anybody off as so many companies have done before.

    Honestly if this game had been priced at the standard $40 with all of that DLC valued at $5 and NOT called a Season Pass, then nearly nobody would be complaining about it because it would be seen as an amazing deal. It’s just that the stigma around paid DLC costing more than it’s worth and the idea of a “Season Pass” has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths in the past few years. That, along with the $15 price tag everyone’s looking at without noticing the reduced price tag on the actual game, is causing a lot of the negative reactions. In actuality, Nintendo’s doing DLC the right way here.
    TL;DR version:
    DLC isn’t bad when used properly. Nintendo’s used it properly before and is using it properly again here. It’s just that the wording of some of it has given worry to people because of how they remember other companies abusing it for their own money-grubbing purposes rather than to the benefit of the consumer.

  13. Good job nintendo!! For all you people complaining about dlc for this game, here’s a few things to consider.

    This game has more content WITHOUT DLC then the previous entries

    The game is $30, which is a good price for a 1st party nintendo game

    No matter what you say this game is already complete without dlc and is bigger then the previous entries, making this dlc even a better value

    And last YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! So at the end of the day, there is no reason to complain about it


  15. Awesome!

    People need to learn that Day 1 DLC is not necessarily a rip-off. That is, honestly, a very naive way to look at it.

    The content that gets put into games is always limited by a budget, and that budget can be enlarged when a company knows that doing so will allow them to create new assets that can be sold as DLC.

    The fact that the extra content is ready to go on release day does not mean it was taken away from the finished version of the software. It might mean that, from the very beginning, extra dollars were put into the project so that additional content would be planned and ready to go on the release day.

  16. How is anyone supposed to know that they even want DLC until they get the game and play it for a while? Like me, I’d have to buy the game and really love it before I’d pay extra for DLC.

  17. So, everyone complains whenever EA does Day 1 DLC, but now Nintendo does it and they get a free pass? People need to be consistent.

  18. I hope they do DLC for Mario Kart 8, personally I would gladly pay for a season pass if it meant getting all the tracks ever made for a Mario Kart game redone in glorious HD. On DLC in general though, it only bugs me when the DLC is included on the disc or in the download for the main game in the case of digital downloads already, anything that’s included on the disc should be available without a paywall, the clue is in what DLC stands for DOWNLOAD CONTENT, not download a file that unlocks the content already on disc.

    1. I want Mario Kart 8 DLC to include unlocking Kirby, complete with Warp Star. Come on, with that Rosalina Smash trailer, it should happen!

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