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Don’t Forget If You Buy Mario Kart 8 At Retail Or eShop You Can Get A Free Wii U Game


During today’s surprise Nintendo Direct presentation that company announced a lucrative offer for Wii U owners. Purchase Mario Kart 8 at retail or on the eShop and you’re then eligible to receive a free Wii U game. All you need to do is register the game with Club Nintendo before July 31st. You can get one of the following well-received Wii U games: New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD or Wii Party U.  The deal is available for North America and Europe.

81 thoughts on “Don’t Forget If You Buy Mario Kart 8 At Retail Or eShop You Can Get A Free Wii U Game”

      1. It is according to the picture above. Although I was checking the space required for each and W101 is 12Gb. I think I would get that one on a disc instead.

          1. It seems only 4 games are available for NA. Mario bros u(which I already have), Windwaker HD(Which I already have), Pikmin 3(Which I already have), and wiiPartyU(Which I don’t want).

            1. Just letting everyone know, you could probably sell the download code to someone else and get some cash for it. I have multiple club nintendo accounts and when I get a download code on one I can use it on a system that has a different account registered. With the $10 gas card and maybe getting $20 for the pikmin 3 download code I’ll be getting mario kart 8 for $30

            2. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

              I’ve already got WWHD downloaded onto mine with Pikmin 3 being retail. As for the other two games, I don’t own them nor want them. I could let my brother use the code for his Wii U, though.

              1. Yea I’m trying to think if there’s anyone I could give the download code to but idk anyone with a wiiU. I’m gonna try to sell it.

            3. People can be such spoiled pigs, be happy with what you get and don’t beg for more. You’re life will be allot better if you do that.

              Nobody is forcing you to download that free copy of Wii Party U so don’t do it if you don’t want that game.

              1. You’re comment doesn’t make any damn sense. It would if I was complaining but I wasn’t. I was just letting everyone know that NA can only choose between 4 games and that I already own all the good ones.

                1. I guess I missinterpretated (?) Your comment but there are allot of people here on which that comment is relevant.

    1. This is a great step to woo people to come forward and buy Wii U for Mario Kart 8 and get a free game with it. :)

      Nintendo is finally stepping up. Hope they keep it up.

  1. Nintendo’s being extra generous all of a sudden. This is amazing. I can’t believe I get a free game just for buying something that I was already gonna buy anyway. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for e3. :’)

      1. are you stupid? to get the free game all u need to do is register the game with Club Nintendo before July 31st. so yes everyone gets a free game. god people are such idiots

      2. They use “could” since after July 31st you will not get a free game for buying Mario Kart 8.

        If you buy the physical version and don’t register it, then you also won’t get a free game.

  2. Europe has a much larger selection of games to choose from then.

    That’s good for me. I had all the games the NA direct mentioned. But now I could get Game & Wario or Monster Hunter.

  3. Reggie announced just 4 games for NA

    New Super Mario Bros. U
    The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
    Wii Party U
    Pikmin 3

      1. Dummy, it says to buy Mario Kart 8 (disc or digital), and then register its bundled code for Club Nintendo (if you have an account by now) and you get any of those games free.

        Just buy and register. Two simple steps, three if you haven’t signed up for Club Nintendo which is simply straight forward.

  4. Man hate to complain, but I’m bummed that US only gets 4 titles to choose from. I have all four already so no bonus for me.

    1. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

      If you can & have a friend or family member with their own Wii U, you could always give the code to them to use if they want any of those 4 games.

  5. Oh shit! I thought it was just the four games mentioned in the Direct! YES! I thought I would have to settle for WiiParty U, because I already owned the others, but now it looks like I could get Game and Wario, Monster Hunter or Olympic Games as well….. hmmm, which should I choose?

  6. should i get wind waker hd ( i have the gamecube one but didnt play it yet) or should i get monster hunter?

  7. Damn. I have wind waker and i don’t care for the other 3 titles. It’s either Wii Party U or new super mario bros u :/ lame list. I would have tried to get monster hunter 3 but nooooooo it’s not for america.

    1. This, why don’t they add both NES remix games and Donkey Kong and Super Mario 3D world or even other games that aren’t theirs like Rayman legends etc. I mean I get it but the list is quite small of you are a fan that bought a lot of first party games…

      I guess I have to go for Game and Wario… And I still have to find myself a y cable for my USB drive because it doesn’t get enough power from the console… :( A stupid mistake from Nintendo, they should have released their own drive so you have the option for a cheaper or alternative with more memory or one that is guaranteed to work.

  8. Pikmin 3 by far is the most fun game if you don’t have it. Wife and I have played hundreds of battles. And unlocking missions. The 2 player mode is endless, and the best part.

    1. This, definitely the game I will return to the most in the Wii U’s life cycle. Great fun even on your own. And more when you are playing with friends.

  9. Users outside of USA and Canadá Will be able to register their copy of MK8 in club Nintendo and get access the other game code for them to download?

    1. i think so! I’m living in sweden and i signed up to the us one. if i understand this right you just redeem your club nintendo points and you will get a code for a game. open the wii u shop and redeem your game. at least i think this will work :P

  10. Godlike, especially if you get the MK8 bundle.

    You give Nintendo fans free stuff and they still complain.

  11. Why do other countries get more and better games to choose from!? That’s totally unfair. The U.S never gets anything like what other countries get we get the short end of the stick on this Mario Kart 8 purchase, we never get preorder bonuses and if we do it’s something that the rest of the world gets or it is something that is basically useless and specific to a store (example: preorder a Nintendo game at Target and get a $5 gift card kind of shit).

    I want to get exclusive offers too!

    1. Perhaps the reason to include more games in Europe is because It has sold less oveer there than It has on US? I’m sad as well, but I have ended up getting Pikmin 3 either way.

  12. Finally! Finally Nintendo is doing something to make people want to buy their console! That’s great, but they can’t stop now. They have to advertise both the Wii U Mario Kart 8 bundle AND the Wii U itself alone!

  13. Awesome, though I live in America, so In forced to get Wii U Party. (Have the other 3) So far simply pre ordeing mario kart has gotten me a free gas card and a free game.

    $120 value for $60.

    I loce you Nintendo!!! :)

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  15. Wow so glad I hesitated getting WWHD seeing how I got everything the GC version had to offer. Keep up the awesome work Nintendo!

  16. man america and eu are lucky…japanese wii u owners like me are getting shafted…we get to choose from 6 games and theyre free for a month, after that we can buy them from the eshop at 40% off

  17. Genuinely great offer by Nintendo. I was buying Mario Kart 8 regardless, but this is a wonderful bonus!

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