Original Bayonetta For Wii U Is 60fps, Dual Audio, And Features Off-TV Play

The official site for Bayonetta has opened and within it contains some interesting information. The original Bayonetta will run at 60 frames per second, features dual audio, and also has off-TV play. A Japanese language option is also available. Here’s the key points.

“Bayonetta, originally released in 2010, introduced an explosive blend of dynamic action and saucy style.Now all the action comes to the Wii U at 60 fps—and it’ll leave you breathless.”

New features, only on Wii U

  • Wii U GamePad features
  • You can use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touchscreen and a stylus to control the action in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.
  • You can play using just the GamePad screen, without having to use your TV.
  • Japanese-language option
  • Choose between English and Japanese audio tracks, and select either English or Japanese subtitles to accompany the voiceovers.

Thanks, Timmy



  1. Heck yes! I love 60FPS! IT’S SO SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER!!! :D Anyways, to anyone getting Bayonetta 2, will you be playing the first one before you play the new one? :P I’m still figuring that out… 1st or second. Hm…


    1. Since I haven’t played the 1st one yet, I’m going to be doing just that. Playing the 1st one first & the 2nd one afterwards. For those that haven’t played the original game, Bayonetta 2’s retail copies is practically two month’s worth of releases.


      1. I’ve already played the first one, but I’ll probably play the First one first and then move onto the second one.

        The first one is SOOOOO good, I don’t mind playing it again at all. Plus, it’ll be a better experience to just play through number 1 and seamlessly move onto number 2.

        I’ve never been able to play the first iteration of a game before and then move right onto the sequel. It will be a new gaming experience for myself.


      2. Same here. I haven’t been able to do this yet, but Bayonetta will fix that. I’ve only been able to seamlessly move on to the next game in a series by way of games I’ve already played before. In fact, I’ll be doing just this with Metroid once Zero Mission releases on the Wii U in North America as I move on to the other Metroid games.


  2. Hah. Ha ha. Hahahahaha! It makes you wonder if this is one of the reasons why Bayonetta 2 was taking so long to release for the Wii U was for Bayonetta. I’m fine with that.


    1. This. They had to delay the game so that they could release the original at the same time so that those who haven’t played it before wouldn’t be hesitant to jump in.


      1. Doing it right does, Platinum games originally let SEGA port Bayonetta to PS3 for the cross platform release and it ended up with half the frame rate, lots of drops, and terrible load times. I’d easily give them and extra 4-5 months to give the game a proper port, not to mentioning implementing additional control options and off-screen play.


      2. Is this a joke? Of course it takes months just to port a game but they are also making it prettier and integrating the game pad


      3. You’re the only idiot here I see. Did you not even watch the trailer or read the info about the game? They are adding Gamepad controls, alternate outfits for Bayonetta, & other stuff, so it needed more time than you think. Go actually read the info before opening your filthy mouth, insect.


  3. this is the kind of intense game that wants to be 60 FPS. Good to see that this sounds like not a rushed port. Releasing Bayonetta with Bayonetta 2 is very good news for the sales of that game obviously, because Nintendo gamers such as myself have not experienced the first game before. It has certainly swung my thinking on the title.


  4. I would buy a WiiU voor Bayo alone! It’s one of my all time favorite games. Story wise it doesn’t make any sense, but gameplay, gameplay, gameplay… Truely beyond anything I’ve ever played.


  5. I would have been more than glad to but the 1st game a 3rd time, glad it is like the 360 version, when it comes to 60fps. For anyone whom didn’t play the first one, it has TONS of replay value, you must complete the game multiple times to unlock new weapons/items. Also there are hidden bosses and are hidden bonus stages throughout each chapter. I loooove the gameplay, so addicting, think Devil May Cry in terms of difficulty when it comes to the enemies, on the really hard modes, you face late in the game enemies earlier. Music is good too. Tons of references to numerous capcom and sega games.


  6. So excited for this, I stopped playing the game on PS3, and will start on Wii U.
    Now I’m trying to decide, if I should gift my PS3, or take it to the balcony, grab a hammer and send that loud overheating piece of plastic to the hell.


    1. Don’t kill your PS3 its the only console Sony has that offers free online gaming for 3rd party not on Wii U.


      1. Since Bayonetta is the only game that I have been playing on it, it is ready for retirement.
        And Wii U + PC offers me more games than I have time to play.
        PSU is crapping out on it (yay for internal power supplies) so I cant sell it with clear conscience, maybe I’ll give it to my brother or nephew.


  7. At first I wasn’t going to buy it. I thought yohbjust stay on some floating platform and attack enimes but now I’m super hyped after the footage.Besides I get to play Bayonatta in order.


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