If You Missed It, Here’s The First Day Of Nintendo Treehouse At E3

Four hours worth of footage has been uploaded online from yesterday’s Treehouse at E3 stream. The footage was originally streamed live on Twitch and included footage from Miyamoto’s new Wii U GamePad projects as well as Hyrule Warriors and plenty more. You can watch the pre-recorded footage from Treehouse, above.

Thanks, Adam E


      1. Giant Robot, and Camera thingy. Not super impressive IMO. But the Star Fox looks promising :D

  1. Sony Domination. At e3 Uncharted 4 and Little big planet single handily over poweres the competition!!

      1. Only two is enough to take you on we had more games coming but our empire instructed me to use a fraction of our ultimate power because at full power all you nintendrones would crumble before our feet…….

      2. Yet you still got destroyed by our Republic which is smaller. Therefore, you are bluffing about your ultimate power meaning the Nintendoeans destroyed you.

    1. As much I love Uncharted, you had barely anything else worth mentioning. Luckily for you, you got second place.

  2. Let alone Xenoblade, Toad’s Treasure Tracker, Super Smash Bros. And you want to play dumb as if they weren’t announced. Don’t let me bring up Yoshi, Zelda and Kirby.

  3. im downloading the vid with a video converter that downloads YT vids as i wont have time to watch the whole thing and will be doing the same for the rest of the parts.

    1. And I can’t believe you still have your Wii U and making invalid opinions.

    2. Being able to travel fast in your own ink that you placed around the battlefield to quickly get from one spot to the next isn’t innovative enough for you? Quit playing dumb all the time, idiot.

      1. hey morons there something called deploy and also deploying near your temate or even near the jets and helicopter station. battlefield 3> splatoon.

      2. I wish I could take a paddle to your ass since your parents clearly don’t punish you enough. Or maybe they punish you TOO much? Either way, you’re a little brat complaining about what he DOESN’T HAVE instead of appreciating what he does have.

        Anyway, I’m not gonna bother with you any further tonight since you’re stupidity is stifling and that stick up your ass is clearly piercing your brain. I’ll let someone else beat the shit out of you, wannabe troll, on this subject. Have a good night, kid.

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