Sony Claims A Third Of PlayStation 4 Owners Have Moved From Nintendo And Xbox

PlayStation’s American VP of marketing John Koller, claims that a third of people who own a PlayStation 4 have moved from Nintendo and Xbox to Sony’s brand. The research that Koller cites suggests that 31 percent of Playstation 4 owners had an Xbox 360 or Wii, but not a PlayStation 3 in the previous console generation. The same research claims that a staggering 17 percent of PlayStation 4 owners didn’t own a last gen console. Here’s what Koller had to say.

“The person that we’ve picked up since launch primarily is someone we call the connoisseur, someone that loves, unequivocally, loves games.”

“They are the people who, when you walk in [to their home], there’s no books on their book shelves. They’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the console’s launch]. They really are a fantastic consumer for us. They’re a great part of the PlayStation nation.”

“Koller also added that among early PS4 buyers are also a higher than expected number of “indulgers” who were described as “people that are traditionally a little bit more price-sensitive or down the funnel that have kind of bucked the trend as it were”


  1. Yeah and 80% of that third already have either an XB1 or Wii U. Can’t stand Sony at the moment, constantly giving digs. Who cares?

    1. There once was a man who fapped so much that he got super powers. Thus, The Fapper was born.

    2. They are saying that 1/3 of PS4 owners didn’t have a ps3. How is that a dig? This news article’s title is more antagonistic than the actual comment in full context. Welcome to click-bait.

      Sony has made great strides in the last 3 years. I bought a ps3 over the 360 and regretted it for a long time. I was even thinking of going to the XBone and I’ve never owned any previous xboxes. That was my plan until MS’s “always online/kinect/blocking of used games/etc…” plans came to light.

      That killed any thoughts of switching to MS or of even trusting them ever. It was a real shock to see them list every anti-consumeristic idea as a feature. I imagine I wasn’t alone in writing off MS after that debacle. The fact that they originally claimed it was all necessary and then retracted just about every part of it shows the complete disdain they have.

      1. I truly cannot stand “hardcore” gamer culture/blogs. The incessant obsession with defending a particular multi-million dollar corporation and its products, the idiotic remarks and the all-around hostility at any possible criticism are repulsive and outright pathetic.

        1. In your opinion, the PS3 had better games. Apparently to him, the PS3’s games weren’t that great & the Xbox 360 had games that he thought would be better to play.

      2. Until you realise that Sony actually had very similar plans for the PS4, and actually just dropped all of that at the last second before their conferrence. This was proven by the day one patch.

        If that doesnt convince you further look at the “How to share games on PS4” commercial. They actually filmed it backstage. Very fishy.

        I’ve always been a primary Xbox person who was switching to PS4 this year instead of getting a One, until I realised that Sony give the same amount of shits as Xbox does with their marketting. Even after Xbox flopping last year with the TV crap, they still opted to do it this year and suffered for it by only bringing news of 2 exclusive titles with the rest being all platform.

        Xbox kicked their asses with the lineup this year and are back in the game. I still hate them for the notion that they had when first revealed, but they have a new president now that truly gives a shit about their consumers. Sony destroyed my hopes for their console this year, because even after they denied they had any intention of always online and second hand game blockage (And then removing it all through a day one patch) they still managed to bring way more TV into the equation this year after bashing microsoft last year about it.

        Viva la Wii U. Thank god Nintendo can actually have money without being corrupt like those two companies. I miss the Xbox/Ps2 era when they werent trying to be a corporate business and were trying to sell systems for people to enjoy.

    3. Well, I was a ps3 user who sold the console in order to buy a wii U, and not regretting at all! The wii U is awesome even tough the wii didn’t got my attention last gen term.

  2. No they haven’t. o.O They probably never had a Sony console to begin with or bought a PS4 to go with their other console. If this is true then we have some traitors!

      1. Anyone who bought a Sony console did so out of hype and nothing else. At the moment the PS4 is looking to have a worse game drought than the WiiU.

        1. Exactly this. There’s no reason to upgrade. It’s the same games you can get on last gen. Just visually improved. Ooh GTA V is on PS4 with prettier graphics? I played that game a year ago. It isn’t worth spending $100+ on.

          1. So you only point out GTA V. I’m sure if it was announced for Wii U, you’d be like “Pre-ordered! Can’t wait!)

            (Assassin’s Creed Unity, Batman Arkham Knight, Chariot, Deep Down, EA Sports UFC, Evolve, Homefront 2: The Revolution, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Kingdom Hearts 3, Lords of the Fallen, Metro: Redux, Mirror’s Edge 2, The Order: 1886, Star Wars Battlefront, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Uncharted (PS4), The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt)

            1. And only two of those games require a PS4, both of which are 2015 games, there’s also The Last of Us:Remastered cause no one played that last year!

                  1. Let’s see for WiiU this year we’re getting Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Sonic Boom as brand new Nintendo exclusives with 10 more exclusives announced for 2015. For PS4 this year we’re getting Driveclub, and Little Big Planet 3 as brand new exclusives for this year. With The Order 1886, and hopefully Uncharted 4 as exclusives for next year.

                    Multiplats are not that convincing for getting a single particular console.

                    1. ^Exactly this! If Nintendo was getting a vast majority of 3rd party multiplats that weren’t just crappy ports & were the best they could be, there would be a hell of a lot more buyers of Nintendo consoles since Sony & Microsoft, whether the fanboys of those companies like it or not, have a lot of people buying their Playstation & Xbox consoles that loved the hell out of Nintendo’s 1st party exclusives growing up.

                1. Exactly my point. Who’s the idiot again? The Last of Us sold millions of copies on PS3, who in the hell is left to buy it AGAIN for the PS4?

                  1. People who didn’t play it. Just like the article says, there are a lot of people who own a PS4 now and didn’t own a PS3 last gen. Still, there are people who owned a PS3 and didn’t play The Last of Us.

                    1. If someone owned a PS3 and didn’t buy TLOU it’ll take a lot more than adding “remastered” to the end of it to make them buy it on the PS4.

            2. Lol well, you’re wrong. I’ve played GTA V for a long time now to the point where I’ve stopped playing it all together. And if I had the money, of course I’d buy a PS4. I’m just saying that now there isn’t really any reason to quickly jump ship yet. I can still get a majority of PS4’s games on PS3 and the games that I can’t get are ones that I never cared about in the first place. Lol Killzone.

        2. Idiot. I bought a PS4 because Sony offers great exclusives and I’m a fan of Metal Gear. You Nintenbrats are ridiculous.

          1. Too bad Sony doesn’t own exclusivity to Metal Gear anymore, or Final Fantasy, or Kingdom Hearts, or Insomniac.

            1. Doesn’t matter given none of those games are coming to Wii U. I don’t give two shits that MGS isn’t sony exclusive anymore. Point is it’s NOT on Wii U so I bought a PS4 not just for MGS5 but for Sony’s exclusives.

              Why you jackholes can’t support anyone bit Nintendo is beyond me.

              1. I support plenty of companies besides Nintendo. I own all the new consoles and a gaming PC so exclusives are really all I give a damn about. Sony is making me really regret buying a playstation with the complete lack of exclusives.

          2. Because Metal Gear has never been on anything but a PS console, right? I mean Metal Gear Solid V is *totally* not on the Xbox one when it comes along like Ground Zeros is now, and Xbox TOTALLY didnt get a MGS HD collection to make up for the lack of Metal Gear games on the console, and Metal Gear TOOOOOOOOOOTALLY wasn’t originally a SNES game and the 3DS TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY didn’t get a port of MGS3 as a LAUNCH TITLE.

            Every companies exclusives are pretty damn good, but you listed 1 series of exclusives that is now multiplatform and that makes everyone who doesnt like playstation a twat?

            Now cmon, this is why I dont bother with either Xbox OR Playstation anymore.

        3. I haven’t bothered getting a ps4 yet but that is the console I will choose over the xbone. Won’t become a priority purchase until Bloodborne is out next spring. But yeah, you’re right about no urgency. Ps plus is giving me no lack of games to play in between. That service is awesome and well worth the $60/year.

          1. I just wish nintendo had more titles out by now. Kart, pikmin, Windwaker, MH3U, Mario 3DW. That’s been it for 18 months now. And both Windwaker and MH3U are re-releases.

  3. The hell is Sony’s problem? Lately they just seem to insult other companies for the hell of it because they had a good E3 LAST year.

      1. At least last year Sony’s smug attitude was acceptable given Microsoft’s attitude in general. This year they’re just being stuck up brats.

  4. Last Sony console I had was the PS2, my brother had the Xbox 360 and sold it for a PS3, he has no interest in getting a PS4 as he thinks its just a more expensive PS3 with nothing new to bring

    So… where did he get his intel from?

    1. Last Sony console I also had was PS2. My brother has bought two PS3s and says he’s never getting a PS4+all his friends who bought a PS4 regret buying it.

  5. i had a ps3, played what i wanted to play and swiftly got rid of it. i didnt feel a need or see a reason to keep it, whereas my old underpowered dinky wii still lives on cuz it gave me the best games of that generation that became instant classics, not forgettable throw aways

  6. I believe in Shigeru Miyamoto the Father, Almighty, Maker of Mario and Zelda

    And in Filsamech, his only begotten Son, our Lord

    Who was conceived by Hiroshi Yamauchi, born of the Nintendo race

    Suffered under CD-i; was ruined, shovelware and panned. He descended into Virtual Boy

    The third day he rose again from Sony

    He ascended into N64, and sits at the right hand of Miyamoto the Father Almighty

    From thence he shall come to judge the Wii and the GameCube

    I believe in the Wii U

    I believe in the holy N; the communion of Wii Sports

    The forgiveness of Radar Scope

    The resurrection of Nintendo

    And the consoles everlasting

    1. You must be a Catholic… It’s dad that I remember standing in church droning this with the rest of the congregation. *shudder*

  7. Lol. Wow. At least it’s not the norm. Nintendo is God’s company. Here to show use the way. All others are imitators. Wannabes.

      1. Nintendrone’s saying ‘WiiU4LYF3’ on an IGN article. The desperation is strong to keep the Wii U relevant.

        1. haha I have never told that, and what is the relevance of it inside my commentary? desperate people again commenting useless stuff

  8. Their description of a Sony fan is very precise: a person who has no books in his room and even entire house, and is even proud of that fact. Sadly, a lot of US homes are like that, with no books. On the contrary, houses, apartments and lofts of nintendo fans are full of art and books, and Nintendo fans are usually college educated.

    1. And your source for that is, where? Studies show that gamers in general are more educated. Implying that a Nintendo gamer is “smarter” or has “more books” than a Sony gamer is utterly ridiculous. Koller may have been making an exaggerated statement for effect in relation to how fervent he was trying to portray Sony gamers as, but that doesn’t make his statement correct in that regard, either.

  9. Everyone talking about ps4 having no games…. at e3 sony had more games than microsoft and nintendo combined. Nintendos booth was 90% smash bros.

    1. Sonys games were all 2015, or all mulitiplats, there’s nothing special specific to sony. Nintendo has the EXCLUSIVES

        1. See but the thing is Wii U has way more exclusives. Legend of Zelda alone is a system seller. PS4 has exclusives but almost none of them are sellers. Not infamous, not Killzone, not The Order 1886, nothing. Just admit it, people bought PS4 for third party. Lol telling that lie about exclusives. Now whoever DOES buy PS4 for exclusives, then I applaud you for actually having a brain and making the right decision. But I still don’t care about any exclusives. At least X1 has some decent exclusives. Even though I think PS4 is better.

  10. I can’t afford a play4 or even a xbox one, sony started to sell play 4 here for 1800 dollars, and microsoft 900 dollars for xbox one.. u.u”
    now play4 is 900 dollars..and I prefer Nintendo games, WiiU is the cheaper as well, it’s 500- 600 dollars..

  11. There is really no way they could know this. Btw I noticed also that Sony is starting to get really arrogant. Hell even Microsoft started their conference saying all three companies were good (which really surprised me).

  12. “people that are traditionally a little bit more price-sensitive or down the funnel that have kind of bucked the trend as it were”

    They’re called wellfare gamers and the Playstation brand is full of them. They all just expect free games from PS+.

    1. Let me get this straight, didn’t you just say you left PS for Nintendo? Did you suddenly get off welfare then?

  13. Well, if a Nintendo fan decided to get 2 consoles for the exclusives it is normal for it to get a ps4. If they already had ps3 they wouldn’t have gotten the ps4 cause it’s natural to get the newer one. SO sayign bla bl % of their sales are from previous Nintendo owners is bit senseless as I’m sure the WiiU has some % who didn’t have a Wii.

    1. I have wii & wii u and ps3 ps vita (that broke big mistake should have got that 3ds) and am a Sony fan but I have yet to be compelled into buying a ps4 but am so thankful on my 30th birthday I got a random gift of a wii u lol love it to death so far

  14. Well im pretty sure that most nintendo fans had more than a Wii cause there were lots of times where fuck all was coming out for it

  15. ps4 and xbox1 fucking suck damn near all the game wont be released till the end of 2015. the is no reason to buy sony or microsoft consoles when i could get a pc gaming rig that will give me a better a experience better graphics and the same games at a cheaper price. the only system worth buying as far as consoles is nintendo wii-u because those games and those experience you cant get no where else.

  16. I didn’t move from nintendo to sony , but I do have both a wii u AND a ps4. The last sony console I had was a ps2, but I’ve always had and will continue to buy nintendo consoles. Right now both consoles could use some games! Am I the only one that wasn’t too excited at nintendos e3? I mean 2015 looks great, but what about 2014? Everyone sucks on smash dick, which looks good but I need more than a fighting game! The next big release for wii u is bayonetta or hyrule warriors in 4 months, then smash and toad game? One of which will probably be delayed… Hyrule warriors looks shitty too. I might pull a cartman and freeze myself til 2015

  17. SO SAD NINTENDO :( boo fucking hoo
    The Wii U is a flop & nobody can do anything about it!

  18. to be honest I have some difficulty to agree with Mr Sony US. Except the chav from UK and other European countries who are renown to be a bit retarded and COD fans are the only person I know who will buy a PS4 when they already own a PS3.

    Personally there is not point of buying a PS4 at the minute,cause 90% of the PS4 games are also on PS3. Same goes for Xbox360 and xbox 1.

  19. there they flat out lie! they could not have claimed this unless they asked every single playstation owner if they moved from nintendo or sony. so this is bullshit!

  20. I am one of them. I ditched Nintendo and I should have done it sooner when the Wii launched. My Wii U now collects dust. The Wii was a big disappointment for me and I still gave Nintendo one last chance by getting the Wii U at launch. Nintendo only makes games that aren’t appealing to me nowadays. I was a Nintendo gamer but it wasn’t Nintendo’s baby games that interested me. (I actually dislike Mario). I liked Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini), the exclusive games from Factor 5 that graced Nintendo consoles (all the Star Wars games), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), the Metroid games from Retro, the only Nintendo EAD games that did interest me back then where the Wave Race games and 1080°.
    But Nintendo changed years ago, when they decided to sell all those awesome western 2nd party studios, when they sold Rare and the rest of them. (even Nintendo themselves have acknowledged they are out of touch with western gamers). Now all those games from studios that interested me back then are gone and the only thing coming from Nintendo are the same ole Mario and whatnot games. The one western studio they have left, Retro, is put to work on more baby games like DK TF.

    Ever since the Wii U launched the only exclusive game that has been on it that appealed to me me was Zombi U (and this wasn’t even a Nintendo game, it was a 3rd party game, if it wasn’t for that then there would be zero exclusive games on the Wii U that would have interested me). More than one year and a half later and there has been absolutely nothing else other than that. Third party support on the Wii U is pretty much non existent. When I got AC4 I got it on my ps4 rather than the Wii U as when I got AC3 for the Wii U online was pretty much dead there, nobody played it on the Wii U. I actually started gaming again like I used to thanks to ditching the Wii U, Infamous Second Son, the Tomb Raider remake (could never play a tomb raider game since the Wii U doesn’t get these types of games), I played Watch Dogs months before the Wii U will ever get it (and got my platinum trophy too). I will get to play the Last of Us remake in a few months (never played it for being an ex loyal Nintendo gamer), for the first time I will get to play a GTA game too (again never got to play any of these for being an ex loyal console Nintendo gamer, I used to do all my gaming on Nintendo consoles, but I got tired of missing out on all the triple A games, on missing out on the type of games that appeal to me.) Will get to play AC Unity , The Division, The Order, The Crew, all those games appeal to me but they obviously aren’t coming to the Wii U.

    Not trying to offend anyone, if you into all the Mario and Yoshi and whatnot games, good for you, only because you like that doesn’t mean everyone else does. There different types of gamers with different types of tastes in gaming. Nintendo doesn’t offer the type of games I like so I moved on. Nintendo has become too small of a company that isn’t able to output a steady stream of games (one or two games that might be appealing to me every two years doesn’t cut it for me (Bayonetta or Monoliths game would be the first two games from Nintendo that would be appealing to me and I had to wait 2 years for them)).

    1. You made a good point when arguing that Nintendo should go back to its roots and make more games to appeal those gamers that also want to play games of the likes of Tomb Raider, Destiny, etc along with our beloved franchises. In that I personally agree.Probably others would agree too. The fact is that the more variety the better (excluding shovelware)

      Unfortunately your arguments stopped being valid when you mentioned the word “kiddie” referring to games like Donkey Kong. It makes you seem just like other immature individuals who doesn’t understand that more ‘cartoony’ art styles does not imply that a game is for kids.

    2. I started to agree with you until you said “kiddie”, then you suddenly you lost all valid reasoning.

    3. Mario & Donkey Kong Country games can be pretty damn challenging at times, so they aren’t “baby” games as you said. So I find it hard to believe you weren’t trying to offend anyone. Everything else about your post is fine, though, as N3WJOSH said.

  21. When the gaming world claimed Nintendo won E3 followed by Microsoft, this is what Sony is releasing? A testimonial that they outsold both Wii U and XBOne because the fans bought PS4?

    Didn’t it occur to him that some of those people bought in on the hype? Just like the hype that is the PS Vita? Without PS Plus you’d have to think hard if you’ll buy a Vita. Now they introduced the Vita TV as PS TV, is it because the Vita nrand is sinking because of their neglect?

    And lastly, why on Earth is this in a Nintendo site? Clickbait again? Are we seeing this site changing to

    1. Seems that way. As for this being on a Nintendo site, I think this article actually does fit since Sony is practically taunting Nintendo. This article should also be on any Microsoft fansites since they are taunting them in the same breathe. For once, I can actually say Sickr was right to post something that wasn’t wholly Nintendo news.

  22. Both Nintendo and Sony offer games I want to play so I own both a Wii U and PS4. Why? Because I like to have fun with games rather then bitch and rant like a little shithead 12 year old on a shitty Nintendo site who only posts this garbage for click baiting you immature little ingrates.

  23. So between Microsoft and Nintendo, about 2 million have bought a PS4. That’s an average of a million each. Meh, they will come crawling back around 2015.

  24. Is it weird that microsoft is kinda becoming more like them, and sonyis becoming microsoft….WTF

  25. Well I am happy to claim that I am not among those people. Nothing on the Playstation interests me one bit! Had a PS3 but it was for Blu-ray, now I sold it because blu-rays are everywhere, besides it was fucking heavy.

  26. Many of the casuals on the Wii & Xbox 360 migrated to Sony consoles confirmed. xD I’m surprised no one else on here has come out & said this yet. Well problem fixed. I said it.

  27. I think everybody is just getting back at Nintendo for purchasing a Wii and then realizing how much of a piece of shit it was. Now no one is buying a Wii U, and everyone went to Sony. I like how every Nintentwat is defending Nintendo here.

    1. You do realize this mentions some of the the Xbox 360 users also went to Playstation 4, right? And this thing only mentions a small percentage of Wii owners. So not everybody. And no one is buying a Wii U? So all the over 6 million Wii U owners are nobodies?

      1. Yes I do realize it mentions xbox owners. I never said it didnt dam. A small percentage? psh. I consider a 3rd to be a pretty big percentage. And 6 million? That it? Yeah. I consider those wii u owners nobodies.

        1. Around 8-10 million PS4 owners compared to over 50 million Wii owners & over 40 million Xbox 360 users. Yeah. Suuure that’s a huge percentage of PS4 owners that ditched the Wii. No. It’s not. The 3rd of people is the Xbox 360 & Wii former owners COMBINED, not separate. And over 6 million people are not nobodies. Now hop down from your high & mighty pedestal. It’s making you think you’re opinion is all that matters.

          1. Yeah I read half of that useless essay and I got a little bored. So I made Ramen Noodles. Anyways a 3rd of PS4 owners left nintendo and Xbox. Prolly mostly Nintendo owners left than Xbox owners. But yeah. You can defend Nintendo all you want. Nice try tho.

            1. Of course it was a nice try since you’re just going to ignore it, anyway, because you can’t refute what I’ve said, troll. So I’ll leave you to your biased opinion, little boy.

              1. Wow. You called me a troll and a little boy. I’m so hurt. Thanks for finally leaving me.

                1. After thinking about it, you might be right about the Wii’s users. It did have tons of casual gamers, after all. So Sony can keep them.

  28. I owned all the consoles last generation, but now I only own a Wii U and PS4.

    So yeah, I moved on from Xbox, but I haven’t moved on from Nintendo.

  29. Well, that’s what happens when you have an awesome product and push it as hard as you can…

  30. Same here, I’m here for the comments but damned those comments are omfg long, I have a ps4 and u know what is shit to me

  31. And in totally related news, all my friends who owned a PS4 or XB1 are severely disappointed with the system and the lack of games and have now moved on and purchased a Wii U.

  32. Why do people not understand that a LOT of Nintendo games are made by hand by Nintendo individually. They are literally pushing consoles and software with one company usually for exclusives. I can’t remember the last time Sony or MS did that.

  33. Wouldn’t surprise me, the Wii was a trainwreck and a let down for all Nintendo fans. This being said, it comes from Sony, and I’ve learnt to be very critic with the numbers these guys pull out of their ass.
    Still, even if they constantly lie to their customers, I’ll be buying a PS4 soon, ’cause Sony are pretty fucking good at getting exclusives.

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