Here’s What Google Mailed Its ‘Pokemon Masters’


You might remember that back on April 1st Google Maps had been completely taken over by Pokemon. Google asked the world to sort through Google Maps and discover all 151 Pokemon in an effort to be crowned Pokemon Master by Google. Now the internet giant has begun mailing those that discovered all the Pokemon this lovely letter and personal business card.

Greetings, Pokémon Master

On behalf of the entire Google Maps team, we’d like to celebrate you for catching ’em all. Not 10, not 50, but all the Pokémon hidden throughout our maps. While we don’t currently have a Pokémon Master role, we hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day prank. Wynaut have a little fun once a year?

We’d like to say thanks with these cards – reserved for Trainers who completed the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge and let us know of their success.

Congratulations and thanks again for playing!

Keep Exploring,

Tatsuo on behalf of the Google Maps Team



      1. Okay, they maybe able to afford it… Ah who are we kidding, they could. But it would be a pretty stupid move.


      1. Yeah, and they have to give you the YouTube collection as they promised a few years ago. It’s dumb to just expect something like that.


    1. You had to have caught all 151. On google+ or twitter you needed to tweet or comment on where you found mew. Once you did that google sends you a form to fill out and around this time I guess you would be getting your card.


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