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Tetris Ultimate Now Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Ultimate will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, according to Nintendo of Europe’s upcoming games list. Last week, Ubisoft announced the title would be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but failed to mention a launch on any Nintendo platforms. Given that Tetris gained its biggest success on Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld back in 1989, it was an odd choice to skip Nintendo consoles entirely, particularly the 3DS.

Spotted on a Nintendo of Europe listing for upcoming games, Tetris Ultimate appears to be launching on the Nintendo 3DS  as a digital download this Autumn – exactly the same launch window as the PC, while other platforms will receive the title this summer in order to coincide with its 30th anniversary. Presumably, North America will also be able to join in on the familiar puzzle block game come Autumn as well.


  1. Let us not get ahead of ourselves, it is just Tetris, nothing complex or groundbreaking about it

  2. I recall commenting that it was just throwing away money to not give Tetris to 3DS. Glad to see some sanity at Ubisoft.

  3. No Wii U version but a 3DS version… Makes sense but again… why bother with the Xbox One when the Wii U is selling more than the Xbox One?

    1. It depends on the audience they’re going after. Xbox One could have 2 million and Wii U 5. But slap on a new CoD and almost every X1 user gets it and probably even get X1 itself just for CoD. :/ (I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened at launch)

      1. Actually, PS4 seems to sale a lot more copies of CoD more than the Xbox One.

  4. Cool! I may have to get this. I would actually prefer to play it on 3DS over Wii U anyway since I mainly play Tetris when I’m traveling.

  5. For once, a smart move from Ubisoft. So when’s it coming? If it’s 2-3, or more, months after the other versions, I will retract my first sentence in this comment.

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