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Here’s The Superb Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer For Impa

Tecmo Koei has released yet another character trailer for Hyrule Warriors. The third trailer features Impa showing just a taster of her superb fighting style in the battle field. Tecmo Koei has been on a roll with teaser trailers as yesterday Link packed some serious heat and fried those enemies with the Fire Rod, plus he was also previously seen in his own character trailer with King Dodongo. Hyrule Warriors will arrive in North America and Europe this September.

36 thoughts on “Here’s The Superb Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer For Impa”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    To be honest, from everything I’ve seen so far, this looks incredibly easy and that really bores me about games…

    1. You are aware that the Tecmo Koei warriors games do have a difficulty select and have other modes to really give a cocky player a run for their money, right?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I hope the highest difficulty offers a challenge indeed, I don’t like games where you just slash your way through enemies without any real confrontation whatsoever…

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Oh don’t worry. You can trust me when I say higher difficulties will have you running away from some fights. lol

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            You don’t know me in games…

            I’m a nutcase, I dive straight for the center of the action no matter how cruel it is…

            I never run away…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Which was basically my CoD gamestyle years ago…

                Owned everybody with knife only and these American noobs banned me from their servers because I was too good for them ahahahahahahah…

                1. Hey, I’m dedicated to Nintendo myself, but have you ever heard of Dead Space? Even though EA is the king of rehashes and unnecessary DLC….

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I liked Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 to some extend but the third was just mediocre at best…

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              >.< Like me in some games or when I'm in a very bold mood. In which case, be prepared to get killed a few times, if not a ton, if you can't get to a heal item or can't use a heal move that your character might or might not have in time.

        2. The difficulty doesn’t really lies in “slashing your way through ennemies”, but rather how you deal with your bases throuhout the maps, and with the bosses that spawn at different locations.
          I think Dynasty Warriors are actually more about strategy than action.

        3. pink0crystal0midbus

          These games will have puzzle solving (a little) and challenges to complete. It’s not just defend the base all the time. I’m very sure it will get challenging. Also, a game like this certainly will have a difficulty system. Just turn it up to very hard!! HAHAHA!

    2. Really? This is the sort of repetitive game play I’ve been waiting for. This is a true next gen experience.

      Also the character designs are quite nice.

  2. ~yawn~ The Dynasty Warriors series has been dead since the PS2 era. Not sure why the keep releasing this kind of game.. New IP needed.
    (I know you’ll say it’s Hyrule Warriors but it’s basically a mod for Dynasty Warriors exclusive to Wii U).

      1. That’s kinda like me w/ New SMB. While I had Super Mario All-Stars on SNES (which had the 1st three 2D Mario games), I didn’t like any of them. But since Nintendo made the New SMB series, I’m now a fan of 2D Mario games. But I’m pretty sure a lot of gamers were introduced to 2D Mario games via the New SMB series & also enjoyed them.

        Same w/ 3D Mario games. I didn’t like Super Mario 64 & stayed away from Sunshine. But once I played Galaxy, I liked 3D Mario games. Again, it introduced new gamers to 3D Mario games.

        Of course, Mario games play differently than their previous entry (especially the 3D ones [except Galaxy 2]), so it might not be quite the same w/ Hyrule Warriors as its gameplay might be too similar to Dynasty Warriors. But hey, it’s new to you & I haven’t played a Hack & Slash in a few years.

    1. I played Mystics Heroes (also by Koei, but before the Tecmo merger) on GCN [6th gen era] & liked it a little. That was my 1st epic Hack & Slash game.

      Dunno if MadWorld & No More Heroes count, but Bikini Zombie Slayers was probably my 2nd title in the genre, & it was…well…interesting. Clunky for sure.

      My 3rd & last game (so far) in the genre was Samurai Heroes (Wii), & I really enjoyed it. I even skipped Samurai Warriors (released around the same time as Samurai Heroes) in favor of Capcom’s take.

      But I’m ready to play another Hack & Slash. & it taking place in the Zelda world is quite enticing for me. Really glad I pace myself when it comes to the Hack & Slash genre. Still, I probably would’ve played it anyway since I’m a sucker for Zelda.

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    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      If we can use characters we’ve unlocked in every stage after unlocking them, I’ll be playing the game on the easy setting first so I can unlock everyone. I’ll worry about the challenging part after I’ve enjoyed the story & can use different characters.

  4. Sony Emperor Xperia

    Yaaaaawwwwwmnnnn, dynasty warriors with a zelda skin, with enemies who just walk to you and Dont attack.

    This game looks outdated and repetetive

  5. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    This game will give me lots of fun and enjoyment *.*.*.Go play your shooting games and your games with sex

  6. This doesn’t look anything like the Impa from Ocarina Of Time. She was clearly older than Zelda in that game. But in this, she looks the same age or younger. Now I know why I didn’t recognize her.

  7. pink0crystal0midbus

    I’ve loved every character they have shown so far and honestly… I have no idea who I’m going to choose or who is going to be my favorite and judging by how many characters are usually in a Dynasty Warriors game, they are going to have dozens more characters to choose from!! :O

    WHO WILL I PICK!!!? I’m not good with choices!!! D:

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