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Miyamoto No Longer Attending Japan Expo In Paris Due To Familial Reasons

Famed Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto will no longer be able to attend the Japan Expo in Paris next month due to personal reasons. Announced last week, Miyamoto was set to attend the expo to celebrate its 15th anniversary in order to host a master class, but due to health related reasons concerning his father, he shall be unable to do so.  Nintendo of France’s official Twitter account relayed the following information in their above tweet, which translates as such:

“We regret to announce that Mr. Miyamoto will not be present at Japan Expo for personal reasons related to the health of his father.”

208 thoughts on “Miyamoto No Longer Attending Japan Expo In Paris Due To Familial Reasons”

  1. Wow his dad is still alive, i know he was friends with Yamuachi,who was tight with the Yakuza at that time,who funded nintendo’s ponographic foray into the Love Love Hotel and the Adult themed playe cards

    SEX signing out

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Yeah. He’s actually not making this up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yakuza isn’t also chummy with some of Sony’s high up employees. Or chummy with some of Nintendo’s current employees.

    1. I know you may think they’re gods, but health-related reasons has been a common thing since mortality was invented.

    1. eh.. average life expectancy in japan is not that much higher than in most other industrialized states (about 1-3 years higher)

          1. for what? preaching…. like a pastor or being a leader. there other leaders like him or close to him. i guess we give him thanks.

                  1. he worships himself, he exposed himself as the “church of sasori”, in a past comment he revealed that his biggest fan created that account and then he started to write about how he would illuminate the world and he would put an end to Nintendo and his fans.
                    Glados, you exposed him again. Congratulations.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Don’t forget, he even created his alter ego account TalkingStapler which I also exposed, which he specifically made to attack me with. He must be getting really butthurt about me exposing him too much.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Whoa, whoa! He dissed Martin Luther King Jr!? *facepalm* He’s clearly fucking retarded if he’s dissing the man that made it possible for him to be such a worthless human being on the internet. If not for him, sasori would have been strung up by now talking all this shit to people.

    1. Miyamoto gave us great games. if we love Miyamoto is for a reason, if people hate you is for a reason. There’s a reason for everything, I wish the best for Miyamoto and his family.
      tell me, how’s Martin Luther King overrated?. now this idiot hates afrodescendants. Luther King is a hero.
      you’re the chimp here, and even, real chimps use their brain, something you should learn.
      list of people sasori hates: children, girls, homosexuals, Nintendo, afrodescendants and japanese people (ironically, naruto is made in japan), please people, tell me if have missed something on the list.

      1. Just wait and see, he will expose himself again, i’m sure the list of people he hates is too long.

          1. what i meant from that comment was that he is praised as if he is the martin luther king of the gaming industry. they are other talented developers like sega and activision back in the 70s ans 80s.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Because all at games he made back in the day were amazing, you are just stupid, and you shouldn’t talk because you weren’t even in existence at the time.

            2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              xD Trying to damage control your comment by dissing MLKJ, eh? Pathetic insect indeed.

    2. And now you’re attacking your own people, you hate Japanese, gays, women, children, animals and now you hate afrodescendants, you’re the worst this world has to offer, show some respect to Martin Luther Thing and Miyamoto, at least Miyamoto knows how important is the family, not like you who a moron who thinks that parents are only piggy banks, show some respect to the people who have made more good in life than you, you keep bashing those people because you’re jealous of them, stupid moron, i hope to see you burning in hell.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Martin Luther King overrated?!
          considering that man (among others) made it possible for your people just to be allowed to vote and you call him overrated?
          You are such a ungrateful pig
          A n!gger if ever there was one

          Take not people, sasori is a sexist, ungrateful pig

          1. Shut up. You guys are just as worse. If you all hate him so much and hope that he never comes back here then stop giving him attention. Like I said, it keeps adding fuel to the fire.

                1. Laughing about your “friend” making a sarcastic comment about you ever making sense.

                  Now that’s what you call laughable. LMAO

              1. Exactly. It is impossible and, like him, you’re another one of Sasori’s cheerleaders with “benefits” and I don’t wanna know what you like to do with that idiot at night. XD

              1. They’re mentally incompatible to realize right and wrong. I wouldn’t try to waste time teaching stupid to stop being stupid. You can’t reason, cure nor teach stupid Commander. Sad truth but it is.

            1. And who the hell are you again White Knight of Sasori?

              Obviously you missed that dumb racist comment he said about his own people, calling MLK “overrated” and he’s black which is a beyond messed up thing to say. He deserves to be banned from life and I hope you’ll gladly join him because you’re another one here talking stupid. Now either you realize what a mentally damaged fool Sasori is and stop defending this idiot or STFO out of our business ASAP.

              1. whats racist when am also black. calling martin luther king overrated is not racist what so over. its him being over praised.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  It is racist
                  You are saying a man who changed the way the world worked and allowed black people like you to just be allowed to breathe the same air as a white man is “overpraised”?

                  If anything he is not praised enough

                  you are not a black person

                  you are a asshole n!gger who doesn’t appreciate a fucking thing

                    1. hahahahahaha, no it’s not nintendo fault that you’re stupid, it’s your parents fault

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It’s one thing to hate our empire and its people and it’s already insulting to bash our Lord…

      But to say that MLK is overrated?…

      Without men like him you would still be treated like a slave by the nazi apes and you wouldn’t even have a simple computer to spit out your garbage…

      Ambassador Sickr, I think this primitive life form has gone too far now…

      1. I seriously wish is was HIM that took a bullet that killed Martin Luther King and JFK who both fought for his rights to be treated equally.

        That degenerate motherfucker…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          It is such a disgusting thing to say that the man responsible for liberating black people from the white regime is “overrated”

          I wish I could kill Narutard within an inch of his pathetic little life

          1. No, allow me to beat his ass until all bones in his fucking waste of a human body are shattered and bleeds all over and then you deliver the finishing blow, however you like.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              I’ll take that offer and afterwards I think I should say

              “I have a dream that you die motherfucker, thank God almighty, you are dead at last”

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Then allow me to cut his reproductive organs off and burn them right in front of his face.

          2. soo this is you coperate salves act like. soo because i dont worship miyamoto am a evil guy. every way its miyamoto this … miyamoto that. you guys admire any quote or thing this guy does.

    4. Calling the very civil activist black man who fought, sacrificed and even took a fatal bullet for you and your people to be free, respected and equal in America “overrated”?

      Man you should be the one who deserve to get shot & killed not Luther King you degenerate, ungrateful fuck.

    5. You see this Sickr? This is why this fucker can’t be around here anymore. One thing to talk about Miyamoto but calling Martin Luther King, a man who spent his life fighting for equal rights for this sick asshole “overrated”? Man this prick is just BEGGING for death so badly and I hope it happens.

      1. The original comment has been removed. Ignoring his/her comments is the best option – I know it’s difficult on the internet, but they are only there to get a reaction out of other regular readers.

        1. Thanks @silvershadowfly, but please tell sickr that he HAS to ban him, you read his comment, sasori HAS to be banned, again thanks :-)

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Yes, silvershadowfly

            not even a troll is as crude and evil to say the things the little brat says
            I think he is mentally disturbed and is likely to say something that will be dangerous for himself

            1. I wanna thank you for your help for taking action at last. This pig plus Shuhei, Pinwheel, Nostalgic_W and Aeolus all must go…now.

              I apologize if my comments sound too strong but idiots like Sasori making beyond stupid comments like that enrages me easily especially if its something about racism or wishing death on a man who spent his life making a good difference for people.

              1. Interesting to note that you can’t separate real trolls from people who’s opinion differ from you. I said this before, you give REAL Nintendo fans a bad name.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  You pretended to be Stranga once and exposed yourself and you’re a Sonyan, so aren’t you giving Sonyans a bad name for being on a NINTENDO base spending so much time here instead of your own bases?…

                  1. Oh. I didn’t know this Assclown is my crazy #1 fan or crazy #1 ex fan of me. XD That explains everything to me now. lol

                  2. You’re impossible.

                    I changed my name to Stranga temporarily because I was talking to HollowGrapeJ on whether the real Stranga was gone a long time ago, and fake ones took his place

                    I don’t mix with Sony fanboys. They’re the worst of the lot

                2. And if that’s the case, WTF are you wasting time here for? You’re giving Nintendo and yourself a bad name but far retarded to even realize half of the crap you said.

                  1. How am I giving Nintendo, of all companies, a bad name? They already have a bad rep in the first place, dumb fuck

                3. Actually, I took an image of that little nasty detail you gave about Miyamoto deserving to die too. Don’t even think I don’t know.

                4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  And this is coming from the Sonyan who tried to impersonate Stranga as well as act like his egotistical opinion is truth.

                  1. I changed my name to Stranga temporarily because I was talking to HollowGrapeJ on whether the real Stranga was gone a long time ago, and fake ones took his place

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      Well it was a dumb move on your part. Now everyone thinks you are the same Stranga that’s been making those Fake Stranga posts.

                    2. I’ve been spamming the exact same message to everyone’s who’s been telling me I’ve been “exposed”, yet the message can’t seem to pass through their thick skulls.

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I wouldn’t classify Pinwheel in the same category as the other abominations…

                She isn’t that bad…

                Too much hairy armpits probably…

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          That just makes her more interesting than these humans. Jungle armpits, quite fascinating.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Last I saw her, they probably already established their own ecosystems…

              3. there’s a lot of reasons to ban sasori. he told everybody that iwata should die, insult fans, makes videos denigrating this website and his followers and uploads them to youtube. He does not make his comments only to get a reaction, he makes them because he is an inhuman. the guy only wants attention, and it’s well known that people in the interweb do not the attention wh*res.
                thanks so much, silvershadowfly. My respects to you!

              4. Why not ban him permanently to fix the problem? He’s always gonna try to come back and say another dumb shit like that.

                  1. what what what. that comment i made wasn’t i made to start any wars. i meant that people praise this guy as much as martin luther king. also i wasn’t even insulting martin.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      You are a complete idiot. You don’t even know that your own comment is a subtle insult to the man who help gain you your rights and got shot for it. You are a waste of organic material.

                      1. not an insult. again just because i said miyamoto is as overrated and praised as martin luther king doesn’t mean i insulted martin luther king. remember theres another martin luther that was also religious person just as MLK. didn’t he fight for something. what about the women surfage group…. they fought for thing. their other leaders in this world. even osama bin ladin was a leader in some sort from his own prospective.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Why don’t you change to your alter ego TalkingStapler you can at least sound smarter than your actual self. Your an idiot, you are insulting him, now smack yourself with a TF2 wrench for obvious reasons.

                    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      That’s not what you said at all. You said “he’s overrated just as martin.” Are you afraid to get banned, kiddo? Good. Be afraid!

              5. what the heck. i wasn’t even insulting martn luther king. so because i called him overrated, its a problem.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  In the way you are saying it, it’s a subtle insult. So thank you, you elevated yourself to higher levels off dumbassery. You’re just going to make your ED article even bigger than BlackB0nds article.

                  1. that ed article you made of me was trash to begin with. you,me and any one are just ordinary people that will live and pass away. making an ED article doesn’t give any attention. may be your fellow clowns will try to hard to trend it.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      I didn’t make the ED article, your own stupidity did. The real clown is you because you are the biggest lolcow of this entire site.

                    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Also if it’s trash, why did you say on youtube that you will attempt to blank it, then further went on to delete that comment five minutes later?
                      Because you know the article is not trash.
                      You know you are butthurt.
                      But you deleted it because you fear that ED will make you look even stupider, problem is, your the one making yourself look stupider.

          2. Martin Luther King “overrated” hahahaha, you keep told that guy “supermario1999/pokemonnerd2000” on youtube that we are racist, now look who is the racist, you’re not only racist, you’re homophobic, anti japanese and other things, you’re afro descendant and you said one of the greatest afro descendants is “overrated”, you’re sick, i will save proof to show people how idiot you can be and this is gold i will show everybody this.


              1. hahahahahaha poor gullible for believing sasori is a good person, i don’t know that guy, but i’ve read his comments on narutard’s youtube, that guy should read sasori’s comments before judge us.

                but you can blame the guy, maybe he’s trying to see something good on sasori, but sasori’s soul is grabage.

            1. its funny how i wasn’t even racist to begin with. you clowns praise and worship miyamoto like he’s a saviour and hero as martin luther king.

              1. and what about your “church”, they labeled you as the new god and the “saviour”.
                “its funny how i wasn’t even racist to begin with. you clowns praise and worship miyamoto like he’s a saviour and hero as martin luther king”

          3. You know what, sasori?
            Someone is going to get the idea into their head to use hacking software to track down your whereabouts.
            They’re going to find you and put a bullet in your skull.
            And no matter what anyone else says, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.
            A fitting end for a racist.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Black, white, yellow or blue with polkadots

                to say that about a man who rewrote history for the good of the human race, no matter how pathetic humans are, is worthy of death

                I went to a private Jewish day school growing up, and I once saw a converted but atheist Jewish classmate drew a Swastika in his notebook

                Needless to say, I punched him in his nose

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                  I hope that blooyd kraut is dead and die horribly afterwards…

                  I wish all nazis died just now…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      That position has already been taken by Obama, specially now that he wants to ban all illegal lonely children in Texas and other states by investing 13.5 million dollars in it…

                      Obama is even worse than Bush in this matter and this is coming from one that hates most conservative sides…

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        Woah, now I wouldn’t go calling Obama “black Hitler”
                        There are many corrupt politicians but Obama doesn’t seem like one
                        Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, has spent 246 million money on Nkandle “his homestead” let me say that again

                        R246 000 000

                        That is money South Africa needs and does not have, Zuma is bad, but I would never say he is black hitler

                        I think you are taking things too far

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          My apologies, the Hitler of Africa is the one in Uganda whatever his name is…

                          But we were basically containing ourselves to USA now…

                          1. Nintendo is my Blood

                            Listen, I hate to say it, but Americans or people in first world countries are ungrateful
                            sasori is an example
                            Obama has done in 2 years what South Africa has failed to do in 20
                            Obamacare, Free healthcare
                            you know what free healthcare we have in SA?
                            Only time you get free healthcare is if god decides to let you live from HIV/AIDS endemic we have
                            Nelson Mandela is dead, our blade runner is on trial
                            South Africa is a hell hole, I hate it here

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              1 good thing does not apologize for several bad ones…

                              Otherwise I agree with the rest…

                              These stupid Swedes even invited for the first time ever the nazis to be in the greatest political event gathering which is basically created as an honor to the late Olof Palme and they desecrated it…

                              This country is just so stupid…

          4. Miyamoto’s magic ran out a long time ago, I won’t be missing him anytime soon. Just look at that shitty Project Giant Robot

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  He is allowed to make whatever he wants, that is his right and his alone, no one else in the entire gaming universe has that right…

                2. Like what? Being a sellout like Sony, mimicking Microsoft and spam nothing but shooters all the time?

                  Miyamoto is still the same Miyamoto I know. Cut the crap of criticizing a man’s life’s work because he has personal businesses to take care of. What a careless, selfish prick you proved yourself to be.

                  1. I don’t know what you have against MS or Sony shooters, but when Nintendo goes out and makes a childish TPS I remember you suddenly praising them. Calls people a hypocrite yet is one, how sad.

                    Speak for yourself, you’re the one constantly telling people to die. And tell me how I was careless and selfish? Yeah, you don’t actually know because you’re just vomiting random words out of your ass.

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      I see his point, though. Third person shooters are rare when compared to first person shooters.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              You must be one of those younger ones that has nothing of worth inside their brains…

              Whether Lord Miyamoto ever makes a groundbreaking game again or not it doesn’t matter, without him, there would be no Sonyans or Xbots while the Electrons would be even worse today corrupting and stealing your very lives…

              Leave luck to heaven…

              1. He was good till the Wii came out. He’s last good games were Pikmin 2 and Eternal Darkness. After that, all he made was casual Wii series garbage

                  1. Exactly. Can’t proofread first before rage posting about blindly hating a guy who never did shit to make you legitimately hate him.


                    1. Yeah, people apparently can’t make mistakes?

                      So do you have anything good to add to the conversation now?

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Pikmin 3?…

                  To be fair, he was not involved in bigger projects in later years in a very significant way…

                      1. It could be just me, maybe I breezed through it because of past veteran experience, but overall it fell short of my expectations. Pikmin 2 will always be the best

                    1. To your twisted mind or just saying that in relative nonsense that all Nintendo games are “easy” to prove whatever illogical point you got.


                      1. SS had handholding
                        All NSMB games had extreme baby difficulty
                        Wii Sports had no difficulty at all
                        SSB catered to the casuals


                2. I forgot to add in: Even if the Wii series of games were ‘groundbreaking’, they painted an extremely casual picture of Nintendo. So we know who to blame for Nintendo’s cash grab ventures, or at least a part of

                  1. Cash grab? XD Obviously you ignored EA’s lifetime track records and it isn’t hard to miss.

                    Stop pinning BS on Nintendo from the same exact people who you waste your wallet for doing the same shit but far much worse.

                    1. We weren’t even talking about EA. Way to go in changing the subject, since you don’t have a good response

                3. Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Wii Sports, 2 Zelda games, all critically acclaimed and sold a lot.

                  Try again dipshit because that blind Wii hate excuse over it beat both PS3/360 through games and not raw gimped PC power, isn’t working and stopped working since Wii started in its 1st year.

                  1. Mario Galaxy 1&2 weren’t made by Miyamoto
                    The 2 Zelda games you mentioned weren’t made by Miyamoto
                    Wii Sports was casual shit

                    Maybe you should, I don’t know, try again?

              2. nope, miyamoto games were never ground breaking to begin with. there were other developers like activision and sega at the time.

                1. They were till at least the GCN era. Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, and the Pikmin series

            2. No. His magic will run out the day he dies. Stop acting like a dick because Nintendo wants to do things differently and not become another Americanized sellout. Idiot.

              1. “Nintendo wants to do things differently”
                So Nintendo’s that fat guy sitting in the dark corner? Yeah, you described them perfectly

                1. The fat guy sitting in the corner? I think you’re trying to confess to us that its you playing COD on Xbox two days straight without sleep, food, water and bathroom breaks except your tight whites.

                  What a poor creature you are. Too bad I don’t take pity on humanized pigs.

                    1. Speaking of “trying harder”, your logic on insulting Nintendo by referencing yourself makes as much sense as Sasori, an idiotic black dude, calling his Civil Rights savior Martin Luther King “overrated” to feel special on talking big game on the Internet.

                      Go join the club with that asshole, loser.

                      1. …again which has absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

                        You should give less sensitive baby replies and try to provide a logical one. How old are you? 14?

                        1. Seriously, rinse and repeating the same line? What are you? A brain dead Adam Sandler who’s ran out of kindergarten jokes?

                    2. “Which has nothing to do with my comment”

                      Your comment: “Nintendo wants to do things differently”
                      So Nintendo’s that fat guy sitting in the dark corner? Yeah, you described them perfectly”

                      My reply: “The fat guy sitting in the corner? I think you’re trying to confess to us that its you playing COD on Xbox two days straight without sleep, food, water and bathroom breaks except your tight whites”

                      And here you’re saying it has nothing to do with it when I’m clearly relating it to you about what you said. Now you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

                      Man the stupidity in you stinks doesn’t it? Too bad tighty whitey jockey morons like yourself can’t smell its own stench and see its own stupidity.

                      1. We weren’t talking about Xbox. We weren’t talking about COD, and therefore, you still fail

                  1. If you’ve heard enough of me why are you still replying to me? Aren’t you contradicting yourself? LOL

                    1. And talk about “contradicting”, you expect your insults to make others cring and laugh about people reacting to you?

                      My pair of $5 slippers can make me laugh better than your insulting excuses for comebacks.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Indeed, it must be all those green tea and herbs…

              I hope I atleast live half his dad’s age…

            2. How old is his father, anyways?
              I’d like to know what kind of diet/exercise routine he’s using to live so long…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                It is common that Japanese people live longer lives than average people

                Apparently they put something in their rice or is the rice itself

                If that is the case, I may live to 250..

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Yes but it’s also about how you live…

                  The oldest japanese women said once that she believes she lived long because not only did she eat well but she also did not worry or stress about anything…

                  So in other words, I’ll die soon haha…

          5. Hope Miyamoto and his family is doing okay. :) God bless them all and Martin Luther King due to a certain asshole opening his retarded mouth too much..Sasori.

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          7. Man, sometimes it’s easy to forget that people like Miyamoto HAS a family, since nobody ever sees or hears about them. I hope his dad is ok. I know from experience that nothing is more life-changing than losing a parent.

          8. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Well looks like this page needs to be sent to ED, the Dramacrats will be sure to get the lulz out of this.

          9. Wow, I quickly perused through the comments and I’m completely mortified at what people are saying. His father could die and you’re being heartless? Just wow…. Maybe I misread, I don’t care to look back and find out.

            I wish Miyamoto and his family the best and I hope his father pulls through. He’ll certainly be missed at the expo.

            1. Agreed, his father could be on his deathbed for all we know, so stop being so rude to Miyamoto, we don’t know what’s going on with his father.

          10. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            I hope his father isn’t on his deathbed. If he is, I hope he’s not suffering at least.

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