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Konami Cuts Content Upon Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival’s Western Release

Konami has reportedly cut content in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival’s western version. According to various reports, the card trading game – which was released in Europe last week – has been stripped of much of its original Japanese content upon localisation.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival originally had up to 40 playable characters, but its character roster has been substantially trimmed to just 12. However, the official Nintendo UK site does stipulate that you can face up to 40 familiar characters from the series, with only 11 playable, oddly. Here’s the reported changes in the western version:

  • Removal of device and database modes
  • No duellist profiles, photos, ending pictures or music to play when wishing
  • All mats and sleeves are automatically unlocked from the beginning of the game
  • 12 playable characters in the game, compared to the original’s 40, including:
    Dr. Faker
    Konami-kun (aka Hat Guy)

43 thoughts on “Konami Cuts Content Upon Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival’s Western Release”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Personally, all these anime and RPG series in Japan are as annoying and rehashed as FPS in the west…

      2. Sure, the series sucks. But I had hopes for just getting a decent game to play cards with, but they couldn’t even do that properly.

    1. They always get blindly blamed and hated for ANYTHING. XD

      Besides, I’m beyond done with YuGiOh since Atem (Spirit of the Millennium Puzzel Yugi holds) left to the Spirit World and ended the series.

  1. I dont care for YuGiOh, but this news caught my interest and i have to say that i hope this game doesnt get much support in west because it will encourage Konami without a doubt to do this kinda stuff to their other games in future if this game is getting support.

  2. And people actually want this game? Probably the kiddy manchildren still card trading and playing with Superman action figures

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      First you trolls only think kids play our machines and now only men?…

      You Sonyans never had a simple logical brain to begin with which is why you keep stealing and copying our empire in every way possible…

    2. Man this makes all 3rd parties cutting corners sound legit. This is BS but then again, who cares about YuGiOh anymore? Its finished since the original anime.

  3. REALLY?! I understand changing names and images of certain cards (don’t accept it, but I understand their reasoning) upon localizing a game like Yu-Gi-Oh! to the west, but REMOVING content?! From 40 playable characters to 12?! Removal of profiles and other features?!

    I really want to punch Konami’s higher ups’ faces right now!

  4. As a yugioh player, I’m honestly more concerned about the removal of device and database modes than I am with the cut of characters. Honestly most of the TV show characters suck anyways.

    1. Same here. Not to mention the inexplicable absense of certain cards (why the hell are cards like Bladefly, Lightning Blade and Dark Energy not in the game?).

  5. I just want the game….how long do I have to wait? They use to be yearly….now they aren’t.

    I like the videogame more than the real world cards. The AI is usually not slow….i can actually get cards without having to shell out hundreds of dollars.

    Idk…the game isn’t that interesting to me as much as it was 5 or even 10 years ago. I still like it but I will be buying the game. I don’t care how many characters they cut out. I just want a game that has more cards and better rule sets. Better graphics too but ehhh..

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      ^^Prime example of why Ubisoft, EA, Konami, etc etc continue to do this bullshit.

  6. Wow if this was a small of content like one or two things, sure it could have passed, but there is several things missing especially the cut of characters . Not a good decision at all if Konami was looking for the game to be a success.

  7. This is the Moment when Konami is dead for me. And with Content cut out from it I think it’s okay to say: The Games does not exist in Europe. This is not the same Product.

  8. Not that I care about this BS Zexal crap or YuGiOh entirely even though I use to love the series until the original ended, but this is a fucked up thing to do to your fans who, unfortunately, wants to buy this garbage. XD Man and I thought EA, Crapcom and Ubisoft altogether did worse.

  9. Know what would be really awesome? If they made those 28 characters DLC/ micro-transactions. No, seriously, that would be hilarious.

  10. I was looking forward to this. Oh well, guess I’ll get the Japanese version instead. Also fuck all haters, I think Zexal is really good.

  11. I got this game on release from the eShop here in Europe. Sad to say that it’s a big disappointment. I still enjoy the game, as it’s still the card game I grew up with and loved, but there’s so much missing. Cut content from the Japanese version, no online, and legacy cards missing for no reason. This could have been a great game, even if only for the sake of some casual card-gaming on the bus, *could* have been…

  12. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    *facepalm* First they release a demo for over 25 bucks & now this!? Konami, keep burying yourself like how Capcom has done with themselves, forcing them to sell off shares to keep from going under. I’m not buying it regardless but it sucks for the ones that will want to buy the game.

  13. Having brought this game a week ago initially I was really disappointed in story mode as you don’t get points after a duel and there’s no unlockable content except characters which is rubbish yugioh should be about winnings new cards and building a stronger deck as the game goes on. But as I played the game I discovered you can make your own deck in free play mode and fight people and then use the deck in story mode, the only trouble all the cards are avalible from the beginning so there’s nothing to achieve

  14. ….whats the point of cutting the unlocks and stuff? If people are in a rush to just play and duel with the cards, then just go on ygopro or dn….I personally wanted to play the characters and get all the neat unlocks and stuff and increase the collection over time. This killed like more than half the enjoyment for me.

  15. I just got this game and it’s missing even common cards. It has solemn wishes, but its missing spring of rebirth. One of my oldest real life ducks depends on both cards so I can’t build it in the game. It’s also missing some restricted cards like Raigeki. I have no problems building some of my other decks, but the fact that they left out common cards and commonly used cards is a real disappointment.

    Story mode was really disappointing as well. You basically fight only a few tools and then you are sent back to the opening screen. You are limited to the cards found in that characters theme and you can’t build your own doc or get new cards in story mode.

    Overall, I like the selection of cards in the GBA version much better, and that’s saying something. I think I’m starting to see why I had to have this imported. It’s far too bad to succeed in the North American market.

  16. Looks like it also has some serious and bugs in effect resolution. There were a few cars that specifically say I can remove a spell counter to prevent the destruction of the card and it would never give me an opportunity to use that effect. To give another specific example, take the injection fairy Lily. The opponent used fiendish chain which present her from using her effect, but when the opponent’s creature attacked her the game asked me if I wanted to use the effect so I said yes. It took the 2000 life points, but did not give the 3000 attack points. It looks like they were extremely lazy in putting this game together. It’s far to buggy to even be considered a completed product.

  17. I have the North American version and am glad they cut the online. People tend to disconnect before losing online matches anyway. Besides, all the characters I like are in there. The ones that were cut were mostly minor characters or ones who’s deck are not real great, like Bronk’s and Caswell’s. I wish there was more story line to the hat guy. I’m 15 duel’s on his, and all he get’s told is he look’s like Yuma or Shark (which he deosn’t). It’s a shame you don’t have a girl hat guy to play as. Only option for girl duelists is to roleplay Tori’s storyline or pretend hat guy is really a girl like Masquerade was Alice on Bakugan.

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