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Squids Odyssey Dev Hopes Game’s Cross Buy Promotion Will Be Implemented In North America

Nintendo of Europe confirmed in its press release earlier today that Squids Odyssey would partake in a special cross-buy promotion across Wii U and 3DS. Though Nintendo has linked the Wii U and 3DS eShops through NNID, Squids Odyssey is the first title to implement such a promotion across both platforms.

For those who are unaware, 3DS users can purchase Squids Odyssey when it releases this Thursday for €12.99 / £9.99, and receive a free download code for the Wii U version, provided you own a Wii U and use the same NNID. However, it doesn’t seem to be applicable – as of yet – to purchase the Wii U version and receive the 3DS version for free. Though it’s only available in Europe, The Game Bakers’ head of creative content Emeric Thoa hopes to implement the cross-buy promotion in North America soon.

“We are very excited by this promotion as it’s the first time this happens – as far as I know. It’s a proof that Nintendo is making efforts in giving more control to the developer on its pricing and promotions. I’m glad that our players will be able to play on 3DS and WiiU for the price of one game. It’s a shame that it’s only in Europe yet but hopefully this cross buy operation will be appreciated and the technical constraints that prevented it to happen in the US will be fixed.”

31 thoughts on “Squids Odyssey Dev Hopes Game’s Cross Buy Promotion Will Be Implemented In North America”

  1. Wait, after 3 years of the competition making this standard, only NOW Nintendo’s implementing this?

    1. As opposed to the competition that has so few games that they release them twice on two platforms, Nintendo makes almost only different games for Wii U and 3DS. So there is actually no cross-buy need for their first-party games (except for Smash Bros now).

        1. That’s what I’m saying, Smash Bros is the only game that could need such a thing. We’ll see in the future if they propose some deals for those who buy both versions.

      1. And btw, it’s not called “having few games”, it’s called providing a better deal to gamers and not forcing to buy a game twice

        1. I think his point was, Vita doesn’t have a whole lot of games and the ones it does have are cross platform. I’m not slamming Vita, I own one and a PS3 (no money for the PS4 yet). The 3DS however has a huge librairy of games, none of which are really on Wii U. The only glaring need for cross buy is in the E-Shop. It’s dumb that I can’t buy Cave Story or Super Mario Bros for Wii U and not play it on my 3DS, or at least get a significant discount. (For example, I’d pay an extra dollar to play the game on my other device).

          1. Yeah, that’s my point. The most recent issue was Shovel Knight. It makes no sense why if I got the 3DS version, why can’t I have the Wii U version too? It frustrates me, and shows that they’re behind the times

          2. Cross buy is Vita’s only true selling point beside, for graphic whores only, its power. The only games I see are PS3 ports watered down for Vita capabilities and its rather a sad afterthought of PS3 than a portable console of its own.

      2. Agree. Games on the DS and consoles were extremely different versions. Even now on the 3ds it is the same thing. Smash bros is kind of the same but not really. Unless the game is exactly the same like virtual consoles then it should be cross buy.

    2. Yeah, realizing a mistake and then fixing it is stupid. On the bright side, you have more to complain about!

      1. It’s a step in the right direction, that’s for sure, but its an extremely slow and sluggish step too. Annoying

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

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  3. Glad to see Cross buy is coming to Nintendo at last. They truly need to implement this mostly for VC and indies titles that exists on both 3DS/Wii U that are virtually identical.

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