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Reggie Talks About The Wii U Software Droughts

Reggie Fils-Aime recently took some time out to speak to IGN about a number of subjects related to the Wii U. One of the things that IGN quizzed Reggie about is the software droughts we’ve seen on Wii U and how they plan to fix this. Fils-Aime says that they are relying on independent developers to bring content to the platform and the small number of third-party exclusives coming to the console.

IGN: One of the common patterns we keep seeing with Nintendo is a long gap between major games. We got Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze in February, but didn’t have another big game until Mario Kart 8. What is Nintendo doing to alleviate the software droughts between game releases?

Fils-Aime: “We’re doing a couple of things. First, we’re doing much more second-party development. Everything from Bayonetta 2, which is an exclusive to Wii U game, Devil’s Third is an exclusive to Wii U game. Certainly, leveraging more second-party development is critical to us. The other thing we’re doing is much more with independent developers. And I would argue that this is a big industry shift that’s happened over the last couple of years. You look at all of the developers that have left the large major third-parties to create their own small studio. We’ve been able to attract them not only with some of the tools made available, like Unity. But also the fact that these developers love having their content merchandised in our eShop right alongside Mario and right along Zelda versus putting them in separate area with all other Indie content. We merchandise it along with all of our other key games, which really helps the sell through of this independent content.”

“So second-party, independent content, along with great first-party content. Along with strong third-party as well, in terms of the support we’re getting from Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and a number of the Japanese third-party developers. For us, that’s how we have to mitigate this potential of longer wait times between product launch.”

47 thoughts on “Reggie Talks About The Wii U Software Droughts”

    1. Not even 3Ps … they all will always be half-assed (then devs cower behind “the WiiU is too weak” Excuse.)
      Except, Maybe if Watch Dogs came out earlier, it wouldn’t really feel like much of a drought. MK8 needed waaaay more content in order to fill the gaps between waits.
      Heck! … even Flipnote can fill these gaps better! (WE NEED FLIPNOTE!)

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      Strong third party software meaning “good” third party software which is a matter of opinion, because not all of the Wii U’s third party software is “good.”

  1. The full interview shows that they could of done better and it’s nice to see them admit to it. Sony seems to hide the fact the Vita isn’t doing well and act like it’s nothing, but back to subject. It’s nice to see them making changes and clearly you saw it at E3.

    1. Yeah, but fuck the full interview. Sickr knows to only post articles about the most controversial subjects.

  2. It will be worth the wait. Hd development really pushed them back as it was a learning curve. Sony and ms had that hurdle last generation if you remember the early years of the ps3 & 360.

    Nintendo is the underdog and is in the dust but that they also bring their “A” game in situations like this as this isn’t the only generation they’ve wrestled with.

    For as much flak as they get, most people completely overlook that they are innovative and take chances. And chances are risky as we’ve have seen.

    1. They were innovators, this gen not so much. It seems like a copp out more than innovation that they went with a tablet as a safe bet but it backfired. Plus the dual screen had already been done by them last gen with the DS line.

      1. They are trying to further develope the concept of a two screem experience. They didnt just “do two screens” on the ds. The reason you have seen several iterations of the ds, and now the touchpad on wii u, is because they feel this is their new legacy in gaming. Its the way they are making their mark on this generation of systems. It is how they are seperating themselves from the competition. A unique gameplay experience unlike what you get from the other guys. I think it is a beautiful concept, that was just executed poorly, lacking firepower under the hood. But an ingenious and original concept regardless.

  3. Damn I hate Reggie, dude needs to speak the truth. All he does is try to spin the negative into a positive light.

    1. Reggie’s job is to put a positive spin on things. Note that he didn’t deny the Wii U has had software droughts. “Strong” third party support is particularly optimistic, but I don’t think Nintendo ate unaware of that issue.

    2. You have to stay positive when your the president of a company spiralling downward, and your employees and customers are looking to you for answers. If he just gave into the negative thinking and told it like it is, it would only push their remaining customers and investors away. “We screwed up. This system wont sell. Nobody likes it.” Is thag what he should say? I dont think he would stay president very long if he did.

      1. Ridley X3: Kalas

        ^^^^^^^This right here, this shit right here! No one wants to hear a company’s PR guy say nothing but negative stuff with no attempt to try & spin it into a positive thing.

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  5. ” Along with strong third-party as well, in terms of the support we’re getting from Ubisoft, Warner Bros.”


    1. I think their support kind of died out when they said they weren’t publishing arkham knight or the division…

  6. Typical Reggie answer. 2 or 3 big titles a year isn’t enough. And to say that you fill the gap with Indie games is stupid. I didn’t buy a Wii U to play indie games.

  7. › next powerful console
    › first party
    › 2 party
    › third party (powerful console)
    › indie support
    › virtual console
    › minor ”gimmick” because there is sure to be one
    = $$profit$$

  8. The games are getting polished and perfected as we speak. They want games like Smash Bros and Splatoon to be completely finished so everything like the online can be a fresh, smooth experience. Mario Kart 8 for example is awesome. I have found ZERO glitches while playing and even online there are no problems. They are managing to get most of these games out in HD and 60 FPS too. And it’s fantastic. I’ve got other games to get and I’ll be enjoying Mario Kart 8 for as long as I can until new games get put up. I could play the game all day. How about instead of complaining about the lack of games, you go buy them instead? You never know, you might end up liking that Lego game or that Sonic game you missed. I have a huge backlog of games that I’m trying to get so droughts won’t bother me, they’ll actually help. And the way these games are being made (polished and bug free) means it’ll be another perfected game to add to Wii U’s collection instead of ending up being a bad game forever. I might have to actually consider not even getting any other console until I can get all the Wii U games I need.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I’m heavily considering getting Gamefly to rent games that interest me but hesitant to buy the game. If I enjoy it, I’ll send the game back to Gamefly & buy it the next time I can afford it.

    2. Okay. I half agree with you, but Sonic Lost world was one of the worst sonic games I have ever played, and I played Sonic 4. There is a report by some european gaming mag that got to play a demo of Sonic Boom, that it is the worst Sonic game of all time. While the Lego games have all been solid, no sonic game has been good since Sonic Adventure 1 on dreamcast. Dreamcast. That was a long time ago. So don’t use that franchise if your trying to defend the Wii U.

  9. Ubisoft isn’t supporting us! Screw them. And the Wii U is not suffering a drought. There are a lot of games coming out this year and everyone THINKS we’re in a drought because they’re coming out later in the year than we want.

    1. Dude I’m a big nintendo fan too but at least I can admit that there’s been a drought. The system is almost two years old now. It seems that Nintendo is finally putting their focus solely on the wii u instead of the 3ds. But seeing how the 3ds turned around, I’m sure it will definitely get better.

    2. No drought? Really? What was the last big triple A game released for Wii U? Mario Kart 8 right?
      Ok now what triple A Wii U game was before that one and how long has it been since then? We should be getting at least monthly games.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in February. Luckily, it seems the last 4 months of the year won’t be as bad.

  10. MarioKart8 needs serious DLC to keep the sales going, like a MKDoubleDash DLC pack and FZero DLC pack, maybe even get Sega Sonic Racing DLC pack. Nintendo should make a DLC where you race with MarioKarts in open world where you outrun police, call it MK8Fugitive DLC pack, just to piss on EA.

    1. What a troll post. Are you not aware they are putting together a Mercedes-Benz DLC as we speak? No,you wont be outrunning any cops in MK8. Its not GTA. Go get a playstation if you want to kill hookers and steal cars.

  11. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Hopefully July & August will be the last two months we have to deal with this big games drought.

  12. it’s the same story every year. I remember him saying the same thing last year around that time. I know things take time and they can’t say much about their strategy even if the ones he just mention are obvious and already known.

    I am surprise Nintendo did not ask to Namco/Bandai or Konami to develop a Captain Tsubasa game especially with the word cup on and the new series (rising sun).

    The shock for me came from this statement:
    Along with strong third-party as well, in terms of the support we’re getting from Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and a number of the Japanese third-party developers.

    No being funny but ubisoft and warner bros just pissing being you back man. So basically, 3rd japanese Studio only support Nintendo…. great

  13. Myb speaking in Sonicfag terms will have an effect....Sonic says that's no good!

    Pathetic, they’re relying on Indie shovelware to save them, meanwhile keeping the useless employees as opposed to dropping them. But what can you expect when the head of these clowns is incompetent himself, not to mention the worst of the Sonic base retards, which have a tendency of dragging everything down with them, moved over to Nintendo fanbase and think everything Nintendo does is worthy of celebration.

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