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European Developers Shifting Towards Mobile Devices, PC, And PlayStation 4

A study provided by the Game Developers Conference has revealed that the vast majority of European developers are looking to develop solely for mobile device, PC, and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Interestingly 33 percent of developers says that are looking to develop for the PlayStation 4, and 23 percent for the Xbox One. There were no hard figures for Nintendo platforms.

  • The vast majority of European developers are currently making games for the PC and mobile platforms. 58 percent of surveyed companies are currently working on a PC title, and 65 percent are developing for mobile.
  • Both consoles are gaining developers, but the PS4 has the edge. Almost 20 percent are currently producing a title for the PS4 and 33 percent expect their next games to be on the console.
  • In contrast, only 13 percent of surveyed developers are working on a game for the Xbox One right now, and only 23 percent expect to release their next games on the system.
  • Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly accepted form of financially supporting a game’s development. A full 41 percent of all European developers surveyed are planning on using crowdfunding for future games.

49 thoughts on “European Developers Shifting Towards Mobile Devices, PC, And PlayStation 4”

  1. So what big european devs there is left anyway. The only ones that come to my mind are Ubisoft and Rare(which is Ms 1st party). Ubisoft makes good stuff sometimes but most of their games are boring imo. Rare isnt what they used to be. Bizarre Creations(PGR devs) have been closed. So what major 3rd party european studios there are besides Ubisoft. Looking at the survey results to me it looks like most of these devs are just small indie devs. So not a big deal imo. I rather have devs like Bandai Namco giving full support for WiiU than these devs.

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  2. western, european, african and japanese devs dont need to waste there time on the wii u. the xbox one and direct x12 is the right definitive choice for them.

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          1. Waste of time if you ask me. Like it would matter how big someone´s gamerscore is or how much trophies they have. Yeah sometimes playing is fun but maybe its just me but i get bored after 30 mins of playing and it doesnt matter what i play. Gives you the feeling,”why the fuck im doing this?” you know what i mean? Call me a casual if you will, i dont care.

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  3. Unfortunately here in the UK, people are too stupid to buy the Wii U. Whenever I show other people games for the Wii U, they say the game looks amazing, but suddenly when I mention it’s for a Nintendo console, they suddenly start saying it sucks.

  4. Free to play mobile can’t die in a fire soon enough. I understand the goldfish mentality but it is a blight on gaming.

  5. Pretty exciting stuff! The moblie gaming community is growing so strong now and it’s great to see so many developers creating some great content for on the go gaming.

  6. to be honest the business for video games will never disappears. Now if the so called experts think the video game industry will be mobile then I am afraid they are wrong. The console or handle game busines will not be as good as it was 5 years ago but people will either move to PC or keep their console and play the games they could not play. I look at my list to play and believe me I am ok for the next 10 or 20 years if console gam stop now.

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