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HullBreach Studios Reveal New RPG Tomeling For Wii U

tomeling_screenHullBreach Studios has announced it has two new games planned for the Wii U. The first will be named “Tomeling in Trouble” and is scheduled for a release on iOS and Android for the third or fourth quarter this year. According to the developer, it will combine elements from an action game but will present itself as a runner title.

Tomeling in Trouble will be packaged in with the exclusive Wii U title “Tomeling” – which is an RPG with both 2D and 3D aspects. HullBreach – the studio who were set to revive Sadness – has yet to pin a date for the latter game, however. Looking at the early screenshot above makes for odd – though welcome – cravings for ice-cream sandwiches, hopefully without the eyes and legs attached.

43 thoughts on “HullBreach Studios Reveal New RPG Tomeling For Wii U”

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  2. I swear, every time a game IS announced for Wii U, it’s more idie eShop shovelware. We need some REAL game announcements.

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