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Fans Concerned Over Alleged Cheating In Latest US Pokemon Tournament

The Pokemon National Championships concluded just last weekend but concerned fans have noticed cheating may have been afoot within the US tournament. The allegations have brought three-time champion Ray Rizzo under fire, who has since responded to the issue saying he passed all random checks for legitimate Pokemon before the tournament begun.

Ray Rizzo – though he did not win the tournament this year – was believed to have allegedly cheated during the tournament by using a tampered Aegislash, which appeared from a Dream Ball. For those who are unaware, Dream Balls were used in Pokemon Black / White and allowed players to transfer their Pokemon online for certain items in the Dream World.

Considering the Dream World was closed earlier this year, along with the knowledge that Aegislash is exclusive to Pokemon X & Y, fans immediately issued their worries to the Pokemon Company. Though a ruling is yet to be found, Ray Rizzo has expressed his opinion to those in a formal statement on Facebook, believing the Aegislash was possibly bred with two hacked parents, though he had no knowledge of this before the tournament.  You can head on over to the Twitch stream and see the moment Aegislash popped from the Dream Ball around the 1 hour 37 mark.

“Basically someone who I’m not going to mention because people might troll them over this and I don’t want that to happen, unknowingly bred a presumably hacked dream ball Aegislash and the ball passed down from one of the parents, so the completely legit baby Aegislash ended up having a dream ball too. The person who bred it for me didn’t notice because they thought the parents were perfectly fine. So then they traded the baby Aegislash to me so I could EV train it and use it.

“Let me tell you I don’t know anything about in-game [poke balls]. I have maybe 60 hours of game time and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a dream ball and a dusk ball, so I had absolutely no idea it was in a dream ball. I just take my Pokemon through Nintendo’s hack check online on battle spot and at the competitions and they’re totally fine because they are always bred completely [legitimately], so I go ahead and use it.”

73 thoughts on “Fans Concerned Over Alleged Cheating In Latest US Pokemon Tournament”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Humans never have any knowledge about anything until someone else points out something…

    Humans in a nutshell…

    1. My Mew came from Pokemon Emerald, I went to an event to get the item to unlock it, so not all Mews are hacked.

      1. That event was for Japanese residents only. Inb4 you’re Japanese. Yeah, that must be it. Just like ray rizzo doesn’t know what a dream even is.

  2. Nintendo is my Blood

    I don’t know, coming from a guy who is a champion for 3 consecutive years, he would know that it would be impossible to get that hack without knowing immediately

  3. Also, X was my first game in the series and I’m puzzled as to why Pokémon is so popular. I mean like, I had fun with the game and all, but after I beat it, I didn’t care to play it anymore. I’d give it a 7/10. Along time ago though I spent a bit of time with Sapphire on GB Color and it is better imo. Anyways, I like Pokémon. I just think it’s so overrated. Like, one of the most overrated game franchise of all time. Definitely can’t wait to get Alpha Sapphire. X and Y was just so… underwhelming.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Sorry but if this is your first time playing a Pokemon game then you clearly do not know or see why it became so popular and loved…

      I’ve been with Pokemon ever since it came out and I was like 11 years old back then and was basically the game that dwarfed most games in that era…

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        There you have it, Pokemon was most of our childhoods, we grew up with them and watched the series “evolve” (no pun intended) into what is has become today

        Why don’t exactly know what makes Pokemon so fun in contrast to say Digimon, but it is

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Because Digimon is like the Sonyans of that era, they basically just copied the formula in some way and after that, many others did the same…

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Well that would be wrong, Digimon was created before Pokemon, so technically, Pokemon ripped Digimon off

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Pokemon was released in Japan in 1996 and concepts of it existed already in 1990…

              Digimon came out 1 year later in 1997, ipso facto, Pokemon came first…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Incorrect, Digimon released in 1997, it was created before Pokemon which was debuted and created in 1996

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Again, it began development in 1990, Digimon was developed as a Tamadochi toy, which dates back as early as the early eighties

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Although Digimon did come to the west after Pokemon, but in Japan, Digimon was first on the scene

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Which at the same time had no intentions in anyway of becoming the Digimon we know today so it’s irrelevant…

                    3. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Tamagotchi was Digimon, just as Capsule Mon became Pokemon
                      further proved that Tamagotchi and Digimon were created by Hasbro

                    4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Capsule Monsters had every intention of becoming the Pokemon we know today, Tamadochi didn’t until they saw the success of Pokemon…

              1. The Digimon and Pokemon argument has always been settled this way Pokemon has the better games and over all the Digimon shows were better IMO. I love them both. Never played the games because they didn’t really attract me. The only one that did was a DS one and the PSP one because it was more like the show

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Seriously, he is sexist but wants to see boobs
                      your parents did a wonderful job raising you, in fact, such a good job, me and my rifle would like to thank them in person

                  1. Indeed it did. Not denying that and no one was mad….. Wow you now your a desperate troll when you obviously try to stir trouble when there is none. Like saying someone is a lion amongst pengions….. Makes no sense

      2. Yeah I have been playing since Silver, and it has been a great ride. The only game (s) I have missed from then on were Pokémon black/white 2.

        I love the series so much, and to say that Pokémon Is overrated, is so untrue. It is just extremely popular, and the franchise deserves to be.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          The only thing I partially agree with is that Black and White in some ways feels a bit lackluster compared to the 4th and 5th generation games…

          1. I suppose so…as it didn’t feel up to par with the 4th generation as you said. But I still liked it enough to finish the game in its entirety, though they weren’t grand, which is partially why I never tried it’s sequels.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              X/Y doens’t have any sequels if that’s what you were refering to…

              But I still like X/Y…

              1. No, I was referring to the black and white games’ sequels. They were the only main series games that I skipped out on.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                  Well Black and White was probably one of the best of any generation in my opinion, so much to do…

                  The sequel was good but too easy…

      3. Sigh… Again, Commander, old games don’t translate well with me. Especially Pokémon. The graphics hurt my eyes. Lol. And the Pokémon not actually even moving ruins it for me. The game looks so plain. Maybe it’s just the fact that you guys might have been new to handhelds and gaming back then, so it was unlike anything you’d ever seen before.

        1. Yeah, it was extremely plain, that’s for sure. But it is cool to see the evolution of the games graphically and it’seems designs over the years.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Again, the graphics never mattered and is not any reason to why people loved Pokemon back then and still do…

    2. sapphire was on the GBA, you either got the system confused, or you meant crystal, but since you are excited for the remake I think you just got your systems confuse, but if you play crystal instead and got the games confused, the remake is soul silver for the ds, witch is the best pokemon game to date, I don’t think it’s over rated, I just think it’s not for everyone, I don’t play pokemon games, but I have friends (and a brother) who play them non-stop

      1. Yeah, I got it confused. But anyways, gen 3 is supposed to be the best apparently, so I’m pretty hyped they remade it for newer gamers like me.

          1. that depends who you talk to, people who played gen 1 and 2 and stopped at 3 usually consider 3 to be the worst, the players who started on 3 however…you get the point

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              No one can say gen 1 is the best, because it is gen 1, people would be biased
              gen 3 was bad because alot of the Pokemon designs were bad or gimmicky.

        1. Personally gen 3 is the worst (It’s still great mind you, it is still Pokemon after all, just not the best Pokemon). Honestly 99% of the time the people that say gen 3 is the best are the ones that started with gen 3, I’ve noticed people have a huge bias towards the gen that they started on. It’s really personal preference for example I think Gen 6 actually is the best if I had to rate them in order it would be 6>4>2>5>1>3, but I have friends who say gen 3 is the best, some who say gen 1, some say gen 2, etc.

          tl;dr: There is no such thing as a best gen, it’s all personal preference.

    3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I beat the main story after around 40 hours of playing. Yet I have 600 hours in it now. There’s a lot more depth to it than you might know, since this is your first Pokemon game. I spent a lot of time breeding, trading to fill the Pokedex, and battling friends.

    4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Honestly, I never liked Pokemon until Y came out. Basically, the older ones never gave me what I always thought it should have, which was interacting with pokemon, X/Y was definitely the day that I would get a Pokemon game for the first time in my life. I really love it, but hey, not everyone has the same opinion on everything. Its the thought that counts.

  4. There’s egg-groups right? What if he bred with a Pokémon from that group for whatever reason (I don’t breed myself), that was a female (because I think those pass down the type of Pokéball) from the Dream World? Seems legit to me.

    Though of course I don’t know Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash’s group if they even have one and if there are pkmn in that group that could have been obtained from the Dream World, but I’m just theoretically speaking.

    1. They are genderless egg group only way to breed is with ditto. And his pokemon wasn’t hacked just the parents were. The only real reason this is an issue is because of the pokemon being in the pokeball is impossible other wise. Besides that this isn’t even a big deal. I have been traded many hack Mon. I just breed and go about my business. It based the hack checker so people are just finding a problem to birch and moan

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        It would be impossible no matter which way you slice it, his Aegislash would be classified as hacked

        1. His isn’t hacked. Just because it’s the off spring of a hack Mon doesn’t mean it’s hacked. The discussion is petty. The pokeball is passed down from the female. So whoever traded for it knew that the parent Mon was hacked but the off spring isn’t. It’s legit. Sad it would be classified as hacked since its not. Especially if it’s KB and Nintendo said it’s not hacked but oh well.

    2. It’s impossible. The female determines the species and the pokeball when breeding.

      The dream ball was only useable in Gen 5, and Honedge only exists in Gen 6. It’s a BLATANT hack.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      But, thats the thing, it may be tampered with, and besides, a hack is a hack, just because I breed a Sheer Force Totodile despite it being impossible to obtain, still makes it a hack

      But it is more concerning how he claims he knows nothing about it, he is lying

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Not by regulation, a hack would be anything that is impossible to get by normal means, it is rules and rules are rules

  5. Some people get WAY too butthurt when it comes to legitimacy in Pokemon. As long as he didn’t mess with the stats, nothing’s wrong.

    1. if your not going to put in the effort to get pokemon legitamently, go play smogon, any form of hacking is extremely rude to the other players

      1. Except the only form of hacking that can be done in X/Y can’t be done to change abilities (with the exception of gender forms) or stats. Only shiny, Pokeball, and gender changes can be done, in this case a Pokeball. You’re a moron if you think an Aegislash in a Dream Ball is rude.

  6. Has anyone considered this? He caught a Ditto in a dream ball in Black/White, transferred the Ditto to X/Y, bred it with a male Aegislash, and the baby Honedge was in a dream ball because it was passed down by the mother Ditto?

    1. It wouldn’t work, since breeding with a Ditto acting as the mother results in it being in a regular Pokeball. Pokeballs only pass down from the female.
      For example, say you’re breeding a Ditto and a female Gardevoir that’s in a Dream Ball. The Gardevoir will always pass down the Dream Ball to the offspring. If it was a male Gardevoir in a Dream Ball and a Ditto acting as the mother, the offspring will always be in a Pokeball, no matter what the Ditto is in.

  7. Pokeballs do not alter stats or moves in anyway, and they obviously don’t check the pokeball in the hack checks. I really don’t see why there is so much fuss. It’s just a decorative thing honestly.

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