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GameStop Is Set to Get Involved With Early Game Development For Exclusive Content

US video game outlet GameStop has confirmed that it plans to get involved with early game development to provide users with exclusive GameStop only content. The company will be helping out on a number of popular titles which may include GameStop offering exclusive gameplay.

31 thoughts on “GameStop Is Set to Get Involved With Early Game Development For Exclusive Content”

  1. Who would go to Gamestop just to play an exclusive demo for a game? Sure that’s where most people get there games but this seems pretty much pointless, to me at least. I’m not criticizing the for doing, it just seems like a waste of resources to them. If they were to become a game developer then I would understand.

    1. suddenly its a problem when gamestop handle dlc but when nintendon’t mention dlc you clowns start hyping up.

    2. I refuse to ever buy these gsmes because I just don’t like those exclusive gamestop edition cover. I just want a clean cover and you can give me a download code nut fuck with my cover and you lose my business

  2. Or you could fix your freakin trade system first… I traded in about 20 or so of my old Wii games and got less than $40. *sigh* Gamestop is a joke. I don’t even trade my games in anymore because you can’t even afford a damn bargain bin game with the money you get back. XD Although, I must say, if you know how to work your way around them (aka buying a game somewhere else new way cheaper) and then selling it, they can be quite useful. Hahaha, stupid idiots.

    1. I almost did the same with my Gamecube games long ago. Luckily I didn’t, considering I would have gotten next to nothing compared to how much I spent on buying the games.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I don’t even buy things from stores anymore, I just order online these days because it’s cheaper by alot…

      1. It’s especially cheaper for those of us that have high prices on fucking gas in our area. :/

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Gas in what sense?…

          Anyway, you haven’t been much on lately, you missed out on some wars…


          1. For driving purposes. I’m in a small, mostly rural, town, so we have to travel at least 10 to 15 miles to anything that sells video games.

            And I see that. I’ve been working my way through the articles that interest me for the past two nights. I’ve still got 39 unread emails of new posts for this blog. I’m weeding out the articles that hold very little interest to me, so I can cut the number of comment sections I have to read in hopefully half, if less than half is out of the question. I’ve been busy with Pokemon & trying to get every single one from Pokedex #1 to #710+. Not counting event only legendaries. Just have to hope they’ll eventually release mystery gifts over time that will give me the event legendaries that I need. But I won’t be able to get every single in-game Pokemon til Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire release since that’s the only way I can get the Regis. I hope there is new added area to the games that allows me to get Regigigas once I collect Regice, Registeel, & Regirock. If not, damn it because that will mean I’ll have to wait for Diamond & Pearl to get remakes. xD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Ah I see…

              Haha, I’ve been playing some Pokemon Y myself lately too…

              Preparing to make my final team in Omega Ruby later this year…

              1. I need to get X for Xerneas. I want to give Yveltal, Xerneas, & Zygarde Norse mythology names, so trading for Xerneas is out of the question. I can just give the game to the wife when I’m done getting what I need from that version.

                1. I might restart Y in a week or so, so I can save the Master Ball on my 2nd playthrough for Zygarde. I want all three of them, that I plan to keep for my collection, to be in a Master Ball for the sake of my tendency to be a little OCD. lol

  3. Holy fucking shit, pardon my french. When will this crap end? Oh, well, the only reason I ever go to GameStop anyways is because a cute girl happens to work there.

    1. Only reason I’d go to GS is for pre-owned games. And sometimes to browse all the stuff in there I can’t afford. Haha.

      1. Only crappy games are cheap enough to be bought from GameStop.
        And you don’t really want those games.

  4. Seems like Gamespot are running out of ideas and trying anything to save themselves from the threat and takeover of digital distribution.

  5. that’s a very bad news. So if I understand the news, gamestop may ask developper to have special costume or weapons or quest depend on the game. Game stop is not implemented in every countries so I imagine people who do not have a gamestop will be truly f****. If gamestop could only do that for xb1 exlcusive (i.e. halo or fable) or smartphone game that will be great. Very sad new for the video game market

    1. It means they’re actively helping with development. This could range from funding to providing actually correct focus test groups, as well as sales data to indicate trends in gaming.

      In return they get a little content to sell that’s exclusive to Gamestop copies. However this is nothing new as they’ve been doing it for a while and other stores do it too (Watch Dogs had like 5 versions). However nobody on here is going to care because all the posts so far have been “hurrr gamestop” and “gamestop didn’t give me the amount of money I think my games are worth waaaah”

  6. More fucked up Pre-Ordering schemes. Glad that Nintendo doesn’t do this shit just to kiss ass of the mindless, FPS-only idiot gamers.

    1. Pre-owned Nintendo games are like $5 less than the new price. Lol Poor Gamestop. They probably hate Nintendo. XD

  7. Don’t spend your hard earned Nintendo $$$ at GameStop. GameStop doesn’t give two fucks about Nintendo or anyone that buys Nintendo products. When was the last midnight release for a Nintendo game? It’s not in their interest to sell only a few games at midnight…so sorry Nintendo. Fuck you GameStop!

      1. Ok. One game…. Any other takers?
        Seems like every time I talk about something non Nintendo they get Super Engaged, then I bring up Wii U and they disengage. They become busy with other items…. Let me ask you this? Does your store display all its Nintendo games furthest from the entrance, tucked away in the back corner? If not then you have a truly unique store. Feel lucky. I would love if my GameStop employees tried to Like Nintendo.

        1. It’s facing opposite of their registers. I only mentioned Mario Kart since it was the most recent. I don’t know how others do it, but mine do midnight releases based on the number of preorders they have, so take that as you will.

          Also fun fact: the layout of the store is based entirely on how much money companies give them, with the highest usually being the first thing you see when you walk in

  8. They do rip off a lot. Last time I went waited in line for about 5 minutes and the lady was turning in some games her kid never played and the people offered almost nothing for 2 of them and she turned and asked me if I wanted them I said yes. lol I was so happy tho I figured out why gamestop didn’t offer much lol 1 was incredibly glitched and the other was a skateboard game by ubisoft and both of them are wii games sure but hey its free games.

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