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The Game Informer Cover Reveal Was Borderlands Developer Gearbox’s Battleborn, But Not For Nintendo Platforms

Yesterday, the executive editor of Game Informer, Andrew Reiner, teased that the Game Informer cover game would be announced today. Well it turns out the game is Battleborn for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Battleborn is described as a first-person multiplayer game. The new IP is “intergalactic first-person battle arena” which borrows the “minion smashing and fast levelling”. The developer is Gearbox who are the team behind Borderlands.

170 thoughts on “The Game Informer Cover Reveal Was Borderlands Developer Gearbox’s Battleborn, But Not For Nintendo Platforms”

        1. It doesn’t even come close to PS2 games now that I look at it again. How shitty. This is supposed to be next gen? You serious?

      1. It looks fine, it just has a different art style than what we’re used to. It’s like asking why Windwaker HD has last-gen graphics? The answer is: it doesn’t, that’s just the art style.

    1. This is what I say. MNN is getting kinda retarded posting about every single game that’s not coming to Wii U.

          1. I…. I can’t see how.

            “Battleborn is developed by the teams behind the critically acclaimed hybrid role-playing-shooter Borderlands 2, and is an ambitious fusion of genres. The game combines highly-stylized visuals and frenetic first-person shooting, with Gearbox’s industry-leading co-operative combat, and an expansive collection of diverse heroes. Battleborn is set in the distant future of an imaginative science-fantasy universe where players experience both a narrative-driven co-operative campaign, as well as competitive multiplayer matches.

            ‘If Borderlands 2 is a shooter-looter, Battleborn is a hero-shooter,’ said Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software. ‘As a genre-fused, hobby-grade, co-operative and competitive FPS exploding with eye-popping style and an imaginative universe, Battleborn is the most ambitious video game that Gearbox has ever created.’ “

  1. Why bring this up, if not nintendo related, yeah i know its not coming but their is no reason to report this stuff each month gameinformer does this

    1. Chozodian Emissary

      To let us know. They reported that Game Informer was going to reveal something today and if they didn’t report on what it was then we’d all be asking. At least now we know that’s it’s not coming to Wii U instead of wondering without a clue.

  2. I knew it. Lol. Another game not coming to Wii U. God damn, it’s like an everyday part of life now. Sucks…

      1. The Monster Hunter 3 demo turned me away from the series. Was thinking about giving it a try, but man I really didn’t like that demo…

          1. Why does everyone confuse Xenoblade with Monster Hunter? They couldn’t be anymore different. They’re both amazing games for their own reasons.

        1. As a fellow Demo-hater, I can tell you it is much better when you start from the beginning and play online with an experienced hunter for a couple hours. I LOATHED the demo, and skipped out on MH for a year because of it, now I probably hunt several times a week, and that’s me playing it as “down time.”

          Truly, the demo was the worst idea in the franchise marketing history, but I am telling you the demo did not represent the game.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I personally am waiting for MH4U instead but indeed, that demo was pretty horrible…

            1. A logical and economical Choice Commander! I will say, you can find MH3U for the WiiU for under $20 now in the states, and a lot of hunters still play. Might be a good break-in to the series. That said, in MH4, You won’t have to fuck around with swimming, which I hated.

              By the time you join the guilds, I’ll be fairly experienced. I’d love to be one of the hunters to take you out on one of your first hunts!

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’ll gladly hunt with you next year then!

                Just beware, I have a habit of killing teammates…


                1. No Friendly fire in MH, you may just send me flying a few times, but no health loss, no foul. ;D

                    1. I’m down with hunting with yaull. I don’t consider me one of the best but I’m a pro with the switch axe, hunting Horn, and long sword lol
                      It would be an honor hunting with yaull.

                      1. BigDrewDaGamer07

                        I have the game but rarely play it since none of my friends own a Wii U. Can I play with you guys?

            2. The demo sucked. They just threw me out onto the quest with only 20 minutes not even telling me how to play. Eventually I figured out the controls and kicked that bunny rabbit thing’s butt. Lol. Then I fought the Plesioth… *facepalm* That bitch is excruciatingly difficult. He just has too many attacks. And when I’m low on health. I try to use a potion and this dude sits there for like 6 seconds making me completely vulnerable. After getting my ass handed to me about 5 times, I decided that Monster Hunter probably isn’t my type of game. Haha.

              1. No, no,… I understand all of that. Having a Plesioth in a demo was fucking stupid. I’m saying don’t judge the game by the demo! You TOTALLY miss out on the fucking abyss-deep RPG elements and item combining and armor building that makes the game great!!

                You don’t have to listen to me…I was also scarred pretty bad by the Demo. :(

                1. I might get around to it eventually. But it had better be worth it. I don’t know man. Even after beating that easy rabbit, I just didn’t feel satisfied. The stress I had to put up with it overpowered the amount of fun I had and I obviously don’t want to play a game that’s gonna piss me off. Lol. I mean, if anything early on in the full game even comes close to the level of Plesioth, I might just end up breaking my fucking GamePad. XD

                  1. No, the actual game does a great job in explaining all of the game mechanics to you. The game is insanely deep. You’ll learn how to craft better equipment suited to fight each boss. It’s definitely meant for core gamers looking for a challenge.

                  2. Like I told N.C. – pick up the WiiU version of MH3U for $15-$20, see what you think before you pay full retail for MH4. The Combat / controls are tricky sometimes and take a little patience to master, but it’s a very content-rich RPG that’s hellava fun to play online.

                    I’m not promising you’ll like it, it’s not for everyone, but those that really get into the armor/weapon building and item combining love it so much the have more patience for the control learning curve. Swimming is a frustrating pain in the ass, and I’ll be glad to see it gone in MH4.

                  3. I don’t have the wiiU version but I owned the 3DS version twice and lost the card twice……..don’t ask why or how. But definetly the demo is garbage. If you like RPG games and beating the living shit out of monsters and corny Japanese things like cooking well done steak and fleecing muscles when drinking potions lol get the game. It will suck you in once you get past the tutorial stages which i wish they had an option to skip for experienced players

                    1. I download games I play long term. I’m almost “cart-free.” Sorry you keep losing your game carts man. :/

                  4. Get the game. The game will shine best once you get online & actually interact with others. Monster Hunter is actually one of those games that I actually wouldn’t mind being solely online multiplayer. In fact, I’d welcome it. Monster Hunter Tri was a nice starter game for me to get into the series. Although, I have neglected that game very badly since buying it back in the month it first came out in last year. :/ Maybe I just need a steady group of people to hunt with.

                2. I enjoyed the demo only because I had prior knowledge on Monster Hunter. I’ve already put 50 hours into the single player campaign. I haven’t even touched the online yet. There’s so much content in this game. Plus it even has voice chat!

                1. The controls are tricky even when you have a decent start to the game…to throw people into that demo with no tutorial was basically begging people to hate the game. Fucking stupid.

                  1. I feel that the game’s controls on the 3DS are awful.

                    I’ve owned the Wii U version for over a year now. I just hope that the controls are better, because the game does look fun.

          2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            I suggest you give it another go. In fact, that’s how I started with it. I hated it, but it had something that made me progress, and I liked it in the end, that’s how another friend of mine started with the game too, he hated it, but gave it time, now its one of his favorite series in the world. You just hate in the beginning because of its learning curve and physics, but you grow to love it in the end.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Of course it won’t, let them enjoy it while they last, soon they’ll do an Atarian move and they will all crumble beneath our greatness…

        1. You have Sony confused with King, who are trying to copyright words like candy & saga. *twitch*

      1. Is that what your boyfriend is called?
        How did he “Expose” the Wii U? It’s not a human and it has no genitalia so what is there to expose?

        Kid, you’re fighting over PLASTIC…. you are fucking sad and you’re more than a social reject than anyone on the internet, Chris Chan looks better than you now…. that’s saying ALOT.

      2. You truly have reached a new low if you are agreeing with Pachter. xD Oh wait! You hit that new low when you called Martin Luther King Jr overrated. Back to your dumpster with the rest of yesterday’s trash.

    2. OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t going to be Nintendo if it’s on Game Informer.

      So why make these articles? Why does this sickr faggot keep posting non-Nintendo-related news on a Nintendo blog?

      1. Because people like you keep clicking on it and commenting. The real entertainment is seeing fanboys rage about the article.

        1. I will admit that the comments are what attract me here as well. No Wii U? Ah well, I got the PS4 anyway, although I’ll definitely be skipping on this game

            1. Does Sickr own a 3DS or a Wii U? Why did he even bother making a Nintendo dedicated website? Why not Xbox?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                He has a both to my knowledge considering I have him on my friends list on Wii U…

              2. I have all the consoles. Current gen and last gen. Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360. But my favourite games are those from Nintendo. I love video games :-)

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I don’t know what kind of insult that was because you failed…

              1. That game was so amazing. Coop play. “great graphics”, hardcore challenging, fanservice, it would beat the hell out of you, then you’d always go back for more.

        1. I’m just wondering…. didn’t Gearbox say ages ago said they were looking forward to making a game for the Wii U?… very sad, plus, I don’t really trust them after Alien Isolation.

              1. Then Explain Duke Nukem Forever…. It was Gearbox’s fault kiddo, stop trying to hide it, your ass is already burnt enough.

              2. Not really, because Sega only PUBLISHED the game, Gear Box DEVELOPED it… Wow, you will try to defend any game that isn’t coming to the Wii U, even if it is being developed by a now shit company.

        2. Gay Commander u exposing no one except Yo ur hypocrite butt crack you swedish pervert. Hows your broken gamepad BITCH?

        3. This looks like an awesome game! I especially like the character designs.
          Once I get a PS4, this will be on my “To Get” list for sure.

        4. First and foremost, DUH, of course Gearbox is not porting it over.

          2nd, so fairytale borderlands??? this is what I am getting!

          Not anything really new or bold, it looks pretty and I like the song…

        5. Is anyone surprised by this? They outsourced that Aliens game, because they are too high and mighty to develop for the Wii U and that game was such a hot mess that it was eventually cancelled entirely. Gearbox is just a developer doing what they think will make them money and that’s all there is to it. But I will ask the same question as was asked above… why even report on this if it in no way relates to Nintendo? Just a question.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              You do realize you don’t have two cents to rub together and we all have Wii Us, 3DS and yes some of us have more consoles

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            And you shove a jar of mayo so far up your ass that you shit buffalo sauce from your toes. Exposed.

            1. *bursts out laughing* What? What the heck? I don’t even… God damn it, Glados. That didn’t even make any fucking sense. XD You guys are gonna end up killing me if you keep saying hilarious stuff. That is litterally the craziest thing I’ve read all day. God, I can’t even say the word buffalo anymore without giggling. You expose this guy too hard. XD

              1. For a minute I thought it was stranga til you mention it was *Mind Blown* from glados’s

        6. Gearbox can go eat shit, and they can take this generic looking game and shove it up Randy’s ass.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              What happened to you stuffing your face full of Popeyes and kool-aid grape juice full of Vitamin B?

        7. Albert "The Jizzer" Einstein

          Didn’t they also make Aliens Colonial Marines, and Duke Nukem Forever?

          1. Not sure about nukem, but colonial marines in name only. They outsourced pretty much everything in that game. Gearbox is generally pretty good, though they do have their weak points. If it’s actually them making it and not some subsidiary or outsourced party, it should be decent at the very least, though

            1. Gearbox can do only one thing, Borderlands. Thats because they stole Sega’s cash for Aliens. Everything else associated with their name is shit. Fuck Randy and Queerbox.

        8. Sickr. When are you going to realize that this is not relevant to Nintendo whatsoever and does not belong on this website?

        9. Chozodian Emissary

          I actually like the art style, wonder if they’ll get ridiculed like everyone ridicules Nintendo for cartoony and “kiddy” art styles. PS4 and Xbox One? Oh no, it’ll be praised for being another FPS, no one will even notice the art style.

        10. Told you all it would be some dumb Xbone or PS4 game! I know the way these magazines work. With the art style, this games looks like it would have been better suited for Wii U. Why are so many games skipping Wii U even when the Wii U could easily handle it? The game developers of this generation are all dimwits.


          ITS FOR 3 PCs this see thru untalented pathetic industry and its bankrupt no cash publishers is it a fundraser by any chance

        12. Don’t know why this game isn’t coming to the Wii U. The art style of the game looks like it would have meshed well with what Nintendo tends to aim for for their audience. Maybe the game’s engine is only optimized for X86 architecture. That’s the only reason I can think of because visually it doesn’t look that demanding

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            The Borderland series has never come to Nintendo platforms before. The developers that make Borderlands are based in Texas USA and they have made 3 games on Nintendo platforms in their whole existence since 1999.

            I think it’s safe to say the developers of the series just don’t develop for Nintendo platforms.

        13. Gay Commander scared of sweet juicy pussy so he prefers dick in his ass crack lol FAGGADDY FAGGOT HOWS UR GAMEPad?

          1. Digital Games Suck!

            People like Aeolus is what’s corrupting the internet. I can never let my niece read the comments on sites like this because of foul-mouthed freaks like this. I wish these sites were as heavily monitored as MiiVerse is. Then we wouldn’t have losers like this ruining the comments sections of every site.

            1. Chozodian Emissary

              Agreed, and people wonder why Nintendo is reluctant to add voice chat to their online games.

        14. pink0crystal0midbus

          I don’t think the Gameinformer covers ever reveal a game that will come to Nintendo platforms. They will probably never do so either.

        15. Change the name of the site to “My gaming news” or Mark this kind of topics as “miscellaneous” or “Non related”.

          1. It is related! They reported yesterday that Game Informer would be revealing a game on it’s cover today. If they didn’t report on what that reveal was then we’d all be asking! So at least me know it’s not coming to Wii U instead of sitting here wondering what the reveal was. It’s perfectly relevant.

          2. It is related! They reported yesterday that Game Informer would be revealing a game on it’s cover today. If they didn’t report on what that reveal was then we’d all be asking! So at least we know it’s not coming to Nintendo platforms instead of sitting here wondering what the reveal was. It’s perfectly relevant.

        16. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

          I thought this so called developers are skilled Wtf why they can’t make games on the wii u?
          Enough said the game looks ugly and I don’t care about third parties anymore

        17. Gee, Game Informer is such a smug publication to think that a cover reveal is anything to hype at all.

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