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Wii U Software Sales Were Up 479% In The UK During June




JVM from Gamasutra has provided software sales figures for the United Kingdom during June. What is interesting is that Wii U software sales were up 479% thanks to Mario Kart 8. JVM also says that PlayStation 4 life to date software figures are at 3.02 million and Xbox One life to date software sales are at 2.61 million, which is a difference of 410,000.

Thanks, Mac

221 thoughts on “Wii U Software Sales Were Up 479% In The UK During June”

    1. Yup. I’m so happy Wii U is now making a huge comeback. :3 And in UK and Japan where both countries who many thought Wii U would fumble, is no longer a hater’s wet dream. :3

      And look at the charts. Only Wii U is making a gain out of all platforms. Mario Kart 8 really did the trick to save its ass Commander. ;D

      1. Oh and a shoutout to Sasori and Michael Patcher: Fuck you losers! XD Wii U is bouncing back from the near-grave. Now go enjoy your PSVitas and Red Ring boxes of death.

              1. He has to add the memes, the screenshots where he is exposed and his crappy quality videos, also i hope Sasoribukakemii should give us his pic, that pic is so hilarious lol

                  1. That pic makes me laugh and Sasori doesn’t know what that liquid…he said on one of his videos, sure he knows what the hell is that juice!!!

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I would be surprised if he didn’t considering all this so called “fapping”…

                    2. He knows, he only wants the people who watch his channel to think he is a “saint”…he must be the saint of idiots, BTW where’s sasori bukkake mii his post are funny

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Now if only High Command would stop being so ignorant towards everything from now on that would be great…

        1. You mean Iwata? I hope so that he learned and stop acting that the world is like Japan. As a businessman, you must understand the demographics to serve that demographic as best as possible.

      3. No it didn’t, damn it! I want the Wii U to exceed it’s competition. I want the Wii U to become NUMBER ONE in sales everywhere. I want it to be at the top of the charts. Every. Fucking. Time. I won’t be satisfied until Wii U fully beats the competition! Hell, I’d even go as far to say I hope the Wii U sells more than the 3DS one day!

        1. If Nintendo can make some improvements on the system, make Gamepad less required but feature rich, dish out more homerun titles as frequent as the 3DS, advertise the damn thing and hopefully draw some more “worthy” 3rd/2nd parties unlike Ubiliars and Electronic Assholes, THEN Wii U will have a better shot. :)

      4. You do realize those charts are only about software, right ?
        And nobody thought it would fumble in Japan… On the contrary, everyone thought it would dominate there.

        1. As for hardware, Sony & MS take losses as part of their gaming divisions’ plans. So they have to rely on software (which is also tied into their other source to offset those costs: online membership fees). So in a way, the more hardware Sony & MS sell, the higher the immediate losses (@ least for their gaming divisions), & the risk in recouping those losses are. Other manufacturers involved in those boxes receive their profits (on each box sold) before Sony & MS receive a single cent on hardware . Even still, software sales is where the money’s @, because even when Nintendo profits on hardware, it’s not as much as on software or enough to justify games (further proving it’s about the games & the experiences they provide, NOT raw tech specs).

          & before anyone misconstrues that as a reason why Ninty should go 3rd party, it’s not. But that’s a whole other can of worms where hardware is integral to Ninty’s autonomy, software quality, & creativity; elements that SEGA lost when (arguably before) they dropped outta the hardware biz. But according to Sony PR, the Dreamcast was a toy anyway, right? Sound familiar? Truth is, they’re all toys, gaming, entertaiment.

          1. Thanks for that, it was really informative. (:
            Though I believe Sony said they’ve already started making profit per PS4 unit sold not too long ago. I remember reading an article on that, correct me if I’m wrong though.

            1. Ah, I do believe you’re correct re PS4 profiting, which roughly started about the end of May, @ least when reported on, say, Forbes. So, as much as I like Nintendo & miss 6th gen Sony, PS4 is apparently no longer sold @ a loss. Thus, its declining software sales are not as serious as I’d presumed (though obviously disconcerting nonetheless).

              1. & just to be clear, while I miss 6th gen. Sony, I also condemn some of their 6th gen. actions, particularly their shot @ the Dreamcast. But the PS2’s library, its size & varity, was awesome. So was the industry.

                1. Totally agreed. The PS2 was absolutely amazing and it’s definitely one of my favorite consoles of all time.
                  Even though Sony have made a few remarks over the time that were a little… borderline… they will always hold a special place in my heart, because I basically grew up with their stuff. The same goes for Nintendo, no matter how much both of them screw up, I know I’ll always go back to them anyway. d:

              2. True, true. Though with the upcoming games in the next few months, both soft- and hardware sales are going to pick up – for the PS4 AND the WiiU. And as a supporter of both Nintendo and Sony, I’m definitely looking forward to the next couple of months, it’s going to be great. (:

    2. The Force is indeed strong in the UK… thanks to Mario Kart 8 and Wii U. Up next… Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and (just in time for the Holidays) Super Smash Bros. U.

  1. Well yeah, but it’s just from one game. Nintendo needs to now work on maintaining the momentum and driving sales during the summer lull before Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Smash Bros arrive.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Yet you still don’t own an Xbox. Therefore, your arguments are still invalid.
                  Which is why your too scared to debate against me because you know you will get own because you are a social reject and a hypocrite.

            1. Holy shit that’s a huge jump from last year. :) Kudos to Wii U. Mario Kart 8 did make a difference after all. Now that the hype is back in order, with Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. 4, Bayonetta, Devil’s Third and many more coming this year, Wii U is gonna be set for this holiday season and possibly overtake PS4 global lead. :3

              1. I dont get it. Its a huge j7mp but still half of any ps or xbox. This gen or last. Its a jump from the grave but is still lacking

                  1. How are the other two supposed to have a positive increase compared to last year if they weren’t even out during that time ? LMAO.
                    Looks like it’s you who’s lacking something. Hint: It’s intelligence.

              2. What the fuck? Lol, that’s impossible. Don’t you know how many Sony/Microsoft fanboys there are? And look at Call of Duty. That piece of shit sells MILLIONS every single year. And with games like Destiny and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, it’s going to be hard as hell for the Wii U this holiday. Mario Kart 8, one of THE MOST hyped games of last year was beaten by Watch Dogs. And that was the only game it had to even compete with. This winter, Wii U will have Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Smash Bros. It has to go up against CoD Advanced Warfare (which will already probably outsell all the other games) Battlefield Hardline, Destiny, Evolve, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, etc. That’s alot more than Watch Dogs. And in addition, that limited edition white PS4 is going to outsell in stores everywhere and get a shit ton of gamers into next gen which result in even more fucking sales of Destiny and other games. This holiday is seriously one hell of an epic battle. If Wii U can get througj this, then Nintendo has officially saved the Wii U.

              1. Hyrule Warriors, Zelda Wii U, Star Fox, Smash Bros. 4, Bayonetta 1/2, Xenoblade Chronicle X, Devil’s Third, possible Metroid Prime 4,, Wii U is gonna be set for kicking ass, Nintendo style. :3

                  1. I think it’s a 2nd screen for the playstation that costs twice as much and works half as well!

                1. Sony should have made Vita a smartphone with analog buttons…I mean, I think they would have gave Smartphones a run for their money, and kept mobile off our ass if they did.

                  Instead, poor Vita wasn’t quite a smartphone, but wasn’t what the Market wanted for a handheld either. They basically sent Vita on a suicide mission. RIP Vita!

                  1. They had a phone similar to that, the Xperia Play. Didn’t do very well, so I guess that’s why they chose to not go that way again.

                    1. Sooo, damned if they do, damned if they don’t? :)

                      The Vita was a true gaming device though. So I’m saying instead of trying to make a phone a game device, they should have made a game device a phone. See?

                      Anyway, it’s a pretty expensive misstep in any case.

                      1. Well, they did pretty well with the PSP though. So I’m guessing they wanted to go into the same direction with the Vita, just bigger and better. Unfortunate it hasn’t really attracted enough people yet.
                        And I suppose the whole phone thing wouldn’t have been a good idea either way. It would be too gimmicky and not “truly for gaming” for people looking for a gaming device, and it would miss out on features other “normal” phones do have, which would turn off people looking for a phone. And normally, people don’t need 2 phones, so they’d rather go for a real phone having all features they need than for a gaming device that features phone calls.
                        That’s what I think, at least.

              1. You Think nintendo was rock bottom? How so? Because the wii u didnt take off like the wii? In that case ms and sony are in hell.

                1. No no, NINTENDO didn’t hit rock bottom, the WiiU hit rock bottom.
                  – unpopular
                  – 2 yr game drought
                  – No support from Nintendo during the launch Window
                  – loss of 3rd party interest
                  – Shitty marketing.

                  So the WiiU had nowhere to go but up. Sales could only improve. Interest could only improve.

                  Follow me?

                2. Sony IS in a world of hurt. PS4’s popularity, coupled with some badly needed software may be the only thing not currently sinking in Sony’s World.

                  Microsoft is doing OK. Win 8.1 is making a SLOOWWW comeback, as will xBox one once they sort their shit out and drop the Kinects requirement.

                  Nintendo has enough $$$, they could afford to support the WiiU regardless of how bad it tanks… They can’t KEEP doing that though. They NEED a successful console next time, or they need to break WiiU out of it’s “Wii” cloud that shadows it.

                  I get so pissed just saying “WiiU” out loud. It’s embarrassing they tied an albatross to their next Gen system. Fucking idiots.

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            3. Lmfao, poor Vita. Such an underestimated handheld. Let’s just hope digital sales went better. But either way best wishes to it, hopefully it will pick up some sales soon.
              And good to see the WiiU managed to sell some games, MK8 seems to have done well compared to other previous WiiU games. 139k software units isn’t the best, but it’s still a significant improvement, after all.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Before it was first revelaed at E3, Iwas actually interested to see what the Sonyans would do with it…

                Then I just saw it’s an upgraded PSP and nothing else…

                But like everything Sonyan made, they don’t interested me enough to be worthy of purchase…

                1. Well, of course it’s an upgraded PSP, that’s the point of a successor, lmao. The 3DS is an upgraded version of the DSi, just like the DSi was an upgraded version of the DS, and so on.
                  It’s unfortunate you’re not interested in their stuff, but everyone has their own taste after all. d:

                    1. That’s your opinion. Personally, I think they’ve done a great job with it. Haven’t regretted buying it even for a single second, and I bought it on launch, mind you.

                2. Not sure if Vita is a upgraded PSP or a downgraded PS3 version of Go?

                  XD Honestly, IDK WTF it was meant to target for besides dumb hardcore Sony fans failing to see the lack of values it has and speaking of values, those overpriced Vita memory cards…nuff said.

            4. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

              typical click bait= refreshing pages/commenting/reply x advertisement money value= rich jack pot for xbox one games(-_-) (‘_’)
              instead of commenting to start the replys and refreshing pages, let me just watch and see how these clowns attack each other like a bunch of social rejects over nintendo games lol.

              1. Still jealous that your hated system and game (MK8) of choice didn’t flop like your pathetically hoped. XD Keep on crying your self-racist, basement-dwelling, ugly Brokeback fail of a troll.

              2. You know what’s funny. Whenever the Wii U is not doing so well in the UK, they hate on them… calling them “irrelevant, UK gamers have no taste in games.”

                But when the Wii U sales increase, they become hypocrites!

                1. Am I even praising UK at all over this or am I praising Nintendo finally pulling itself out of its troubles in UK?

                  Please fucking read carefully first next time. Seeing illiterates like you makes me wanna punch their brains out so that I can extract it and give it to somebody else that deserve it instead of rednecks with turds for skulls.

                  1. Did I say Stranga?

                    Please learn to fucking read. God, the amounts of retards on this site is ridiculous!!

                    Like I’m scared of you lmao!

                    1. Oh forgive me that this site’s comment board is confusing with its reply placements especially on a small screen smartphone. Anyway, you’re still a dipshit retard fanboy placing unexplained hate on anything that’s not Sony so this changes nothing.

                      1. I’m not a fanboy… where have you ever see me state that Sony is better than Nintendo… Just because I’m not a fan of the Wii U doesn’t mean that I’m a Sony fanboy smh…

                        And you’re a retarded Nintendo fanboy that hates everyone that doesn’t worship Nintendo like you :)

                        1. “I’m not a fanboy”

                          *looks at your past track record of anti-Nintendo comments that more than sounds like a child’s internet rant*

                          Doing the Pinocchio already?

              3. You’re the clickbait here moron, people come here just to annoy you, see? you became the unnoficial mascot of this blog.

                  1. Isn’t that a cellphone? XP That doesn’t even count for gaming like every mobile device with the exception of some mobile games being as good.

                  2. No idea what you’re talking about, but the Xperia phones are doing really good actually, ever since the Xperia Z. In fact, I’m using one myself and I like it better than Samsung, which I had been using for 3 generations before switching to a Sony phone.
                    But that’s rather off topic, I guess.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Almost everything us better than Samsung products…

                      All of their products breaks like after 6 years max…

                      1. Have to disagree with you there Commander. Maybe you’ve just had bad experience with Samsung products. I still have a Samsung phone from the early 2000s that still turns on and functions even after all this time, and this is coming from an iPhone user lol.

                          1. I’m just saying I’ve never had a problem with their products. And they’re growing. Their tvs and phones are currently competing with the best.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I know, just teasing you a bit…

                              I guess I always have problems with anything electronic related…

                              I don’t know why…

                              Specially from the Samsung empire…

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Well obviously, since Ikea is swedish…

                                        Still one of the top 3 places to buy furniture, if not the top one…

                                      2. Just wondering because sometimes when a franchise branches out to different countries, it loses that special connection. I went there about 2 weeks ago. Got a good deal for a garbage bin. 2 dollars.

                                        1. Great deals. On another note, I’m actually planning to go on vacation to Europe one day. Have you ever been to Spain or Italy?

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            I haven’t myself because I hate anything heat related which means summer, sun etc etc so I tend to be as much in the north as possible…

                                            My family did travel to Spain twice though…

                                            If you plan to travel there when it’s summer time, prepare to walk on fire as they describe the ground…

                                          2. I guess that makes sense since you would overheat haha. Can’t be any worse than walking the streets of Manila with all the haze and congestion haha

                                    1. Nah, Samsung isn’t bad. What I don’t like about their latest phones is the quality of the “outer hardware”, as they’re still using cheap-looking plastic while the competition has moved on to better materials. Other than that, their phones still are pretty good, there’s a reason why Samsung is one of the best selling smartphone brands, after all.

                                      And a little correction on my previous comment, I’ve been using Samsung phones for longer than just 3 generations, now that I think of it. My mind went to smartphones only there.

                                      1. I don’t have a Samsung smartphone right now but my sister has the Galaxy 4S. I don’t like the outer plastic casing too, but besides that, it’s a pretty good phone. It can run a variety of apps and offers more multitasking than iPhone. On the other hand, iPhone offers a sleek/smooth OS and that defined outer finish.

                                        1. Yea, agreed. The last Samsung phone I used was the Galaxy S3. It was a pretty good phone back then and as you’ve said, it offers lots of nice apps, thanks to the Android store, and just generally had nice features and all that. But again, it was made of plastic, plus it had this weird grey frame around it and the color of it started coming off really quick, didn’t look very nice, so that was another downer, design-wise.
                                          Samsung really needs to rethink their design decisions for their phones, in my opinion.

                                          1. I guess they do that to make it affordable and to focus more on the performance. I’m still waiting for the iPhone to see what it’s like and compare it with the S5 and the other phones on the market as well.

                                            1. Might be. Though other phones that have similar specs but still feature casing with higher quality go for the same price as Samsung phones, so I don’t really know.
                                              But yea, it definitely would be the best to wait and see how good the new iPhone’s gonna be. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find a nice phone that’ll suit your needs, considering the variety there is to choose from. d:

                                            2. Same here in the US. My cousins in the Philippines kept asking me to give them one. Basically almost everyone at that time wanted an iPhone because it was different. I started the smartphone revolution, if you may. Congrats on your team’s win in the World Cup by the way lol. I was rooting for Argentina but Messi can’t take on the German defense by himself haha. I was originally rooting for Spain but they got eliminated in the first round lol

                                          2. Yes. It’s great that there are a whole variety of smartphones to choose from now. Not how it was back in 2007 when the iPhone was the smartphone most people were getting.

                                            1. I know right ? I live in Germany, and the iPhone hit caused a huge hype here too back then, you saw them in people’s hands wherever you looked basically.

                                            2. Oh, ignore the “hit” the second sentence. I changed the phrase halfway through and accidently left it in, lmao.

                                      2. They’re bad at ripping off Apple to get a billion dollar lawsuit shoved far up its overconfident ass.

                            1. SEX?!?!
                              Hahahahaha o my, that’s too cool.
                              Did you think of that? Mad funny word man, kudos.

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                                1. Oh wow. I didnt realize being a crackhead drug addict is so rewarding. XP Maybe I should go do it..if I were as stupid as you are.

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                          3. Lol so many blind fanboys here.. Yes Mario Kart 8 helped the Wii U by a lot… But the sales are nowhere near xb1 & ps4 which sucks… It’s still selling poorly compared to its competition..

                            1. Well, someone finally gets it. Mario Kart 8 is doing good for the Wii U right now, but to say it’s crushing the competition is kind of stupid.

                            2. No where near? Wii U is about 1 or 2 million away from PS4 & 2 or 3 million ahead of Xbox One. Unless you’re going by that flawed damage control tactic of claiming it’s year long head start means it’s sales still pale in comparison to the other two consoles.

                                1. >.< Yeah. That's what he was talking about. He didn't realize the article was talking about software til after he posted that.

                          4. Sony Emperor Xperia

                            The new Xperia Z2 smartphone which im using with my ps4 for 2nd screen gaming is more powerful than Weak U.

                            2.3 ghz Quadcore processer
                            3ghz of Ram
                            And does 4k Ultra HD recording

                            Weak U is only a 1.2 tri core
                            1gig of Ram, and other 1gig is there for decoration

                            And is too weak to do 4K.

                            Food for thought

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              They’ll probably just copy another empire’s success numbers and change the name into “Sonyan report”…

                          5. Does this mean that the software sales of the XB1 & PS4 are a lot lower than the actual console sales? Geeze. The attach rate must be shitty as hell for the consoles. What’s the total lifetime sales of the Wii U’s software?

                              1. lol I’m not insulting them. I’m just stating what looks to be the case. If the sales of software is that low compared to hardware, then the attach rate must be shitty. Say the Wii U has 7 million owners & the total software sales is only 3 million. That means only 3 million Wii U owners own games for their console with the remaining 4 million without. And that’s not counting the possibility that maybe 1.5 million Wii U owners all bought 2 games a piece, totaling software sales up to 3 million sold. So as I said, their attach rate must be shitty. I’d be saying the same thing if we were given the total lifetime software sales for the Wii U & there was less software sold compared to the hardware sold.

                                1. I’m sure the attach rate is shitty, or has been up till MK8. Hard to attach games to a console without software.

                                  It’s getting better now, but I it’s going to take some time to patch up that attach rate. Speaking of, I’m getting smash for my 3DS

                            1. This is for the UK only, you know that, right? The PS4 managed to sell 3 million software units in the UK ONLY, which isn’t bad at all. Besides, I don’t know how you can talk about the attach rate being bad if we don’t even know the total number of PS4s and Xbox Ones sold there.

                              1. I was speaking in terms if this was the attach rate for worldwide life time sales of the PS4 & Xbox One. I didn’t take into account they were just talking about UK’s life time software sales.

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                          7. if we take into account there are way more software coming for PS4 and XB1 then the results are logics. Bear in mind game like FIFA, COD,GTA V, Minecraft, Battlefield are not on Wii U and those software sell very well. In fact I found the estimate revenu very poor if you ask. So it means those games are also very cheap

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