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New Nintendo 3DS System Update Available Now

Nintendo has released another system update for Nintendo 3DS. According to the company’s website, the new update adds further improvements to overall system stability. It also implements other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. The handheld received another minor system update earlier this month.

72 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS System Update Available Now”

      1. Hm… I’m not gonna disagree with you just yet. But before I do, I need you to give me proof of a few negative things I’ve said. Just to be sure.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Considering there are many that are butthurt on this site, I just had to make some to protect my comrades…

    1. This here:

      “further improvements to overall system stability. It also implements other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.”,

      Usually means this: we looked into our system and noticed a bug that could be hacked to play pirate games. We patched it with a pointless and minor updated to adjust this hole and ensure the user experience is based on feeding us 40 dollars on the EShop and stores so we can shower in money.

      1. Hey. Least they aren’t robbing people of their ideas like you, King. Now go make another Candy Crush Saga knockoff that rips off someone else’s design.

  1. I can’t be the only one who actually wants to know what the updates genuinely do, am I? It took no more than a second for me – not an over-exaggeration.

    1. Word is they’re preparing for that cross-buy thing a lot of developers were vaguely mentioning a few weeks back. It’d be hard to figure out what exactly was updated, but I think if this one is so small, it’s probably a supplement to the previous update and follows this theory. Or it’s just to lock out some piracy. I like to think the former though!

    2. My Nintendo 3DS wouldn’t let me update pokemon x and y or the system,and it said it was updating. It said it was still the version before the new one. Gosh dammit sd card!! Because I need to remove it to show the update, and I need it in to update it.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      This is just obnoxious!

      If it’s true then the Sonyans will share a spot next to the Xbots for most hated species ever…

      I will convince High Command to sue them for billions!

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Yes and it took 3 years to reach that point, while Wii U reached over half its lifetime sales in just a year.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Now that’s a good question right there.

                    I might have to go with Earth Defense Force 2025.

                    1. Sounds cool. I’m currently playing Mario Kart 8 at the moment. I’ve been thinking about saving up for a PC so I can get all the awesome games on Steam. I think the price range I’m aiming for is $1000. And I already know just where to go to get it. Can’t wait to experience those smooth buttery framerates and enhanced graphics. And Steam sales! :)

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Yes, just imagine a block of butter in those smooth frame rates and graphics. All for a cheap price.

                        1. $1000 bucks ain’t cheap. XD It’s worth it though to me. I’ll probably have it by next year once I get a job. Lol. I actually already have a Steam account but I can’t access it right now because I don’t have any PC. I’ll make a new one anyways with my awesome username. HGJ! :D And then you and me shall be buddies. XD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              My mail sent to High Command has been taken seriously and has been sent for further investigation ahahahahahahh…

        1. Lol, I’m certainly not getting it. They should’ve have opted for a better design. The R&B games are classics but the new ones are folds better than them.

      1. System stability? Or do they mean anti-piracy? If it does nothing then I’m sure it’s just their way of fighting piracy.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’m not offended, I just can’t stand primitive minds…

              I wouldn’t even use them as cattle…

        1. Absolutely not the only one. Good luck with getting him to reply to any criticism using words that belong to someone who actually has a brain rather than the latest brain-damaged ad hominem his dad uses to describe him, though.

        2. Rule number 1: If you are going to take the high ground & try to be better than others, you don’t use terms like “Nintendork” to refer to people. It just makes you look as bad, if not worse, than the one you’re calling names.

            1. @Ridley X3: Kalas Stop replying to my comments, you drone. @HollowGrapeJ I know right?! PS3 had a lot.

              1. I’ll stop replying when you stop trolling. And seeing as how you don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, I won’t stop replying anytime soon. In fact, if you don’t like getting replied to by me, I suggest you find another hobby or another site. lol

      2. So Mr.Commander of Nintendo do you know the term “Marketing” well it means making money (Hey don’t get me wrong I like Nintendo but… there here to MONEY $$$ MOLA BLING Sony,Microsoft,and (Nobody cares) Sega All they want is MONEY and you want to know why because to see people have fun THIS is why people have corrals about sony killed microsoft or nintendo the truth is why do you guys fight about plastic boxes,why do you guys think this supposed “Console War” will make a difference. Sony,Microsoft,and Nintendo are just brands, if you believe in what I say is wrong well so be it. live this treacherous live of fighting over just a plastic box you could just not listen to me I don’t care about ign’s,game spots, (you name it) opinionsIgn got payed to say the PS4™ was better sony payed them wana know why here it comes “MARKETING” your not a hero nor a savior your just a customer giving Nintendo,Microsoft,Sony,ect a pay check. I used to look up to you until I realized nobody wins in this fight nobody yeah I might get hatred for this but it’s the truth. STOP THIS FIGHT NOBODY WILL WIN THIS I MEAN NO ONE!

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